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Adobe 2019 for Mac 14.0.1 Chinese cracked version version with TNT patch

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  • Update: 2018-12-07
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Adobe  2019 for Mac 14.0.1 Chinese cracked version version with TNT patch
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Adobe 2019 Mac version is a professional layout design tool, using 2019 software, you can pre press production, inspection and release for print and digital media publishing exquisite document. with the production of posters, books, magazines, books, digital interactive PDF content required functions. The new interface is more intuitive, can more easily when you need to immediately find the appropriate control. The use of Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning to automatically adjust the image size and adapt to keep clear. Here is the small series of lightning caused Adobe 2019 MAC new image package, containing the patch file, can activate Adobe 2019 MAC perfect, need to download it!

Function introduction

Have a unique style of the page. Is InDesign.
Whether you need to deal with the print media or digital media, InDesign can help you create compelling layout.

To print the impressive.
From the envelope, leaflets, posters to brochures, annual reports, magazines and books, design everywhere. The use of professional typography and layout tools, you can create a stylish layout and rich graphics, images and tables of multi column page. Just a few clicks you can prepare and print the document.

Digital publication. The interaction of dazzling.
The use of audio, video, slide and animation to create compelling digital magazines, e-books and interactive online documentation. Using InDesign, you can easily manage the design elements and rapidly by any format (HTML from EPUB and PDF to provide immersive experience).

Let your team always use the same resources.
Use for collaborative construction tools faster and more intelligent design. InDesign Adobe and InCopy CC have seamless integration, you can also write and edit the layout and personnel. The notes and edit into PDF, view all feedback. And share text, color, graphics and other content through the Creative Cloud library with team members.

The properties panel

Use the new interface more intuitive, can more easily when you need to immediately find the appropriate control.

Content identification adjustment

The use of Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning to automatically adjust the image size and adapt to keep clear.

The annotation and editing of PDF.

The comments in PDF into InDesign, in order to quickly accept, reject and reply feedback.

The automatic adjustment of the layout

Now, if you change the size of the document, will automatically reconfigure the text and graphics.

2019 new features

1, import from PDF notes
Use 2019 to create the PDF, the feedback can now import back for review, so you can easily with a number of stakeholders cooperation.
2, adjust the layout
If you change the size of the document, just click to reconfigure the text and graphics.
3, the properties panel
With the help of more intuitive and easy to use interface, find the appropriate control immediately when needed.
4, adjust the content identification
You can automatically resize the image and adapt, to keep clear, this new feature is the Adobe Sensei machine learning support.
5, to visually browse the font
Now you can easily browse different font types, quickly find the appropriate font. Now you can also select the sample text of different options.
6, use the SVG color font design
To benefit from the SVG OpenType font support, you can use a variety of colors, including the gradient effect and the transparency of the font design.
7, in the table footnotes
Now you can create footnotes in the table, and import them from the Word document.
The distance between the 8 and the paragraph style
Now you can easily share the spacing between the continuous increase in the same paragraph style.
9 Adobe Fonts, more accessible
The activation of thousands of fonts within the application to easily view and. If the selected font has not been activated, you can also preview in the project.
10, custom PDF form
Now you can choose the font in the export PDF form, change the appearance and style.
11, printer description
Choose whether to include packing instructions so as to simplify the printer, the export process.

ID CC 2019 Mac version activation tutorial

The 1. station download mirror package Adobe_InDesign_CC_2019.0.1_ACC_20181102.dmg and patch tool Adobe_Zii_v4.0.3 TNT.dmg, double-click the Adobe_InDesign_CC_2019.0.1_ACC_20181102.dmg mirror

2. installation, Adobe account without broken network installation, no account also do not want to register can be broken network installation, wait for installation

3. do not run the software installation is complete
4. run the patch file Adobe_Zii_v4.0.3 TNT.dmg, as shown in the picture, click to activate

