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v3.4.2 Mac Chinese cracked version

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  • Update: 2018-12-07
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  v3.4.2 Mac Chinese cracked version
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3 Mac version is a comparable stage effect sound software, it has to live performance and optimization of full screen interface, flexible hardware control and rich variety, can be fully compatible with the Logic Pro X plugin and sound, so you can take your Mac with a stage. 3 turns your Mac into the console playing live. With plug-in and sound effects of large, large turned into your guitar or harpsichord, vocal performance, music for the audience to create an unforgettable event. is suitable for various types of performers. You can enjoy the use of favorite Logic Pro instruments and effects plug-in, which will set the stage and dismantling process to simplify. With the accompaniment tracks your voice to shock, there is more shocking. In addition, you can also control all hardware tools using your favorite. Now, you can show up to a higher level, beyond your reality may. Arpeggiator has a series of note-based remote control and latch mode Chord Trigger flexible; it allows you to simply press a single note, which trigger complex chords complete; Retro Synth through a series of intuitive control options, you can re create what you love in 70 and 80s electronic sound; you can also be true natural sound onto the stage, including Hammond B3, Hohner Clavinet organ D6, Fender and Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Hohner electronic organ. is not only impressive software instruments and effects of confluence, more full of innovative ideas, let you shine on stage. Floating Split Point is suitable for beginners to use function, it can be with you playing, smart mobile split point in split keyboard Patch, when you start to the rhythm of the bass treble domain, split point will move to avoid you in the interpretation of the treble, bass melody will suddenly turn into other tones. Here is the small series of lightning caused MAC cracked version of the love to download it!


The ultimate live performance equipment
80 - the use of a variety of musical instruments, and the effect of the MIDI plugin for live performances, or use the Audio Units plug-in for the job
Pro X - added sound from Logic and GarageBand, the studio voice on the stage
- such as the keyboard and vocal music instruments and live audio together to form a single Patch
- there is no need to stop the sound output or cut off the long notes, you can switch between multiple Patch
- the use of splitting and delamination, automatic arpeggio and other MIDI plug-ins to design various keyboard Patch
- the use of multi track stereo or playback playing accompaniment tracks
- 64 bit architecture uses all memory in the system, can handle large sampling instrument

Connect your favorite hardware and use it to play and control
- use the controller equipped with USB port and MIDI function, such as keyboard, pedal and drum pad
Automatic recognition function - the use of equipment, quickly set up every kind of hardware
- quickly on the Hardware Knobs, buttons and fader assigned to screen control
- the use of "equipment allocation and management of complex mapping
- compatible with Logic Remote v1.0.3
For the stage
Use full screen real-time interface can be customized, you only need the screen showing in the play
Smart Control provides dynamic changes with each Patch and the performance control
- high contrast view full screen play, even from a distance can easily see the Mac screen
Instrument plug
Provided by the Drum Kit Designer - played by the depth of sampling, professional mixing and completely custom drums
- use the Ultrabeat electronic drum playing electronic music rhythm
- use the Retro Synth to play with the classic 70's and 80's style voice synthesizer
The simulation model using Vintage B3, Vintage Electric, Piano Vintage and Clav playing the classical keyboard
- the use of a series of simulation, wave form, frequency synthesizer and physical modeling synthesis to play a passionate voice
- use the EXS24 sampler to play or create a rich variety of sampling instrument

The MIDI plugin
- the use of 9 MIDI plug-in, simple idea can be crafted to play
Through automatic arpeggiator simple chord immediately transformed into a wonderful performance
- to play a single chord by chord trigger triggering predefined chord
- the use of a voice and transposing musical notes to meet the specific scale.

The creative and production effect
Use Space Designer to play a sound cyclotron reverberation through realistic acoustic space
- the use of a series of multi racket, old tape and stereo delay effect
- use various modulation effect to add orbital motion effect
- use a variety of equalizer, dynamics and other tools to get the perfect mix Remix
Guitar and bass equipment
- to build their own guitar or bass equipment by Amp Designer using classical and modern amplifiers, speakers and microphone
- the use of a series of delay, distortion and modulation of stepping wheel to design custom pedal
- visit full screen tuner to tune
sound effects library
Patch - 1500 kinds of instruments and effects
800 various precision sampling instrument
30 - a city and electronic drum Patch
3600 Apple Loops, divided into the modern city and the type of electronic music

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