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The SVN server 3.9.2 cracked version with patch

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  • Update: 2018-11-09
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The SVN server 3.9.2 cracked version with patch
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server is a powerful management tool, VisualSVN Server allows you to easily install and manage the full-featured Subversion server on the Windows platform. Because of its powerful functions, incomparable availability and unique enterprise features, VisualSVN Server of the small business and enterprise users are very useful. The main functions include Active Directory sso, multi site storage replication, backup and restore, to support the HTML5 Web interface, PowerShell scripting and automation, delegate repository management, remote server management and access and operation record etc., VisualSVN Server is widely regarded as the most simple way to set up a Subversion server on the Windows platform. It is installed as a single package distribution, the latest version contains all the necessary components. The installation process is very simple, just a few clicks, you can set a full-featured and easy to use Subversion server.

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, VisualSVN-Server-3.9.2-x64.msi setup and Patch for crack Server folder

2, double-click the VisualSVN-Server-3.9.2-x64.msi operation, as shown in Figure next, click

3, I choose to accept the license agreement, click Next

4, You can choose VisualsVN Server to complete the installation, you can only install the corresponding management tools. Please select the components installed on this computer.
The VisualSVN server and management tools: install server components and all management tools.
Only management tools: Install the MMC management unit, PowerShell module and the Subversion command-line tool to manage the installation on other computers on the VisualSVN Server instance.
Only install the MMC management tools and management unit, PowerShell module and the Subversion command-line tool to manage installed on other computers on the VisualSVN Server instance.
Add the Subversion command-line tool to the PATH environment variable:
Update the PATH environment variable to allow direct access to the Subversion command-line tool from the command line (e.g.'svn.exe'and'svnadmin.exe). You can click the next default.

5, The VisualsVN Server versions, according to your needs, you can choose the most suitable for your version.
The standard version of a powerful server, very suitable for individuals and small groups. Free and allow commercial use.
The best choice of enterprise SMB and enterprise. Provide other functions, such as Active Directory SSO and remote server management.

6, as shown in the figure, select the installation location, database, server port, backup location, click Next

7, click on the install installation

8, installation, wait for a moment

9, the installation is complete, click Finish to exit the wizard

10, copy the VisualSVN.Server.Enterprise.Patch.By.DFoX_URET.v1.3.exe folder to crack the software installation directory, run, click the patch button

11, as shown in the picture, click Yes

12, find the bin folder in the Manager.dll open, find the file can be opened in order according to the prompt


1, Active Directory single sign on
To allow users to use their current Active Directory access VisualSVN Server domain credentials. The use of Kerberos V5 or NTLM security authentication protocol. Support two factor authentication and smart card. Learn more...
2, multi site storage replication
Use the VisualSVN distributed file system (VDFS) between dispersion technology in geographical location of the site provides high performance copy. The distributed repository is writable, and functionally equivalent to the conventional Subversion repository. Learn more...
3, backup and restore
Backup and restore function for the design of the Subversion repository, hot backup function can be realized efficiently. Combining with the repository validation scheduled, backup and restore function can provide reliable data protection, to prevent human error and software or hardware failure. Learn more...
4, support HTML5 Web interface
Rich Web interface of the Subversion repository, with a modern appearance. The seamless integration of all the authentication and authorization function repository Web interface and VisualSVN Server. To ensure easy integration with the issue tracker and other third party applications. Learn more...
By 5, storage management
Allow non administrative users to use the name VisualSVN Repository Configurator independent remote management application repository. All access to the repository administrators to perform modifications will be recorded for the purpose of the audit. Learn more...
6, the remote server management
Allow remote management VisualSVN Server instance. The VisualSVN Server Manager is a standard MMC management unit, so you can more VisualSVN Server creates an instance of a console to manage in the network.
Learn more...
7, access and operation record
Allows you to monitor all HTTP requests VisualSVN Server processing and all logical Subversion operation, including Checkout and Update read-only operations. The log entry records to the Windows event log. Learn more... '

Use help

Configure network settings

VisualSVN Server provides several configurable network settings, you should check in when it is installed and adjusted according to needs.
Please follow the steps below to open the network settings:
Start the VisualSVN Server Manager console.
Click the "operation" | attribute.
Click the network tab.

Server name. By default, VisualSVN Server will be the local server host name as the server name. If you plan to use the name VisualSVN Server and other DNS access the repository, you should manually adjust the settings to include this DNS.
     HTTP will be automatically redirected to HTTPS (listening port 80). VisualSVN Server can help you transparently from ordinary HTTP switch to HTTPS security protocol, without causing any interference to the user. If you plan to store library access switching from HTTP to HTTPS, please consider this setting is enabled.
     The repository URL. All the repositories hosted VisualSVN Server are nested in URL in a single storage under the root directory. By default, the URL prefix for SVN / root. If necessary, you can adjust the URL prefix.
Server bind. By default, VisualSVN Server is bound to all available IP interface. If necessary, you can use VisualSVN Server to bind to a specific network interface.

Configure user authentication settings

Proposed at the beginning of the Subversion repository will add to the new installation of VisualSVN Server instance before the view user authentication settings.
Please follow the steps below to open the authentication settings:
Start the VisualSVN Server Manager console.
Click the "operation" | attribute.
Click on the validation tab.