5. can be used free

The new function of graphic introduction

1, adjust the content identification
Supported by AdobeSensei
With the help of "content recognition adjustment function, when you will be placed in the image frame, the best part of the InDesign now can intelligently adjust the image. The best part of the image is based on frame size and aspect ratio, and through all parts of the image are evaluated to determine the.
2, layout adjustment
Now, you can InDesign quickly and easily complete the layout adjustment. If you want to change the document in the add text and images after the page size, now do not have to manually adjust the text, image, or other elements.
When the page size, margins document or bleeding changes, the new "adjust the layout" function can automatically adjust the layout of all elements.
3, import PDF notes
Now, you can use any PDF into labeled InDesign, and easy to track feedback and notes in PDF. You can take notes and mark them as have been resolved or not resolved. Select the notes in the document, will highlight the corresponding part of the contents of the comment.
4, the "properties" panel
The new "properties" in the InDesign panel, you can according to the current task or workflow view settings and controls. The design of this new panel considering the convenience of use, to ensure that you can access the appropriate control when needed.
By default, "the basic function of" work area to provide the "properties" panel. You can also enable the panel window > attributes.
5, visual font browsing
Now, you can browse the font for tens of thousands of hundreds of typecasting provided by InDesign, then you can quickly activate them, and use them in your document. The font panel contains a variety of new options, can provide rich experience for you in your use of fonts. You can apply filters to view the most recently added special fonts. You can also select the sample text from a predefined text list for font preview; or you can choose your own text. In addition, you can also choose to change the font size in the font preview now.
OpenType SVG: a variety of font color and gradient
6, OpenTypeSVG font support
With InDesign support for OpenTypeSVG fonts now, you can reflect the variety of colors and shades in a single glyph.
Through the use of the OpenTypeSVGemoji font, you can in the document using color and graphic characters, for example, emoticons, banners, signs, figures, animal, food and other landmarks. You can also create a composite font. For example, the use of the EmojiOne font, you can create a national / regional flag, or in the shape to achieve color diversification.
With shape to form national / regional flag
The single player and a variety of color synthesis
Add a footnote 7 in the table,
Now, you can insert a footnote in the InDesign table. Footnotes to the text displayed in the text at the bottom of the frame.
A reference number table footnote reference number and the corresponding footnote will hold in the continuous.
Import and export in the Word document, to support the format of footnotes (for example, PDF, EPUB and HTML), will keep the form of footnotes.
The distance between the 8, paragraph style
Now, you can choose from the distance, or after paragraph to text the same style. The spacing between the paragraphs in the style dialog box using the same style options, allows you to specify the paragraph spacing between the value of the same style. Only when the two consecutive paragraphs with the same paragraph style, this value will be used. If successive paragraphs paragraph style different, you can use the value of spacing options section before and after some distance.
9, other enhancements
Now, you can keep the file name in the export document. If you select use InDesign document name as the output file name options, then derived from the PDF name will be the same with the document name. Otherwise, your name will be used before the input.
Now, you can convert to footnotes in InDesign and will be converted into endnote, footnote, endnote.
Now, when creating a package, you can choose whether to create the package printing instructions.
From the summary tab in the dialog box package, select Create printing instructions.
Click the package.
Now, each document will remember the last export format. If the document will be shared with other users, or by other computers to access the document, then the document will be retained by the export format since the last
In order to facilitate you to find related items, "index" panel now provides a larger area to display the index entries.
In addition, you will find a search index can be used to a new search box. Just enter your text to search, and then use the next and previous arrow can search in the index entry.
Now, through the custom fonts, you can customize the form derived PDF in appearance.

The requirement of MAC system

minimum requirements
Intel multi core processor
operating system
MacOS version 10.13 (High Sierra) or macOS (Sierra) version 10.12
4GB memory (recommended 16GB)
Hard disk space
Need to install 3.5GB free hard disk space; the need for additional space available in the installation process (not in use case insensitive file systems volume or installed mobile flash devices)
Display resolution
1024 x 768 display (recommended 1920 x 1080), retina display support
32 bit graphics
GPU to use the GPU property, you should have at least Mac 1024 MB VRAM (GB 2), and your computer must support OpenGL 4.0 or higher version.
Computer support
IMac 4K
IMac 5K
MacBook Pro Retina
Connected with the HiDPI display Mac Pro
Connected with the HiDPI display Mac Mini
To view the VRAM, select the Mac > on the machine (graphics card information).
If you want to know whether to support the required OpenGL version of your computer (4 or higher), please refer to this document to support Apple.
You must be connected and registered with Internet, in order to activate the software and validate subscriptions and access to online services. †
Other export SWF files need to Adobe Flash Player 10 software

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