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2018.12.05 WiN /Mac mixing software version

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  • Update: 2019-01-22
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  2018.12.05 WiN /Mac mixing software version
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2018 is an excellent audio mixing software, can help users to quickly produce a variety of ideal music effect, is a from the reverb, compression, noise reduction and EQ elements to simulate hardware modeling, surround and post production tools, artist Signature Series, the new version of faster scanning speed, high speed loading and processing that is a powerful music production software, need friends not to miss!


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The award-winning audio plug-ins for mixing, mastering and post production.

Live sound

FOH, real time monitoring and recording and Mixing Engineer radio solutions.

Wave EMP

Electronic musicians, musical instruments and effects plug-ins and producer DJ.

Audio network

Ethernet audio network use SoundGrid technology solutions.

The house of religion

The most advanced voice to prayer services and living faith activities.

consumer electronics

Boston Maxx studio quality voice to the intelligent mobile phone, notebook computer, tablet computer, TV etc..

Installation instructions

Install Install_Waves_Central 1.

2. extract the Waves folder to the root directory of the hard disk shear (note if the root directory, not Chinese path)

3. open Waves Central, select INSTALL PRODUCTS, locate the Waves folder on the left

4. select the SSL 4000 Collection, V9, Mercury Abbey Road Collection V9, the other can not choose (NX, V9 were selected that may make mistakes) and then select the INSTALL installation

5. run Waves_Complete_patch crack

6.C:\Program Files (x86) \Waves\WaveShells V9 folder under the file is copied to the corresponding plug-in directory is good.

Platform: WiN32 / 64 - EXE / VST / VST3 / RTAS / AAX
Flux WPAPI Shell:v1.2.4.46771
Flux WPAPI plugin: v3.5.29.46771
Sonible smartEQ live WPAPI:v1.0.1
* no Waves Central installation.
The official installation obviously for some installation problems.
* simplified R2R setup.
* includes all Waves products in addition to Tracks than Live.
All Flux and Sonible * integrated WPAPI plugin.
From StudioRack, MultiRack and SoundGrid.
* does not include instrument library.
See our other versions.

Update log

New features (February 27, 2018)
Added: F6 now includes a spectrum analyzer.
Correction: CTRL + drag control plug-in does not apply to Windows Cubase and Nuendo 8.1.0 9.5.10.
Correction: surround sound does not appear in the Pyramix.
Correction: H-EQ possible peak or work or preset switch control.
Correction: the drawing mode GEQ and MetaFilter are not suitable for touch screen.
Correction: sort preset menu H-Reverb preset hardware tile'70 'room.
Correction: LinMB graphics audio unit.

Correction: AudioTrack and F6 small error.
February 6, 2018

EMotion LV1 (v9.14.0.354)

Correction: session / scene load? Reset the parameters of certain paths.
Fixed: "out of safety" has not been saved / loaded correctly.
Fixed: plugin / bus delay compensation is not updated.
Correction: flip channel scene data to the stereo coverage.
Increase the matrix channel? Mono / stereo switch.
Add: auxiliary channel input? Select the global source location (INP / PRE / PST / PSP).
Improved: session / scene loading time and recovery time.
Improved stability and general performance.
Improved: using the Mackie protocol (i.e., Icon platform, X-touch) controller stability and mapping.

The SoundGrid server firmware update (v9.7.99.906):

Fixed: some plugins can cause the server to crash.
Repair: Server One and Extreme Server of some types of Intel based NIC will lead to the occasional loss of audio.
Improved: it has the performance of Realtek network card server.

1 2018 31 day

The new version? The driver software is now available for Apogee Symphony I / O Mk II SoundGrid.

1 2018 24 day

The new version of the Scheps Omni Channel is now available as a separate plug-in in Mercury, using Pro Show and SD7 Pro Show.

January 14, 2018

All of the Waves plug-ins: a comprehensive software update to version 9.92.
Added: Waves instrument now allows to save a preset preset menu in Komplete Kontrol and Maschine.
New: new H-Reverb hardware preset "70 porcelain brick shop".
Removed: Ableton Live and Reason plugin list in the surround sound support assembly.
Delete: WNS noise suppressor "advice" from automatic control.
Fixed: Tips for each account to find Waves plugins folder no longer appear in a user account on the Mac computer.
Fixed: response control through the Ableton interface of Live mobile plug-in controls.
Correction: modify the plugin parameters no longer stop keyboard communication with Ableton Live.
Repair: without a computer connected to the Internet, plug-in scanning and long loading time of Logic Pro in X.
Have repair: use the Waves plugin and Soundtoys PanMan loading Logic Pro session, X may crash.
Fixed: waveform instruments no longer appear on the Pro Tools AudioSuite menu.
Fixed: big piano pedal Rhapsody on the GUI card in the click it no longer.
Fixed: Komplete Kontrol and Maschine "drive through" and "driving home" default Electric 88 piano "Tune" parameter values.
Fix: when bypass or switch preset, the peak level of AudioTrack may be.
Correction: the link between Q10 L and R equalizer fader can now be in touch screen work.
Correction: the use of DeBreath Pro in Tools AudioSuite after the audio no longer delay.
Fixed: CPU Greg Wells REAPER VoiceCentricMixCentric peak in May, and no audio plug-ins.
Fixed GTR Solo problem Tools Pro, some of which pedal control position of loading in the session may not be correct call.
Note: zoom correction may wrongly real-time waveform adjustment during automatic display.
Various other bug fixes.

January 9, 2018

Waves Central improved error recovery and stability.

November 28, 2017

The new version of the driver software can now be used to support the MADI console DirectOut SG.MADI converter.
AH M-Waves firmware update (v1.13.24): error correction

November 23, 2017

The new VU table.
Bass: bug fix palette.

November 21, 2017

The new bass clappers.

11 2017 15 day

For M32 and X32 / I console X-WSG O card: 1.13.60 firmware update
Fixed problems (need to console firmware V3.08 and later):
Card will not be recognized as a X-WSG.
In some models of X32 and M32 in the series, the card can not be properly initialized.

November 14, 2017

In the wave of
Added: whether to choose products containing available updates during installation.
In the login window to add the "remember me" option.
Add: Waves Central user guide help menu.

October 10, 2017

The new B360 high fidelity stereo display encoder can be used alone, can also be in the new 360? High fidelity stereo display tools in use.
The new 360? Ambisonics Tools combined B360 Ambisonics encoder, Nx Nx and Head Tracker virtual mixing chamber.
Nx virtual remixes: increased Nx Ambisonics components, B format for monitoring Ambisonics headset.
Nx virtual remixes: to further optimize the sound to improve transparency, height and appearance.

October 2, 2017

AudioTrack, Q10, L1: fixed on the touch screen to switch between Legacy and Modern interface collapse.
X-Noise: X-Noise is in session change size buffer Logic repair in Pro crash.
Real time adjustment of Waves: possible repair of Mac on collapse.
Real time adjustment of Waves: a fixed MultiRack, namely in the switch may not correctly change the snapshot time of.
2 elements: fixed Komplete Kontrol speed value.
Codex and Element 2: eight degrees direction is no longer automatic flip.
Wave instrument control
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