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2018.5.1 Mac Chinese cracked version of the latest version of v18.2.1.3146

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  • Update: 2018-11-08
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  2018.5.1 Mac Chinese cracked version of the latest version of v18.2.1.3146
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2018 Mac version is a drawing tool powerful MAC system brought by Core, by 2018 provide excellent 2D sketch and 3D design tools to bring the accuracy, enhance the visual effect. This is the solution of smart rendering technology required for the design elements with affordable. Through for Windows and MacOS local.DWG file support and optimization, using computer aided design software, you can in the choice of platform, improve work efficiency and greatly improve the performance. 2018 provides flexible expansion options, in order to match any workflow new users and existing customers. Here is the small series of lightning caused 2018.5.1 Mac image package, containing the patch file, can activate 2018.5.1 Mac perfect, need to download it!

  • Professional in 2D and 3D design tools
  • Industry standard file compatibility, support.DWG,.STL,.PDF and.CDR*
  • Efficient project collaboration and sharing
  • Optional automatic and custom function

High efficiency, high yield
Bring excellence through sketches and design tools provided by 2018 accuracy, enhanced visual effect. With an enhanced user interface and new time function, can improve the work efficiency, and provide an impressive CAD design effect visually rich.
2D drawing
Provide the required control function and with a large number of professional drawing tool to obtain the design capabilities you need for any project with. 2018 provides a new 2D threaded screw tools, advanced form tools and MultiLeader tools to configure and adjust the marked changes in the drawing.

3D design
The effect of 3D 2018 experience drawing function of professional fine, and your drawing conversion from 2D into 3D advanced design sketch. With the enhancement of the object and pinch point "feature" panel, a large number of professional visual 3D design tool, you can have a strong design capability, the project can be easily converted to sketch 3D output and print documents.
The function of compatibility and optimization
Simplified with internal teams and external suppliers sharing project. 2018 is fully compatible with the latest version of the AutoCAD R2018.DWG file format, and to ensure that business partners achieve worry free cooperation, including innovative custom and automation support options, in order to meet the needs of any working environment.

