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Mindjet 11 for Mac 2019 v12.0.161 version with RI activation tutorial

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  • Update: 2019-02-25
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Mindjet  11 for Mac 2019 v12.0.161 version with RI activation tutorial
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12 For Mac version is a versatile mind mapping software Mindjet has a powerful MAC system and professional. for Mac allows you to capture ideas in vision, organize information and make plans, you can iPhone in the Mac or Windows desktop, sharing in the team plans to use our app iPad or Android device. As a virtual whiteboard, just by a single view to brainstorm, capture ideas, communication planning information, other software can not be comparable to the project management and business planning senior function. It can be used to create a mind map and visualization framework, organization management information, promote commercial projects, it can also be used to make learning plans and schedules, display all kinds of information. to sort out the information for your sequence of events and give full play to its strong influence, unprecedented effect, to stimulate your creativity, guide your actions, boost your business and determine your success. Create a schedule and verification needs, set priorities, from brainstorming to budget forecasts, to provide coordinated projects and avoid obstacles required function, whether simple or complex project creation, can create the blueprint for success by . thinkmap is mainly composed of a central theme, the theme, theme, theme, theme, note floating relationship line module, through the mapping module you need to quickly create a mind map. 12 for Mac than any previous version of Mac has more functions and possibilities. With the help of enhanced visualization tools, advanced task management, sharing options and a dozen new and improved template chart format improved, for Mac as you have never seen before! Xiao Bian here brings lightning 12 MAC cracked version of the love to download it!

12 MAC activation crack version of the installation tutorial

1. the download package, package and Fillmore obtained after decompression, double-click the Mindjet__Mac_11.1.160.dmg installation, the mobile app to

2. installed, run Mindjet shortcut icon in the application, good

3. accept

4. enter licnese key, enter the registration interface

5. we run +11+Keygen.dmg, double-click core keygen, select v11. gnerate registration code generation

6. the registration code input to the software, OK

7. run the software, can see the authorization successfully activated

8. into the main interface, all functions can be used free

11 for Mac features

To simplify the complexity. Stimulate creativity. Inspire action.
For Mac 11 for your organization ideas, solve the task and achieving the goal of providing new elegant and efficient.
Easily benefit by mutual discussion, creative
One dimensional whiteboard and limit your creative thinking notepad. for Mac release it. You can make them as soon as possible to capture, expansion and re arrangement of ideas, and then easily output structured as clear and specific plans.
Watch the concept before you show up
Through a simple drag and drop to move the idea
From the blank plate or 25 pre built a starting template chart
Master your tasks and time
Keep your action items and all information related to flexible format organized, instant visible and adaptive, allows you to quickly adapt to new projects and changing priorities, without losing any single to-do.
To clearly understand your time and energy to focus on where
With the deadline, links, notes and other related data rich task
Priority through simple drag and drop easily reset task
Participate in and coordinate your team
A project team is dislocation killer. dynamic charts make the information clear and encouraged to participate in the meeting and stakeholder identification. A single dashboard allows everyone in the circulation and on the same page.
To quickly create a project charter, strategic planning, workflow and schedule
As a one-stop resource to add notes, deadlines, resources, links etc.
Real time release updates to eliminate the communication gap
Concentrated and simplified knowledge
Whether you are to construct the organization chart, the white paper summary fact, or create a presentation program, can easily be converted to different information structure clear, easy to understand instantly, a shared repository.
In a central location to collect relevant attachments, notes, links and more content
Directly connected theme to highlight the relationships and dependencies
Maintain a comprehensive understanding without neglecting the details of the key

