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Mac Pro v11.0.2 virtual machine Chinese version with RI sequence number keys

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  • Update: 2018-11-23
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Mac  Pro v11.0.2 virtual machine Chinese version with RI sequence number keys
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11 MAC cracked version is in Mac on a virtual machine software, similar to Parallels Desktop, Pro has designed for advanced users, developers and IT administrators to design powerful virtualization on the Mac system to a higher level. With the help of desktop virtualization features leading and new cloud computing, Pro can not only provide the powerful virtual machine function, but also to reduce the complexity while providing superior performance. It will allow you to seamlessly run Windows system in Mac OS, the Mac system and the perfect combination of PC. With the help of , Mac users to Mac in parallel operation of Windows and hundreds of other operating system and the application of Mac, without having to restart. Fusion for home users, and is simple enough; for IT professionals, developers and enterprises, the function is strong enough. Mac is designed for various types of users. IT professionals, developers and enterprises to choose the Pro, because it can provide stable operating system wide support, reliable and advanced features, and these features in a non virtualized environment is not available at all. Here is the small series of lightning caused 11 the latest installation package and patch file. You can activate 11 perfect, starting the whole network and bring tutorials, need to download it!
Fusion Pro provides the following virtual function:
Clone virtual machine
To start the virtual machine to guide to the firmware
The virtual machine will be exported to OVF format
Limit virtual machine
Set up a virtual machine keyboard shortcuts
Create advanced custom network connection configuration
Connect to the remote server
From the "virtual machine Resource Database window to obtain information, for example, virtual machine processor, memory, and disk information network
Set the delay bandwidth, packet loss and virtual network adapter, to simulate various network environments
Firmware configuration type
Enable UEFI Security Guide
To enable VBS for Windows 10 and later versions of the virtual machine (Security Based on Virtualization)
The use of Rest API

version 11 crack installation tutorial activation

1. the download package, double-click the VMware-Fusion-11.0.0-10120384.dmg installation after decompression

2. enter the installation interface, VMware-Fusion

3. input computer password authentication

Start the installation 4.

The 5. point agreement

6. that requires a password key

7. we run 11 Keygen Fillmore, key generation

The 8. key input to the installation point to activate interface.

9. input password, good

10. activation installation is complete

The 11. is the software version

Function introduction

: simple and powerful
In 1, Mac can run on almost any operating system
Windows running on Mac is just a start. so that you can choose from hundreds of support by the operating system (from each Linux rare edition to the latest version of Windows 10) to run together with the latest version of macOS.
2, can be connected to the VMware vSphere
Can be safely connected with vSphere, ESXi and Workstation server, in order to start, control and management of virtual machine (VM) and physical host. With the universal VMware platform can easily be virtual machine from vSphere data center transmission to the Mac desktop, and then run in Fusion.
3, develop and test for any platform
With the help of Fusion, can be easily tested in the Mac almost all of the operating system and application. Can be built in a sandbox and test application, and can safely share local source files and folders. Fusion Pro now contains a RESTful API, can be used for integration with Docker, Vagrant, Ansible, Chef and other new development tools, with the capabilities of VMware will inject today's agility and DevOps oriented production pipeline.
4 solutions, design and presentation of complex
With the ability to complete in a single run virtual cloud computing on Mac system, the solution architect can real-time demonstration of its entire software solutions, can also return to the known security configuration by savepoint. Show the public through all components running software on a single laptop computer to complete your software to express tour of the sequence of events.
5, run the local enterprise desktop
By disabling the copy and paste, drag and drop, shared folders and permissions on USB equipment, the enterprise desktop and bring their own devices to isolate. Limited virtual machine running encrypted and password protected, ensure that only the user can interact with the enterprise data authorization.
6, can let the Windows run free on Mac
Fusion Windows will experience with your favorite Mac for seamless integration. You can be the two safe separation, they can be integrated to obtain a seamless experience. Install the new operating system (such as Windows 10), or easily convert older PC for virtual PC.