Function introduction

  • Enhancements! The local.DWG file open, edit and save the file in the.DWG format, easy to achieve cooperation with colleagues and suppliers. Using the latest version of the AutoCAD R2018.DWG file format to enhance efficiency of project sharing with internal teams and external suppliers, and business partners to ensure smoothly without cooperation.
  • Enhancements! The function of CAD in accordance with the industry standard CAD compatible with all major program, so the experienced users can easily use the familiar commands, command alias, menu items and toolbar items.
  • Enhancements! The 3D entity editing and modeling tools with more rapid screen editing tools, saving valuable design time. Through the enhancement of object and pinch point "feature" panel, can realize 3D editing and can provide intuitive operation function in 3D. Add the 3D entity to the design, and the use of Boolean operation combination and crossover and subtract objects. The use of advanced editing tools, such as the 3D entity and the 3D entity of each surface of the rounded edge coloring, moving, rotating and offsetting.
  • Enhancements! The table supports the use of new ExportTable command will form export to a comma delimited format (CSV), and Excel into Microsoft or CSV files in database applications. In the table, you can add a formula to the cells, can also insert, delete, merge and other operations of the cell, you can also adjust the cell, row and column existing table size. 
  • Enhancements! Aligning objects and object of pinch point using the smart tools, such as object alignment, pinch point and axis guide, fast object positioning, alignment, copy or adjust the size. Enhances the pinch point can provide 3D editing and intuitive operation function. When you hover over any object above the pinch, just use the context menus, you can edit the object immediately in place geometry.
  • New features! The use of new tools to improve the tools of spiral helical shape function, to create a 2D thread and 3D thread, in order to provide any object with a single 3D graphics in the cylindrical pattern around, such as spring or spiral stairs.
  • Enhancements! MultiLeader and intelligent annotation tool to draw, edit and configuration with multiple wire. This tool is easy to use, allowing you to make additions and deletions lead MultiLeader tools, in order to adjust according to the drawing and editing changes. Using the accurate measurement of annotation tools and intelligence will automatically prompt the most appropriate and most accurate annotation types.
  • New features! The mobile object incrementally using copy command to speed up your workflow, so fast the selected object is copied to the active layer, instead of the source layer. Using the enhanced paste command to copy the contents of the clipboard to the active layer, instead of the source object layer, or choose Shift + arrow keys to move the way specific incremental selected.
  • Enhancements! The BlockAttribute property management and use of the block set support function for block (symbol) in the definition of BlockAttribute properties and settings for editing. Through several keys, you can change the attributes of the BlockAttribute insert block when the value of the message of the order, you can according to the block property manager in setting on all instances of block synchronization, you can also delete BlockAttributes from the block diagram.
  • Fast input using the cursor in the drawing area, in order to set up the command interface in your project. It is a highly efficient and time-saving features, can be ordered directly released to the cursor, so when you move the cursor, tooltips whenever and wherever possible according to your needs and enable tracking coordinate position, length, angle and line input.
  • UI allows for automatic completion of their applications automatically when you enter the command and command to use the variable name, simplify your work flow. In addition, can display a list of recommended command and variable names, which contains the substring you type.
  • In accordance with the functional layer tools and layer layer transparency preview and consistent, the project elements (including graphic components of the latest version of the AutoCAD in the.DWG file) alignment. Use the "layer" dialog box to maintain the ideal order of layers, or stored in LayerState, the management has a design component named layer state appearance. They switch to switch between display.
  • The drawing limit by forcing a specific mode of execution and application of geometry size limit, you need to realize the accuracy, to ensure that the 2D design to meet the specific proportion, angle and size requirements. In addition, you can use the geometric constraints to control dependencies and relationships between objects.
  • Along the path of the pattern using the command pattern, along the path to create a particular object copy. The established paths can be a variety of shapes, such as lines, line, arc, circle, ellipse or spline curve, and alignment options will control the pattern of the final appearance.
  • The center line to build precise center line between the paired line, circle and polyline, and even set the center line to extend the line beyond the definition of contour shape. Most importantly, automatic distribution of the center line of the specific line style.
  • Pruning pruning and convenience options using the PowerTrim tools, the precise editing section and color, monochrome or multicolor gradient fill patterns, in order to quickly cut confidence. Once the segmentation generated profile and color filling will maintain its association with subsequent boundary objects, and remained as an object.
  • Enhancements! Enhanced performance from the latest operating system (including Windows 10 and macOS High Sierra) were optimized with the new version of visual user interface updates, obtain required computer aided design software need advantage.
  • Windows ribbon UI Ribbon UI* with custom work area to improve work efficiency, and the use of options contextual function area to select and implement various design tools you need, such as tables, in place editing text.
