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12.0.3 for Mac cracked version containing tutorial

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  • Update: 2018-12-21
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  12.0.3 for Mac cracked version containing tutorial
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MAC cracked version is a tool maintenance system MAC system,.MCC X function to connect many macOS by a simple click on the interface, the system maintenance becomes simple. Novice and expert users will appreciate the powerful tools provided by MCC set. is the world's leading one of the maintenance tools. (MCC) did not extend or control panel can be installed, so it is very suitable for the system. The installation is very simple. The distribution of MCC in the macOS disk image, just double-click on the Finder in the DMG file, you can use disk utility to open it. for OS X 10.7 or higher version of the optimized Intel only applications, recommended for most users. If necessary, the Legacy version is a universal binary version can be run in the running OS X 10.4 or higher version of Intel or PPC hardware. With the specific needs of the user can run the in the old system. Here is the small series of lightning caused Mac version of the latest installation package includes registration code, need to download it!

Function introduction

is a one-stop solution for maintenance of all macOS X meet your needs. Intel or PPC, Tiger or Mojave, MCC has a system that allows you to maintain the best operation state of the tool. Provide common maintenance work and fully automated MCC document by MCC engine (including Internet download virus scan) to maintain the system health. The MCC engine can even in the software after the installation of automatic repair permissions. Use the MCC engine, powerful system maintenance and anti-virus function can be completely transparent or near menu bar.
can be adjusted by Internet and file cache settings, RAM disk and remove all obsolete data cache and to improve system performance. MCC includes help files and memory optimization tools. MCC can eliminate the language localization files and reduce the universal binary file to recover waste disk space.
lets you control macOS X experience. Close to the Spotlight or the dashboard, or open the login items folder. MCC can adjust many macOS X functions to meet your taste. All of these are not permanently change or damage to your system.
Disaster planning
allows you to download from the Mojave installer to create a bootable USB drive, the drive will start in support of any computer and install Mojave. allows you to create a bootable disk emergency, including system repair utility and powerful MCC cache cleaning function. If a disaster occurs, using the powerful function of in single user mode command prompt. MCC registered users can install portable version of the flash drive or iPod. Portable can run on any supported Mac, is to buy the machine before the test drive, screen pixel, battery, memory and other excellent tools.
Anti virus
to help protect your system against malware. MCC adds three additional malware protection layer is Mojave, ClamAV powerful antivirus software.MCC can dynamically scan your download and comes with built-in, providing industrial grade Mac and Windows virus threat protection.

Cache Cleaner MAC activation crack version tutorial

1. the download package, the installation package and the registration code obtained after decompression

2. double click the mcc.dmg mirror installation, agree

3. .app to the mobile app

4. continue to run the software, agree

5. a good road to the sufficient permissions
6. point register

7. input compression package within the SN registration code, register

8. activation success, OK

The 9. is the software version

Functional characteristics

- powerful macOS X system cache cleanup options.
With ClamAV realize the integration of powerful anti virus protection.
Finder clean - flexible options.
- clean desktop folder.
- clean download folder.
- clear do not need the Universal code in Binaries.
- remove the ".DS_Store" window settings file.
The preference file - remove damaged.
- clean and rebuild the Spotlight metadata.
- clean up Internet browser cache.
- clean up archive log.
- remove login items, delete duplicate or isolated items.
- clear virtual memory swap file.
- the use of chkrootkit cleaning rootkit.
Use ClamAV to automatically remove malicious software download scan.
- repair disk permissions.
Repair OS 9 privilege.
- repair software updates.
Fix the root directory macOS X symbolic links.
Set - such repair.
- auto repair key system preferences file.
- OS 9 desktop alias reconstruction.
- Reconstruction Service menu.
- reconstruction application library pre bound.
- reconstruction of LaunchServices database.
MacOS X - execute maintenance scripts.
- test disk damage SMART.
LCD image - bad pixels.
If there is a problem - Test RAM.
- laptop battery test.
Integrity - Test / Volumes directory.
Optimization of Internet - set and renew the lease DHCP.
- optimization, refresh and restart the lookupd daemon.
- optimization Safari.
- file cache optimization.
- Optimization of available memory and non memory.
- optimize file.
- by creating and using RAM disk to optimize performance.
By automatically determining the application priority to optimize performance.
- Custom hidden macOS X settings.
- Custom hidden Safari settings.
- Custom journaling file system.
- Custom crashreporter daemon.
Web and Safari - custom icon cache.
- custom login and login to activate the project folder.
By temporarily disabling sleep from the definition of energy saving device.
- use the root permission to open the application.
- use the root permission to open the Finder.
Easy to use - the Spotlight manager.
Easy to use - process manager.
Easy to use setup receipt viewer.
The automatic updating Finder window.
Cross - guide period reserved clipboard.
The manual page viewer - simple.
- restart the system daemon.
- terminate or restart Finder.
- terminate or restart Dock.
- terminate or restart the dashboard.
- forced to delete files and folders.
- strong air garbage.
MCC document, for further access to maintenance work.
MCC engine, used for automatic maintenance.
- in any user account.
- use in single user mode.
- for a portable disk drive.
- for bootable disk emergency.
Easy to use graphical interface - without terminal.
- illustration document.
Universal binary file - PPC or Intel Mac.
- more and more!


- support macOS 10.14.1 Mojave
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