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Apple video editing software () v10.1.10 Mac Chinese cracked version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-09
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Apple video editing software () v10.1.10 Mac Chinese cracked version
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IMovie for Mac 10.1mac cracked version Is the official Apple released a Mac video editing software, users can edit their home movies through it, this software can let you not have any video processing knowledge can easily clip out the beautiful video, if you are a app developer can use to create a vivid display of video preview, you app. Only need to capture real-time app material from your iPhone or iPad Mac Quicktime Player for editing in , and then use the 11 Apple design modification subtitle of your work, you can app dynamic display. Here is the small series of lightning caused crack version, the love to download it!


No big production, big action.
The Mac version of allows you to enjoy your video with hitherto unknown way. You can easily browse clips, share the wonderful moment for you immediately, making the trailer magnificent HD HD movies and Hollywood style. When you are ready to be his masterpiece premiere on all devices at Theater have also been ready to meet you into the audio-visual hall.
Browse, find a home for the family film
If you have a iPhone or iPad, not to mention the camera or digital camera, you may have many wonderful video. When you want to deal with the video, allows you to immediately start. All clips are all now in one place, you can easily browse, interest to watch, and can be made into a film or movie trailer.
A dark, so that the film is bright.
According to the OS X Yosemite update, now has the appearance of control options to take on an altogether new aspect, concise and let you enjoy the video display. Even in the home, you are like sitting in the theater box. Simple navigation function allows you to easily browse the video database. With the performance of 64 based on the technology, as well as the background introduction and a series of powerful functions, allows you to directly use the hitherto unknown speed.
Relax, and let your fans closer.
With , you can directly from the video browser share a video clip or a part of them, without creating a movie or trailer. Just select video clips and click the "share", will be released to the network segment, email, or added to the Theater, so that you enjoy on all devices.
Film making simple level, extremely easy.
Production of the film has never been so easy. Just choose what you want to use the clip, then insert the title, add special effects, the re creation of a movie soundtrack. In a powerful tool to help, all this simply drag and drop can be easily completed. Is this, ladies and gentlemen, this film has shot.
How to view the film in
The theme of the wonderful, can not stop.
The theme of the film can make you look more interesting, more professional, and is very simple to use. 15 ready to choose the theme of the film, each preset corresponding transitions and subtitles. You can also use your own video into the rich and colorful scrapbook, or put it into a professional broadcast news video, also can give it some playful and humorous feeling.
Good, everyone can do.
If you can drag and drop, can make movies. You can even create PIP and side effect. With the Force Touch trackpad, when you cut to the fragment at the end, or use the alignment reference line clipping photos and video, will feel the response of the touch pad. You can also change the pressing touch panel to control the intensity of the fast forward and rewind speed.
Special effects, especially effective.
Professional tools can be any of the scenes have become the screen masterpiece in the climax of fragments. You can move on acceleration or deceleration, can also use video and audio filters to add style to the critical moment. Or create realistic green screen effect, so that you will be the role of superimposed on pictures and video background.
Special production, not to read it.
The use of a key to enhance the function, quality and quality can be improved immediately of any fragment. Adjust the control options to choose the simple and intuitive always. You can improve the picture color, stable video jitter, unified two fragments of tone, and by the way you want to adjust the picture.
Change, change, change the music on the sound, let you change.
You can add music and sound from the built-in audio library, iTunes or GarageBand, you can even record voice over. The color encoding audio waveform can make everything SonicVision, so you can easily adjust the volume at any fragment above and add a fade effect.
The creation of the trailer. Hollywood masterpiece, do their own.
You have hundreds of videos, and make them into a giant screen dream. IMovie can undertake editing work, and allows you to use all the material to quickly create rich taste of the trailer, and looks like Hollywood production of the same.
How to view the trailer in production
The annual P Trailer
You can choose from 29 kinds of notice sheet template, which covers the adventure, documentaries, romantic comedy, superhero movies and more types. The effect of stunning graphics and captions on the screen roaring, playing the famous groups, including the London Symphony Orchestra, will also provide the soundtrack of the movie soundtrack.
90 seconds of fame
To create a preheating for you screen masterpiece, but simple and rapid. As long as you fill in the movie titles in the outline, and the characters Name studio logo. Then, using the animation type drop zone can suggest the best fragment of videos and photos added to the storyboard, ensure that your work is the debut, shining.
Your large, grand Xian ying.
Now to introduce you to Theater. This is your own theater, where you can make your own movie theater and trailer. They look like beautiful movie posters on the way, and you are always on the stage of the dazzling star. With iCloud, they also can be automatically displayed on all your devices, including Apple TV*.
All production, staged in all of your equipment across the board.
The movie trailer or you created in Mac, iPhone or iPad, you can enjoy anytime anywhere. Thanks to iCloud, it lets you Theater automatically updated on all devices.
The lights in place, the camera in place, cheering in place.
If there is no audience, the film made out of what is the significance? IMovie allows you to have more ways to share with fans. You can take their work to the network so that we enjoy, or by email to some particular audience. Now, let your work go out to win the praise, you sit back and enjoy the praise.
Now, the global release.
If you are ready to make their films in large screen offered, you can upload it to the video site; using Mail Drop function, HD will send a high-definition video to friends via email or video; the specific frame is saved image. Not long, you can be famous.

Installation tutorial

1. software package in the installation process, the eject command terminal according to the prompt press enter, waiting for the pop-up installation window, drag the folder to the program.

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