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Sketch master Pro 2018 MAC Chinese cracked version of v18.1.1180 containing patches

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-22
  • The official website: Https://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Sketch master  Pro 2018 MAC Chinese cracked version of v18.1.1180 containing patches
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Sketch master Pro 2018 MAC version of Google Corporation recently launched a new 3D modeling software, using 2D or 3D model to build the vivid scene you want, SketchUP Pro allows you to create 3D model and make it as a presentation for a presentation, share. Whether it is need to use the 3D model where both the expansion of housing design, teach students geometry, or create a model for Google Earth, the program will be very useful. Here is the small series of lightning caused Pro 2018 MAC sketch master the latest installation package, and patch tool, users need to download it!

Pro 2018 features

3D model to find any things
You are designing a kitchen needs a toaster? Need a car lane? Add a rhinoceros to the zoo? All of these can be found in the 3D Warehouse - this is the world's largest free 3D model library.
The model is transformed into the document
Finally, the development of 3D model into 2D Atlas professional. Pro LayOut can help you create your presentation model, and proud of the drawings.
extension as an attachment tool, which can solve the problem of 3D modeling make your brains, provide hundreds of extended programs allow you to explore.
Model and document
With LayOut, you can insert the model view at any location in the document. These "I" has the life of the project view. When you change the model, all viewports will also be updated.
Drawing the beautiful drawings.
LayOut with incomparable beauty, will "feel" into two-dimensional space. Lines, shadow, texture, size, text, title bar: all can fully meet your mind.
The vector diagram
As LayOut drawing tools like tools: simple, smart and funny. All you have to draw vector intelligence, so zoom and rotation do extremely accurate.
Dimensioning, detailed description and interpretation
The size of tool using model edge alignment, quick setting display format, and the proportion of measurement data accuracy.
3D model to find any things
3D Warehouse is a free 3D model of the world's largest repository, and seamless connection with . That is to say, you only need to click a few will be able to get around the environment, machinery and equipment, furniture, cabinets, the whole kitchen sink and so on.
Look from reliable manufacturer model
Our partnership with Herman Miller, Formica, Thermador and other manufacturers to 3D Warehouse into the network can find the best of the actual object model. Now, when you specify the kitchen oven, not only can obtain the fine model, can ensure the accuracy of the geometry.
Show on any device
When you will be uploaded to the 3D Warehouse model, you can use the mobile phone browser application will easily pull to a mobile phone or tablet computer. Then, with your love whenever and wherever possible manner with customers and partners are processed together.

Pro 2018 installation method

1, the download package, unzip the installation image and get the patch file, run the Pro zh-cn 2019.dmg image, copy to the application of application
2, to run the Demo 2018 trial mode, and then close the exit
3, open the Pro 15.x register [SP].app, application / 2018, .app, Style and drag to register window crack

The new features introduced

More intelligent part

Part name
We have improved the performance of using the profile to hide a lot of geometric body model. The more you close your geometry, the more favorable!
Quick part
With the same component, profile has a name and symbol, which makes it easy to find in outline view, organize and edit. Now, you can easily access and management of each part.
Filling section
Filling profile to Pro has been baking shear. Through the "style" dialog box to select a color filled, and then baked into the template.

Make better.

Draw better.
Reasoning, and fillet chamfer, arc, offset array, choice: LayOut in drawing details or mass create exquisite illustrations required all aspects better.
The vector graphics zoom
The model does not need to add the line? Create zoom in LayOut drawing and sketching on the 3D model in order to enrich the project. Or draw the details to start from scratch.
DWG import
Will DWG into LayOut and search for the size of the paper illustrations have been zoom. Now the project can coexist with CAD lines, and use of all the DWG library.

Get BIM?

IFC import / export
When the information in the freedom of movement between applications, BIM is the most effective. You can rely on the attribute in the IFC to transfer your assignment in the project and operation.
Advanced properties
We are components of the price, size, type, and the owner of state URL, the introduction of advanced attribute field. So now with useful information embedded project will be easier.
Summary report
Generate reports now aggregate component data, so you can perform parts such as configuration and the number of reports to summarize and plan list, or by adding layer to create a detailed estimate of the price. Now is the time for the data processing model!

Pro 2018 update log

Fix macOS Mojave:
- fixed may occur at the start of collapse.
- Fixed a problem in LayOut, which "export options" button and the "format" drop-down select "format to prevent overlap".
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