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Adobe 2019 for Mac v20.0.3 Chinese cracked version containing patch register

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  • Update: 2019-02-07
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Adobe  2019 for Mac v20.0.3 Chinese cracked version containing patch register
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2019 for Mac v20.0 cracked version update, 2019 start screen new by Malaysia artist Ronald Ong's creative works, to "re imagined reality" (Reimagine reality) ". As long as you want, you can use the Photoshop the world's best image design and application will you imagine the content produced. Photoshop2019 is no longer a simple graphic and drawing tools, you can create and enhance photos, illustrations and 3D. The design of websites and mobile applications. Video editing, simulation of real life paintings etc.. Here let your ideas into it all the necessary. All over the world millions of designers, photographers and artists are using Photoshop to make the impossible possible. Here is the small series of lightning caused 2019 for Mac the latest installation package containing registration tool, can activate the 2019 for Mac perfect, need to download it!

Function introduction

1, designed for all designers and design.
From posters to packaging, from the ordinary to the banner from brilliant website, memorable logo to attract the eye of the icon, Photoshop continues to push forward the development of the creative world. The use of visual tools and templates to use, even beginners can create amazing works.
2, not only to press the shutter.
To impress people. Whether you want to edit is daily or complete transformation, graphic design software we can provide you with a set of tools for professional photography photos into art works. Adjustment, cutting, polishing, removing objects and repair old photos. Fun color, etc., to the ordinary extraordinary change.
3 powerful brush.
Used specifically for illustrator design tools, drawing inspiration whenever and wherever possible. Draw the perfect symmetry of the pattern, the strokes get smooth delicate appearance, and create a seamless texture. The creation by the true feeling of pencil, pen, pen and brush Mark, including the famous illustrator Kyle T. Webster offers more than 1000 kinds of brushes.

4, symmetric mode
Using the new model definition and from the axis, the preset pattern (circular, X-ray, spiral and mantra) were selected to draw the perfect symmetry of the picture.
5, new content recognition filled experience
You can accurately select pixels with filled by the special work area, Adobe Sensei can also achieve pixel easy rotation and zoom and mirror.

6, frame tool
Create a shape or text frame, used as a placeholder on the canvas. Drag and drop image filling frame, image zoom to adapt to frame size.

7, to enhance the user experience
The latest enhancements include multi step revocation, the default conversion according to the proportion of pixels and the text layer, and the use of automatic submission of faster cutting, conversion and input text.

2019 for Mac activation installation tutorial

The 1. station image package download Adobe_Photoshop_CC_2019_ACC_20181015.dmg, double-click to run

2. to install double-click

3. waiting for loading

4. enter your Adobeid account login and registration, no one

5. point to

Wait for the installation of 6.

7. is installed automatically. We shut down the software

8. operation register
Adobe Zii Perfect activation

9. cracked version is the run again

Be careful:
The patch file later registered share

The main screen
To quickly use the Photoshop main screen. You can visit the main screen at any time, in order to find information regarding the new features, learning content, and easy to jump to open the document. Click the Options tab new home icon At any time, access to the main screen.

The new features introduced:

2019 after the start of the start screen also brings new style layout, more concise and generous, can be said to the novice is very friendly (Laoniao skip).

1, through improved design of filling content recognition
With the help of Adobe Sensei technology, you can select the pixels filled by the special work area new, can rotate, zoom and mirror images of the source pixel. You can also create fill in other layers, so as to preserve the original image.
2, after deformation tools improved
A more precise control of the deformation, get the look you want. The mesh to be custom and freeze in specific areas, and the use of multiple deformation effect.
3, can be used to easily mask operation frame tool
Will change the shape or text box, you can use it as a placeholder or fill the image to which. If you want to easily replace the image, just another image and drop into the frame, the image will automatically zoom to fit the size of demand.
4, multiple Undo
The use of CMD-Z to revoke the multi step operation, as in other Creative Cloud applications.
5, usability improvements
Now you can hide the reference point, double-click the canvas edit text, and use automatic submission functions faster and more efficient cutting, conversion, and placed in the input text. In addition, Photoshop will default conversion according to the proportion of pixels and the text layer, so it is not easy to accidentally move sketchpad.
6, real-time preview mode
Do not have to guess what kind of mixed mode should be used. Simply scroll in between different options, you can see the effect on the image.
7, symmetric mode
When drawing strokes can be completely symmetrical curve pattern, no problem. You can define one or more axes by symmetric mode, and then select the circular, X-ray, spiral and pattern from the types of Presupposition in datura.
8, the color wheel
The chromatographic visual display, convenient for users to more easily select complementary colors.
9, the main screen
Start using fast through the Photoshop main screen. Ready access to the main screen, in order to understand the new functions, access to learning content, and jump directly to the open document.
10, through improved application in learning
According to the tutorial, use your own resources to get the look you want in a shorter period of time.
11, the customer wants to increase the function of
Grant whatever is requested。 Now you can assign the distance between the object and the input end of mathematical operators, a simple view in longer layer name fields to a numeric value, but also the use of fonts and font matching similarity function to find Japanese fonts.
12, UI brand preferences
Better control of Photoshop UI and the independent adjustment in the zoom, does not affect other applications, get just perfect name.
13, enhance the "export" experience
"Export" menu will load faster, and to provide a simplified UI to facilitate the operation of the user. You can also preview a sketchpad.
14, and more
Include: Lorem Ipsum text mode can flip the document view, the canvas can be placed horizontally faster sample text, and apply to the "Mask" and select the workspace can customize keyboard shortcuts.
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