  • At the same time with the drawing tab * switch between multiple open and active document function, ensure that the Windows clear. Use the drawing tab command display graphics tab at the top of the drawing window. It is a valid function, so that you can open, edit, and save multiple drawing window closed 
  • In the text editor with Microsoft Word from the quick stack and paste text formatted text, create or modify the existing text in your project. It is very suitable to control the font, appearance and position of text block.
  • Use the toolbar to select the display as the head of various entities, and then amplified in the selected entity, in order to make the necessary changes. With the help of editing entities in a position of the function, you can set the line and the line width, change layer, create a dimension entity or make block.
  • Dynamic block by inserting AutoCAD dynamic block, and then access the.DWG file in your block settings and properties, in order to save the time of drawing.
  • Design resources with comprehensive design resources, the user can immediately find, access and management of design components, such as for a number of CAD projects, block style, graphics and images.
  • CAD file verification standard 2018 according to the standard graphics verification of CAD graphics, such as graphics stored in the DWS file. The verification of violations will be checked and repaired in accordance with the industry standard, to ensure that the CAD compatible graphics.
  • Enhancements! The latest version of Mobile tablet computer with Mobile (iOS and Android, to improve the existing PC and Mac platform), design and annotation whenever and wherever possible. Mobile can be used as a basic function of free supporting applications, but also can be used as a fully functional and editing ability to order products.
  • Comments and cooperation in the use of the unique VoiceNotes function, recording messages, reminders or instructions directly added to the graph. By marking figure sketch. Graphic part of Mongolia, the exemption of notation.
  • One or more pages PDF and DGN map function can be from MicroStation or other CAD software, PDF document or DGN file as a base map attached to the drawing. PDF and DGN control layer visibility map and clipping (mask area).
  • From 2D to 3D conversion in to create two-dimensional design or create a 2D sketch in CorelDRAW. The sketch into *, and then converted to 3D sketch. Along the path stretching, rotation or sweep the two-dimensional objects, two-dimensional graphics into 3D modeling 
  • The 3D mouse support through the input device support for 3Dconnexion, with the 3D model of navigation. By moving the 3D mouse cap rotating 2D and 3D graphics. The 3D mouse button assignment preferred navigation settings or custom commands.
  • Print three-dimensional design will export multiple 3D objects for 3D printing of the most commonly used file format.STL (Stereolithography). 3D can be directly connected with the print service 3D printer STL support or output to the third party, print 3D prototype.
  • CorelDRAW file in Windows, CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER (.DES) file as a model of spatial object contains said in the layout drawings in easily import *. Direct import from CorelDRAW to Windows in the sketch of for advanced 2D and 3D modeling, you can use the multi page.CDR/.DES file.
  • CorelDRAW Corel and DESIGNER are derived from the Windows for.CDR and.DES* format, in the demonstration for the graphics and related marketing materials in CorelDRAW or Corel DESIGNER for technical documentation, easy to use work.
  • Transfer of auxiliary CAD software version before the custom settings (e.g., configuration files, preferences, file location and custom UI) to the latest version of migration. After you install 2018 for the first time after the start, a dialog box will open automatically.
  • Easy file sharing and utilization of main formats (including.PDF,.SVG,.EPS and.DWF) support more easily with colleagues and customers to collaborate and share.
  • By using the GIS file of ESRI shape file (.SHP) support, realized by geographic information system (GIS) visualization applications to create maps and geographic models.
  • 3D file exchange with colleagues and suppliers by supporting the ACIS model file format (.SAT) (which can be shared by you and a co-worker, and 3D manufacturers) opens and deal with the 3D model.
  • The print dialog box using the redesigned Print dialog and improve the user experience, enjoy the rich function. When you change any print settings, print preview will be updated dynamically, display images in your print preview before optimization.
  • Print configuration all advanced print settings (including paper size, scale, direction, color, line width distribution etc.) stored in the naming configuration, for later use in all CAD files and projects.
  • Create a command package contains the current graphics and related documents (such as reference, images, PDF files, and font map file, print style and print configuration files) ZIP file or folder.
  • With the support of Microsoft automation Visual Studio Tools for Applications (VSTA) * and LISP support, you can load or create your own functions and routines and plugins in automation interface.

2018 for Mac activation crack version of the installation tutorial

1. the download package, unzip to install packages 2018.dmg and Ked image patch file

2. mirror package 2018.dmg mobile application to application

3. in the application, right click 2018, display the contents of the package, open the /Applications/

4. 2018 to replace the patch file copy directory /Applications/

5. crack, can be free to use, or Chinese interface

system requirements

Mac OS X V10.10 (Yosemite) or higher (macOS High Sierra)
Intel Core 2 dual core processor (or higher performance)
2 GB RAM capacity (recommended 8 GB)
500 MB hard disk space
The 1.4 version of OpenGL 3D graphics cards (recommended OpenGL version 3.2 or greater)
1280 x 768 display (recommended 1920 x 1080 (Quan Gaoqing))
A mouse or a tablet
DVD drive optional (for box installation)
To activate the product and access plug store Internet connection

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