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Adobe Mac 2019 for Mac Chinese cracked version with TNT Patch Tool

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-08
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Adobe  Mac 2019 for Mac Chinese cracked version with TNT Patch Tool
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Adobe 2019 Mac version is a copy editing tools were necessary, 2019 can help you design the text style, track changes and simple layout of document modification, and designers can also handle the same document without covering each other's presentation at Adobe InDesign CC. The new version of Adobe attaches great importance to the user experience, it is commonly used in the function and working process, gives users more control. Here is the small series of lightning caused IC CC 2019 Mac version of the latest image package, and brings the activation tools team, need to download it!

Functional characteristics

  • Endnote support
  • Add paragraph border
  • Find similar font
  • Advanced font selection
  • The footnote
  • OpenType enhancements
  • Modern user interface Auto
  • Easier to use font Auto
  • The image in the table Auto
  • Easily be applied to text for shading; including offset control
  • For the frame is added to the table "in the gun" Auto
  • The new "find a command Auto
  • Update to the latest version of the shortcut keys and preferences memory Auto
  • Consider the text wrap footnote enhanced Auto
  • To improve the management of the color swatches folder Auto
  • Drop table editor Auto
  • Windows HiDPI and Retina display support Auto
  • Faster font search Auto
  • A hyperlink to create simplified Auto
  • Different page view when editing Auto
  • The text work improved adaptation Auto
  • The most recently used fonts Auto Auto
  • The Middle East language support

IC CC 2019 Mac version activation tutorial

The 1. station download mirror package Adobe_InCopy_CC_2019_ACC_20181015.dmg and TNT patch Adobe_Zii_v4.0.3 TNT.dmg, running Adobe_InCopy_CC_2019_ACC_20181015.dmg mirror

2. point loading installation, need to enter the computer password authentication

3. broken network installation, without Adobe account password, waiting to start installation

4. installation is complete, point out, do not run the software
5. run 100 patch Adobe_Zii_v4.0.3 TNT.dmg, such as the complete activation map

6. activation completed, you can run free

2019 features

1, visual font browsing
You can now browse thousands of fonts from hundreds of types of InCopy in the foundry, immediately activate them, and use them in the document. The font panel contains a variety of new options, can provide rich experience for you to use the font. You can view the application of filter only recently added font. You can also select the sample text from a predefined text list for font preview, can also choose your own text. You can also choose to change the font size in the font preview now.
2, the OpenType SVG font support
By supporting the OpenType SVG font in InCopy, you can now provide a variety of colors and gradients in a single glyph.
Use the OpenType SVG font emoticons, you can include a variety of color and graphic characters in the document, such as emoticons, signs, street signs, animal, people, food and landmarks. You can also create a composite font. For example, the use of the EmojiOne font, you can create country / region marking or in shape to achieve skin color diversity.

The font is combined to form national flag

The single player and a variety of color combination

Add a footnote 3 in the table,
You can now insert a footnote in the InCopy table. Footnotes to the text displayed in the text at the bottom of the frame.
The reference number table footnotes with reference number footnote in the story have.
Reservation table footnotes will import and export to Word document, support footnote formats, such as PDF, EPUB and HTML.
4, the same paragraph style space
You can now select before or after whether the spacing will affect the same text style. The "style" dialog box "to use the same style of paragraph spacing" option allows you to specify the paragraph with the same style between the space value. Only when both the successive paragraphs with the same paragraph style to use this value. If successive paragraphs paragraph style is different, Space Before and Space After option value.
5, remember the previous export format
Now, each document will remember the last export format it. If the document is shared with other users or accessed from another computer, it will remain the last out of the document format.

Mac version of the system

Processor Intel multi core processor
MacOS operating system version 10.13 (High Sierra) or macOS (Sierra) version 10.12
RAM 4GB memory (recommended 16GB)
The hard disk space to install 3GB free hard disk space; the need for additional space available in the installation process (not in use case insensitive file systems volume or installed mobile flash devices)
Display resolution 1024 x 768 display (recommendation 1920 x 1080), retina display support
32 bit graphics card
Internet you must be connected and registered with Internet, in order to activate the software and validate subscriptions and access to online services. †
Other export SWF file requires Adobe Flash Player 10 software

Download address
High speed download download download address: the need for priority
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