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X 4.3.0 official version TNT full version + free patch and activation code

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-03-13
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  X 4.3.0 official version TNT full version + free patch and activation code
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x 4 Chinese cracked version is cleaning optimization tool MAC system the most professional and powerful system, it is an all-in-one advanced program uninstall cleaner, just two simple steps you can put those useless files in the system goes out of order, save disk space. Chinese version can be smoothly combined with the performance of the system, silent cleaning, record update, clean cache, fast and secure delete, uninstall the application and empty the recycle bin and other important functions. Chinese version in addition to uninstall the software and delete the cache file system, redundant application language package, PowerPc software runtime functions. Is a good tool for your hard disk slimming. Save hard disk space, increase the speed of the computer, will make your Mac better! The 4 itself has a secure database, it is a list of items, with certain specifications, software can be determined to correct selection and cleaning of the Mac junk files, more safe and reliable! Here is the small series of lightning caused TNT direct mount crack version, the love to download it!

Cleanmymac4 crack version of the installation tutorial activation

1. the download package, double-click the _X_4.1.0.dmg after decompression, waiting for loading

2. open gatekeeper friendly

3. points to enter

4. complete activation, we will move to the app

5. run x shortcut icon in the application, can be used free

Matters needing attention:
Mac software has been damaged, open, mobile trash how to solve? Mac10.13.4 how to open any source method 

Function introduction

X4 in the system of garbage clean-up function, can be 11 different types of garbage inside and outside the Mac drive, can clean up the Mac system to achieve maximum performance and release of free space,
1. user cache files: cache files for the application was originally used to accelerate the opening time, but eventually will lead to a decline in excessive accumulation of dysfunctional or overall performance.
2. system: cache file system applications generate and store a large number of documents, and eventually lead to boot time longer, overall performance degradation and advantage dysfunction.
3. user log file: application activity will continue to be captured a lot of log files, these files after a period of accumulation will occupy a large amount of disk space, but their usefulness is not large, especially the old log.
4. log file system: system applications and services will be to capture many of the log, the log files can only help for program debugging, can not hesitate to be deleted.
Clean up the garbage 5.iPhoto
4 iPhoto garbage cleanup will browse your iPhoto photos, find those after cutting, adjust the size, rotation or other editing after no longer needed but still be saved iPhoto copy of the original picture. These copies are hidden, but they greatly increased the size of the picture library.
6. mail attachments to clean up
Mail attachments in the inbox cleaning function can ensure the safety of the original attachment based on clear copy of email attachments and local download, a large number of disk space recovery. By default, when you open or view the new email attachments, the application will store a copy to disk until you delete the email. During this period, the cumulative attachments may reach GB or more, especially when you mail attachments contain lots of pictures, or PDF demo file.
Clean up the garbage 7.iTunes
ITunes can accumulate a lot of garbage, but many people do not know how to clean it up, and can not complete the manual cleaning clean, now clean up the outdated iOS 4 automatic backup equipment, software updates and other iTunes data support.
8. trash cleaning
The wastebasket cleaning function can help you clear all the internal and external drives on all systems including iPhoto, Aperture and e-mail, the trash folder, not all people know that in our computer in the trash folder the boot disk, there are still more trash folder. Each partition and each external drive has its own hidden trash folder, and before deleting from these places are reserved for the project folder inside the wastebasket.
9. old file cleaning
the old file cleanup module will help you to check your position, and remove a few months did not open and large files are no longer needed and folders, so you can save more disk space.
10. system junk option
has a special feature set - "preferences", will need to add the file to the ignore list, avoid cleaning accidentally deleted, as shown in fig.:
preferences: add files and applications to the ignore list, security scanning, can.

Functional characteristics

- easy to use, user friendly interface
Drag and drop - Nature
- General slim binary code
Delete useless language translation
The most accurate application uninstall
- fast and secure file eraser
- management components, plug-ins and Preferences pane
- delete spam from previous apps and widgets left out
- monitor the trash, help you uninstall the application of garbage
- pay close attention to your mobile device, remove it from the garbage service file

The new features introduced

X 4.1.0 what's new?
Gigabyte without loss of picture clip in photo gallery.
The message seems to be much heavier than.
Your iTunes is not only the music.
Most families have more than one trash.
The old files out of depth
Application is amazing, every day to improve your Hider 2, encryption, CleanMypC, and DevMate (IOS), listen to the Gemini 2.
Update X 4.0.4 version:
This update fixes cannot be disabled or ignore health notice on macOS on Mojave.
Update X 4.0.3 version:
- add:
Support macOS 10.14 Mojave
Ignore list items from the function of adding preferences
The localization of South Korea
Without the use of scanning applications in the DMG file
Update and uninstall program module service menu
- improvement:
CPU can display the temperature in Fahrenheit
Validation of 3 activation No.
Welcome video quality
CPU significantly reduced the effect of menu
- repair:
Unable to execute X selfreset
Stop Dropbox during scanning files downloaded from the cloud
The shredder did not delete the parent folder
Drag and drop the conflict in the process of unloading condition
Many of the known examples of errors and crashes

update to the latest version of X 4.1, macOS Mojave 10.14 can be the perfect fit, with a new interface
If you love the old version, you can download the old version 3 crack version 3.9.6 : Http://

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