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Adobe 2019 v8.0.1 for Mac cracked version with TNT patch

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  • Update: 2018-12-08
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Adobe  2019 v8.0.1 for Mac cracked version with TNT patch
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PreludeCC2019 Mac version is designed for intuitive and efficient media sorting and metadata input and the design of the video recording and collection tools, fast labeling and transcoding video material and quickly create a rough cut. Prelude can be easily converted to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, to ensure that the entire production process of video communication and finishing fluency. The new October 2018 edition of Adobe Prelude 2019 to further enhance the general stability of the product and fix some of the mistakes. Here is the small series of lightning caused PreludeCC2019 macz the latest installation package containing TNT patch, can perfect the activation of PreludeCC2019 Mac, need to download it!

Function introduction

1, narrator
2, a rough cut transition
3, to add tag keyboard shortcuts
4, with improved HiDPI support user interface
5, multi track support
6, in and out points of support
7, included file re packaged
8, matching label color
9, the Cinema mode
10, hover paddling thumbnail
11, intake file rename
12, you need to define what information included in the editing ability
13, directly to the file included in the selected material box
14, Sony XMPilot metadata support
64, support 15 Windows and Mac OS.
16, a rough cut export
17, fully searchable metadata
18, complete and part of the collection
In 19, when included transcoding to multiple formats
20, record level
21, integrated into almost any work process
22, create a rough cut
23, in the dialog box using thumbnails included
Mark 24, customizable
25, custom import metadata
26, custom extension

PL CC 2019 MAC activation crack version of the installation tutorial

1. the original image download package Adobe_Prelude_CC_2019_ACC_20181015.dmg and Adobe_Zii_v4.0.3 TNT.dmg patch, double-click the Adobe_Prelude_CC_2019_ACC_20181015.dmg operation

2. continue to click Install to start the installation, that broken network installation, no need to enter the Adobe ID account and password, enter the password Mac computer, complete the verification

3. wait for installation

4. after the completion of the installation, first close the software
5. running TNT Adobe_Zii_v4.0.3 TNT.dmg patch, according to figure a point following the tips to fool activation.
Patch or drag


Good point

Complete activation

6. complete the activation free of charge

How to handle video clips in Adobe Prelude

Adobe Prelude software is a video collection and recording tools, can help you quickly from the original material document camera tag and transcoding based on the. It is an open platform, custom integrated support and third party technology and management system.
Work flow
1. create a project / open the existing project
Adobe Prelude will create a project file for each project you created in Prelude (.Plproj). The project file contains references in the project to add to the media.
The project file stores only the source files included references. Therefore, the project file has been quite small. Because the only store references to the source file, so you don't have to worry about the move, rename or delete the source file. If there is a move or rename the media file, you can use "File" In the menu "Re link" This command will reconnect to the media project.
2. collection of original material
Included the entire movie clip, or only a collection of clips (parts included). The codec editorial requirements
You can determine whether they have successfully collected the material immediately by file size and byte level check.
The 3. organizations have collected material
You can move the clip in the project view, to rearrange the order of clip. Use the material box to organize the content of the project, and use folders to organize files are very similar. The material box can contain clips, clips and rough cut.
4. recording video clips
Using the interface options or keyboard shortcuts to time to add metadata to the clip, and create sub clips. Mark and other time metadata can help you quickly organize and search the clip. When you ask Premiere such as Adobe Pro and other software export can make full use of metadata information.
5. create a rough cut
Create a rough cut and clip from the clip, and then sends it to the other software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, for final editing.
6. Premiere Pro/Final Cut Pro export to Adobe
You can be a rough cut, clips, clips and sub material box export to Adobe Premiere or FCP XML Pro project file. Or, you can direct the rough cut is sent to the Adobe Pro editor Premiere.
In the Prelude organization and metadata information will be transmitted to the Adobe Premiere Pro. This seamless work flow can make time and reduce the workload of the required late in the final film clips created when.
Extended Prelude
Adobe technology partners can use Prelude SDK to customize Prelude.
  • Make full use of the Adobe function of Prelude XMP open platform to third party technology and resource management system based on integration.
  • By means of ActionScript R The panel capture related projects or organizations, to create the custom tag based search.
  • From other sources into the event specific in workflow metadata. Then in the form of import event XMP stream or file metadata, add to your material in the metadata in Prelude.

Update log

Prelude now supports the following new file format:
ARRI ALEXA LF (large format)
Sony Venice V2
Performance improvement:
For H264 and HEVC format provides codec hardware based support, can improve the performance and speed up the rendering speed.
Improvement of image processing, can provide more responsive playback and rendering.

The requirement of MAC system

  Minimum requirements
Intel Intel 6 generation or more new CPU
operating system MacOS X v10.12 or higher version (hardware acceleration required v10.13 or higher)
At least 16G B (32 GB)
Hard disk space High speed built-in SSD (recommended) for installation and application of cache - plus temporary space for media
Display resolution
1920x1080 or higher resolution display
Hard drive speed
7200 RPM or faster hard drive (recommended more fast disk drive)
GPU Adobe certification GPU card (for GPU acceleration)
You must be connected and registered with Internet, in order to activate the software and validate subscriptions and access to online services. *
The QuickTime function is required for QuickTime 7.6.6 software

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