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2018.2 for Mac version containing tutorial

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  • Update: 2018-11-05
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  2018.2 for Mac version containing tutorial
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MAC is apple computer version of Safari browser is very good privacy protection tools, can protect you from the tracker and network privacy tort infringement advertisement. In Mac Safari, let your network experience safer, easier and more efficient. Here is the small series of lightning caused MAC cracked version of the love to download it!

Function introduction

How different?
- stop tracking script, tracking pixel and advertising behavior.
- the use of our unique, hand crafted, open tracking database, web crawling based on our own. If you want to know more information, please visit our website on similar encyclopedia tracker entries.
Tracker - we identify and stop the most popular. This makes the Better block list is lightweight and effective.
We design the declaration ( according to the moral principles of development of block decision.
- plan developed by and Laura and Aral-- this is a struggle for social justice in the digital era of the small double and a very favorable non-profit organization.
- open, transparent, free.
Other functions :
- improve the readability of popular websites.
- focus on the most serious offenders... You know... We found on the Internet website of the worst 172 tracker? Stop them better, make the site light 4 times, 15.8 times faster!
Stop - stop '(try to say a few times fast!) We try our best to protect you from those trying to force you to close the privacy tools and make you face the risk of the site.
- you can't make an exception and Better play better off Better website. Easy to contact us about these sites, so that we can experience for everyone to repair.

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The download package, double-click the image after decompression Better_2018.2_MAS.dmg installation, enter the TNT interface, can be installed free of charge


11 2018.22018 4 day
- a simpler interface, consistent with the iOS version.
According to stop rules and version of the last update information.
The exception - now called "don't stop" list.
- repair El Capitan crashes.
- the new rules to prevent binding.

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