1, suitable for macOS Mojave
With macOS 10.14 Mojave (including APFS support) Mac
The graphics processing ability of 2, more powerful
Improved hardware accelerated 3D using Apple Metal graphics technology Fusion
3, improved vSphere connection
Can be connected to the vCenter, ESXi or Workstation Pro
Snapshots and clones 4, useful
Use snapshot rollback points so as to real-time reduction, which is very suitable for creating test software or repeated demonstration. You can use cloning easily test different kinds of scenes, several times without the same operating system deployment configuration.
5, of Boot Camp added
No need to start to choose between Windows and Mac. Fusion allows you to directly from the existing Boot Camp partition run Windows and Mac applications, without the need to re install or restart.
6, the use of cloning quickly copy
Save the required repeat to create a virtual machine configuration at the same time and energy. Use the links can quickly copy the clone "virtual machine, which can significantly reduce the required physical disk space: completely independent copies can also be used to create a" complete clone "can be shared with other Fusion or Workstation users. * Pro only
7, accessibility
VMware follow 508th standards, committed to let everyone can access the Fusion and Fusion Pro, to provide support to customers. The use of Mac auxiliary technology and Fusion, and internal elements of the Windows interaction, thus giving access control the application of hitherto unknown. A detailed understanding of VMware in commitment to accessibility.
8, support Windows fall 102018 update
Mac run through the virtual machine to the way the latest version of the full support of the Windows 10, at the forefront of science and technology.
9, Fusion REST API
Fusion Pro
10, Unity view mode
Fusion Unity view mode can hide Windows
11, update the virtual hardware platform
Fusion can make use of a new generation of vSphere hypervisor platform, which brings new enhancements to the data center and enterprise level security test. Fusion now includes a new virtual trusted platform module, to support the Microsoft security technology based on Virtualization (such as Device Guard and Credential Guard and UEFI security startup NVMe and virtual equipment), and increased to 3 GB vGPU configuration support.
12, integrated experience
Can enjoy the experience between Windows and Mac seamless copy and paste, drag and drop the file sharing, shared folders and mirroring and Internet connection and printing, no need to set, but can be highly customized for professional or advanced usage.
13, the sandbox experience
By disabling the integration function, Mac and Windows can be isolated, so that between the two operating system for each other's security. provides a variety of choices even with two computers are not available for you.
14, to simplify the operating system installation
With the help of Fusion, from the Boot Camp partition running Windows, installation, from the Windows disk from the existing PC migration, even from the recovery partition macOS as a virtual machine installation. Fusion through a simple and customizable way to install multiple operating system on Mac. Update on open virtualization format support Fusion new features, including the VMware vCenter Server Appliance OVA to easily install demonstration.
15, Retina and 5K display.
in the latest 5K iMac screen display is very good, and the support of Retina and non Retina mixed settings. Easy to standard DPI display and Retina MacBook Pro with 4K display settings or add to. No matter what kind of screen, Fusion can make Windows look more beautiful than before.

Use help

The can run the procedures?
By , you can use 200 kinds of operating system as a virtual machine to run, including the Windows XP Windows 10 Creators update to fall. All of these programs to run on almost all operating system can run in . Applications range from common suite efficiency (e.g. Microsoft Office) to the graphics intensive programs (such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks) and custom application.
Can run 3D games in a virtual machine?
Can. 10 3D has accelerated graphics support function in the XP Service Pack allows you to Windows 3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 virtual machine 10.0 with Shader Model DirectX to run 3 or OpenGL 3.3 for most of the game. In the compatible system, 10 version also supports Apple Metal rendering technology.
Whether can run multiple virtual machines on the Mac at the same time?
Sure。 As long as the system RAM and disk storage support, will be in the 10 and run multiple virtual machines. In fact, uses patented technology greatly reduces the memory sharing and run multiple virtual machines to memory.
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