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3.6.3 for Mac cracked version with graphic tutorials

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-04
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  3.6.3 for Mac cracked version with graphic tutorials
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MAC cracked version is a AI only image processing tools beyond the manual processing, once one step will inject vitality into all images. In the past 15 years, we have created the automatic correction technology to imitate the human eye, so you can spend less time to manually edit, spend more time doing the things you love. Perfectly Clear has intelligent color processing, image sharpening and simple dermabrasion filter plug-in, and has a number of default, such as portrait, landscape etc.. So you need to be careful to find some special feature of the filter. Perfectly Clear behind the real intelligent science makes it perfect for all types of photography and photographers. We for your wedding, portrait, landscape, wild animal, travel, every detail of aerial photography and all other content required to create a correction. not only can be used as an independent tool to use, and can be used as a powerful PS plug-in, can be used in win and Mac platform, small here is MAC cracked version, need to download it!

MAC crack tutorial

1. the download package, unzip after installation package and patch

Double click the 2. PerfectlyClearComplete_V3.pkg installation, point to

3. point to

4. agree

5. installation

6. password, install software

7. point off

The 8. patch will authorize the ShaferFilechck.dylib copy to the installation directory and replace replacement
Default: "/ Applications / Athentech / Perfectly / Clear Complete V3 Perfectly"

9. operation software is the Standalone version

Matters needing attention:

  • For the LR version, it will be copied to the "/ Applications / Athentech / Perfectly Clear Complete V3 / / Contents / Frameworks"
  • For the PS plug-in, it will be copied to the "/ Applications / Athentech / Perfectly Clear Complete V3 / PerfectlyClearCompletePS.plugin / Contents / Frameworks (AND!) "Application / Library / Support / Adobe / Plug-Ins / CC / Filters / PerfectlyClearCompletePS.plugin/ / frame"
  • Crack is completed, don't let the software to connect to the network

main features

  • - the next generation of landscaping - gives you 10 LOOKS the best way.
  • - faster - redesigned algorithm can provide nearly 2 times faster.
  • Automatic calibration - the new algorithm can bring out more detail in the shadows and Gao Guangzhong - our most powerful, and improve skin tone.
  • - the new engine noise can more effectively eliminate the noise.
  • - full resolution zoom allows you to quickly reset, incredible clarity.
  • - a new preset visual display panel, powerful preset.
  • - split view allows you to have more methods to correct view.
  • - transparency slider allows you to mix the images before and after.
  • - Import / export preset allows you to share the presupposition and friends.


We work for you.
If you can spend more time behind the camera and spend less time in front of the computer, it is not very good? Intelligent image analysis camera automatically find and fix defects and restrictions on the use of Perfectly Clear. We can manually complete your work, but faster (often better), so you have time to tweak details and master your craft.
We support is provided by the Real Intelligence.
Artificial intelligence is very cool. But the real smart, so scientists, mathematicians and physicists, they spent more than 16 years to improve the technology, how to imitate the human eye perception image. Perfect clear batch processing all the image pixel by pixel, immediately provide the perfect photo for you.
We batch processing billions of photos: you can trust the automation.
We created a patented formula through scientific validation, so you can sit down and edit trust. Complete clearance can be safely disposable correction all photos, precise and accurate, save your manual work time. We after the image is our scientific validation for the world's largest printer trust and rely on daily calibration 3000 million photos, photos of the reason 110 million per year.
We challenge the camera and save the memory limit.
The camera work is to freeze the moment, but the human eye is to capture the memories. Our science is so precise, it can be copied and corrected image is accurately reflected in the moment you see things, to overcome the adverse conditions, beyond the limitation of the camera.
We make our software is easy to use.
Our mission is to save you time. This is why we design products no learning curve, without lengthy course, there is no confusing manual. We've completed complex work you need to do is say what time!
Every year we are investing in innovation and improvement.
Perfectly Clear is committed to solve the problems faced by the photographer. Every year, our physicists, engineers and photographers will continue to innovation through research and development. Every day, we will make your photos look best investment.

The new features introduced

1. completely clear now is a standalone application!
The 2. film for easy navigation
3. undo / redo
4. visual design and Preview
5. manual finishing control
6. filter
7. style dark insert and radial filter
8. robust color reduction
9. more color removal control

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