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10.10 official perfect USB installation disk production tool (DiskMaker X)

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  • Update: 2014-12-24
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  10.10 official perfect USB installation disk production tool (DiskMaker X)
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When you start the application, DiskMaker X for Mac Spotlight OS X will try to find the installation project, it looks very good, but also use a few simple clicks you can create OS X boot disk to install the most simple way.

DiskMaker X, took a look at the download feel good, then it finished it. This is my original Chinese, see many of my friends asked whether to support the hidden partition and find my Mac, be sure to tell everyone that.

In fact, this tool doesn't tutorial, very simple. A few button to drink a cup of coffee or a cigarette. About 30 minutes of your USB installation U disk is done. Of course this on the speed of your computer and mobile disk speed.

The first:

Production method of manual U disk boot disk:

Now it can be the perfect support for the latest Mavericks. The structure of the 10.10 file has changed, not the same as before the InstallESD.dmg file directly back to the U disk installation disk. Here we use a new method:

Get ready:

8G or 8G or a USB

10.10 installation files

The first 1. u-formatted GUID partition format - Mac partition OS extended (journaled)

2. to download the 10.10 installation files extracted into the OS X .app is installed on the desktop ""

3. in the installation file on the right - show package contents into the /Contents/Resources/ directory

4. copy the file createinstallmedia to the desktop, so we have three key documents. The following diagram: 109 U disk is formatted I

5. open terminal:

Sudo -s

Enter the password and press enter

In 6. --volume /Volumes/109 --applicationpath command: /Users/xuxu/Desktop/createinstallmedia /Users/xuxu/Desktop/Install\ OS\ X\ [--force]

This you can't follow my knock, according to your actual situation to write. According to the most simple spaces above format Note: drag the desktop file "createinstallmedia" to the terminal, "space", and then knock knock "--volume" (without the quotes), on the "space"

Drag the desktop U disc "109" to the terminal, on the "space", "--applicationpath", and then knock knock "space"

Install OS X desktop "drag" to the terminal, then knock knock "space" [--force] ""

Knock "enter"

It will ask you If you wish to continue type (Y) then press return:

Type Y

Then wait...... I waited about 10 minutes, some friends may have more than half an hour, please wait patiently, follow the tutorial will do a good job. This installation image is written.

Also need to pay attention to a little, if you are upgrading the system by 10.9 in 10.10, with the disc from the new installation, need to use the installation disk into the installation interface, then use disk utility system partition, formatted Mac OS's restart, once again into the normal can be installed.

Do not understand can copy the following commands into your system user name and U disk name can be run directly.

/Users/ you /Desktop/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/ your user name system U disk --applicationpath /Users/ you OS\ X\ /Desktop/Install\ [user name system - force]

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