VisualSVN Server supports different authentication mode:
Subversion authentication for non VisualSVN domain Server has a small number of users to install. It depends on the maintenance of the VisualSVN Server internal user list, only basic authentication support.
Windows authentication for Active Directory in the VisualSVN Server installation. It depends on the Active Directory user credentials, and support for basic authentication and integrated Windows authentication (Active Directory SSO).
Read the article KB39: understanding the VisualSVN server authentication options for more information.

Configure the SSL certificate

VisualSVN Server supported by HTTP (S) protocol and secure connection repository. For the first time when installing VisualSVN Server for server computers installed VisualSVN Server host name generate a self signed SSL certificate. A self signed certificate for testing purposes, but it is not trusted by the signature mechanism, therefore not subject to the Subversion client or Web browser trust.
To use the HTTPS in production, you should consider with Authority signed by a trusted certificate SSL certificate for VisualSVN Server.
If you plan to use a self signed certificate, please ensure that the certificate in common name used to access the repository server and matching the DNS name. If you change the server name in the installation of VisualSVN Server, this step is very important.
Reading: VisualSVN KB134 Server configuration SSL certificate for more information.

Add repository

The newly installed VisualSVN Server instance does not contain any default repository. You must create a new repository Subversion or import existing in VisualSVN Server. VisualSVN server management console can help you add repository with a simple wizard driven mode.

Import existing repository

To import an existing repository, please run into an existing repository wizard in VisualSVN server manager:
Start the VisualSVN Server Manager console.
Right click the "repository" node.
Click into the existing repository".
Finish the task according to the steps of the wizard.
For more information, please read the KB10 Repository: import VisualSVN Server.
Use the Subversion hook scripts into the repository, should be carefully tested and checked to ensure that they are linked, as expected in the new computer operation.

Update log

VisualSVN Server has the following 3.9 major enhancements:
Update to the latest version of Apache Subversion 1.10.
Some important performance improvements.
For a complete list of changes, please refer to the VisualSVN Server 3.9.0 change log.
It is recommended that all users upgrade to VisualSVN Server 3.9. The upgrade is simple and direct, but the existing Subversion repositories need to upgrade to VisualSVN format upgrade from Server 3.9 in full benefit.
For more information, we strongly recommend that you read KB138 in advance: upgrade to VisualSVN Server 3.9 article (especially if you upgrade from VisualSVN Server earlier than the 3.0 version).
Based on the VisualSVN distributed file system (VDFS) multi site Subversion repository users should follow the upgrade process special. Read the article KB139: in a multi site environment to upgrade to VisualSVN Server 3.9 for more details.
Upgrade to Apache Subversion 1.10
Apache Subversion 1.10 is the main version of Apache Software Foundation, which offers the following improvement:
LZ4 compression. Subversion 1.10 introduces the LZ4 compression support can provide significant performance gains - especially when dealing with large binary file. When the client and server are using Subversion 1.10, Subversion uses the LZ4 algorithm to automatic data compression storage library and on the line. Existing Subversion repositories need to upgrade in order to allow the use of LZ4 compression format.
The interactive conflict tree parser. The new resolver provides a variety of automatic tree conflict resolution options, the user can choose from. When unable to automatically resolve the conflict tree, Subversion 1.10 provides an interactive parser, and provide detailed information including tree conflict, the author Name revision and conflicting changes. Using the new tree resolver need to upgrade Subversion 1.10 client.
For a complete list of significantly improved, please refer to the Apache Subversion 1.10 release notes. Please note that VisualSVN Server uses special module of authorization, and in Subversion 1.10 improvement on path based authorization not included in VisualSVN Server 3.9.
Many of the performance enhancement
In addition to improvements in the performance of Subversion 1.10 in the outside, VisualSVN Server also provides additional performance improvements:
In the common operation reduced significantly during HTTP compression and CPU usage.
In Windows Server 2012 and later by WAN to improve the performance.
Improved subordinate VDFS repository submit performance.
With the change of core SVN 1.10, these improvements provided to enhance the performance of 50-100%, the commit operation is most obvious.
Upgrade and compatibility issues
It is recommended that all users upgrade to VisualSVN Server 3.9. Before the upgrade, please read the KB138 article: upgrade to VisualSVN Server 3.9. The standard version has VisualSVN Server Enterprise Edition users and permit effective maintenance of all customers can subscribe to a free upgrade.
Based on the VisualSVN distributed file system (VDFS) multi site Subversion repository users should follow the upgrade process special. Read the article KB139: in a multi site environment to upgrade to VisualSVN Server 3.9 for more details.
VisualSVN Server 3.9 using Apache Subversion 1.10 to construct, and backward compatibility with older Subversion client. The older Subversion client and VisualSVN Server 3.9 transparent interoperability. However, unless both the client and the server is the latest version, or some of the new Subversion 1.10 features may not be used:
On line LZ4 compression only applies to Subversion 1.10 client.
The new interactive parser tree conflict only applies to Subversion 1.10 client.
In order to get the best results, resolve the conflict
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