11 for Mac features

More sharing - as long as the Web browser, anyone can find shared visual communication. allows the map derived HTML5, in order to easily share maps, meetings, events, project schedule, work flow chart etc.. The interactive mind map can be opened in almost all of the Web browser, easy to share with others, help them know and understand the mind map, the concept map and chart.
Diversify - by , can do more things, from you to use app to get the most information. Through the integration of and Zapier, can be exported to the map content more than 700 leading cloud applications, such as Slack, Box, OneNote, Google, Docs and Gmail. Through a simple web interface, can send data between the and the social task management and application development of flexible workflow, provide a clear view for you, let you become creative and organized and make full use of your choice of application in .
More open - by sending content and status updates to the map, the map as the theme, to get the latest information. You can use Zapier to send the project status updates, Gmail transfer matters, or from the new content file management system sends you to .
More flexible - new time axis distribution function, can clearly explain the product roadmap, project milestones and marketing plan released, new template support vertical and horizontal layout, and also supports the time axis annotation context, allowing screening by simply creating a custom view.
More targeted - would never miss a deadline. Critical path through the new view, raising concerns about the deadline and dependency, highlighting the map in a Gantt chart or the essentials, let all people clear the necessary action project.
More effective simplified flowcharts, the use of enhanced flow chart chart tool to improve the efficiency, the new tools including pop-up theme shape selector, and the use of the relation of right angle line function, the new calendar display options and other user interface to help simplify the plan.
More intuitive - new image database, 15 different classification provided more than 600 new pictures, so you can add more visual effects to the mind map, only from the new image library, the modern color clear drop those pictures to map, to improve the important theme of attention.

11 for Mac features

Mac the mind map and information visualization based on
The free floating ideas into an organized plan
The present data visually clear and immediate effect
Smooth management tasks, projects and knowledge
Do great work fast

11 for Mac new features

The flow chart
The flow chart using the new flowchart templates and themes to create a flexible shape. Use quick add tab and quickly build an organization chart, or subject to any position will drag on the canvas, and then connect it with the line ready label phase. Just click the insert, with a double option decision points (such as "yes" or "no" or "true" or "false"). You can add other decisions, and all related decisions can be completely custom tags.
After completion of construction, you can filter the theme or add metadata (such as link notes, tasks, labeling, marking, supporting documents or calculation), easily enhance the flow chart, like using any mapping. According to the flow chart and map the theme in order to gain greater flexibility and visual effects.
Want to increase the flexibility of the flow chart? The flow chart of the theme added to the current theme of the left, right, above or below.
Easy to use
Through the background object library and mapping function extension, you can use the shape, lane and dividing lines to customize the existing template to clarify the relationship and accountability. Or create a new structure to organize and understand your world.
We are more easily from the new design for Mac toolbar to access the most commonly used functions.
The new theme framework "so that you can quickly add a tab by clicking the mouse quickly added to the new theme theme, annotation and boundary. Click the tab to add the theme quickly add father theme, the same level (level) of the theme or topic (Zi Ji). Click the add tag marked theme boundary fast. You can also edit in under the option to hide quickly add tags.
With the help of for Mac new extended template selection, using the new template set (including the flow chart (including the 2 Lane layout: horizontal and vertical) and the use of flow chart depicting the relationship between the idea of creating a map. There are two new maps to provide more visual theme options.
The task information and topic tags are now more readable and customizable, and in order to visually simple, they appear together in the theme. You can specify and edit tags of the background color, so that more easy to find in the scanned map, the default appearance and easy customization of all labels.
Fill the selection lines and the color of the font menu is more simple, and quickly add color options include.
More collaboration features
Enhance the task management function can help you more clearly understand the project and keep your tasks and priorities.
In almost any place seamless sharing map, almost everyone can use new publishing tools. The use of the new interactive presentation derived exact content make you want the audience to see the.
You can now access the Mindjet file and the Mindjet button from the toolbar is called the new task command service. This is your login and access the Mindjet file in the map and map the theme into Mindjet tasks place.
With the integrated Mindjet file lets you through any desktop mobile devices whenever and wherever possible, or network applications to access and share maps, maps and other documents. You can invite anyone to view and edit the map; you do not need to purchase a "guest" editing software to interact with your map.
You want to see has checked out on other devices of the document? No problem - allows you to transfer to the desktop system checkout. For more information about the detection and map files, please refer to the Mindjet file and the task of online help.
Create a new Mindjet from the task you send to online theme map. The theme of the corresponding link to the new task, so whether you are in the for Mac or from other applications to change the task, the task name, date, resources and progress will be synchronized.
Support OS X Yosemite
This version of with the latest version of OS X (El Capitan) compatible. You will see the message (formerly called iChat) (formerly known as iCal, calendar events and reminders) (formerly called iCal DOS) update command.
An earlier version of OS X users can still use the iCal calendar and reminder command.
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