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Thunder x high-speed channel crack thunderbolt 10 patch to AD / thunder 9.5 local VIP

  • Software size: 0.22 MB
  • Update: 2019-04-03
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Thunder x high-speed channel crack thunderbolt 10 patch to AD / thunder 9.5 local VIP
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Once downloaded, special love files, but found a encryption package, do not know the password can not be extracted, the mood is like this? I believe most download enthusiasts also encountered the same situation. The new thunder 10 has been updated, new thunder thunder x code, more powerful, open faster, the interface is more beautiful, the official website has been updated with the official version, the long-term update to the latest version, like to download it!
Through the test period of six months, the thunder X began to enter the official version of the 10.1.5 version from the stage! In this year, we are using the Electron software framework to rewrite the main interface of the X thunder. The download engine was upgraded to comprehensive improvement. Now, the thunder X will bring "faster download speed, higher download success rate and a lower resource consumption, more smooth and efficient interactive experience for you to download"! It is particularly worth mentioning is that the thunder X has been able to obtain perfect display effect in 2K and 4K high definition screen, text display has become more clear and delicate.
Thunder X version of 10.1.6 on the surface, no significant change in what. But in fact this version for the next generation Internet Protocol IPv6 full landing, ready to work. For our clients, all involving network communication module including "download engine", have been transformed to support IPv6, and in this version of pre deployment.
Dear friends of mine happy new year! The release of the 10.1.8 version of the thunder continued to repair BUG, and the download progress card 99.9% issues to do further optimization. That is, for more resources to download the tool, the principle determines the download progress card 99.9% problem is not completely resolved, only through the optimization to avoid.
Although the Spring Festival approaching, but we also plan to release thunder X 10.1.9 official version before the Spring Festival, and the first to enable IPv6 support thunder version X experience. Coming soon!


The more abundant the download experience
Powerful download kernel, simple interface, more image download information display

Interactive community unlimited communication
The exchange of experience, file transfer, for the common interest of Ta
More personalized skin
Thunder X prefabricated more skin, there is always a choice of taste is in line with you

Update information:

Recovery update Chrome browser "Thunderbolt download support" expansion, solve the thunder X HTTPS protocol can not take over the download link problem
Redesign on thunder "interface, easy to check and update, check the assembly version
Fixed some situations, right-click menu "delete" menu item location problem
Thunder X official release!
Update information:
With a new design of the new tab page"
Increase task details page scan code downloaded to the mobile phone two-dimensional code
Support setting over download types and file extensions
The performance optimization of the floating window
Fixed some situations, thunder quit after the suspension window process is not out of the question
Fixed mobile tasks not registered in the state to private space, after login account did not continue to move the problem
Thunder X official version of the update log update information:
The new "download help page, download the answers to common problems
Optimize the download logic, reduce task progress card in 99.9% probability of emergence
The task list menu "mobile file to support the move to" private space ""
The problem of abnormal display correction in some cases in the Win7 system of floating window
Use the search function, subtitle subtitle correction for the BT task, the subtitle file on a directory problem
Thunder X official version update:
The task group supports the view and published resource comment;
The new task pane support mouse drag edge interface size adjustment;
The optimization task list loading speed;
Delete tasks, remember if you check the "delete files at the same time";
To simplify the operation steps after the download is complete shutdown, sleep, exit ";
The task details page "download complete countdown";
Fixed several known issues.
The official version of 2018-04-21 v9.1.49
Download the BT task, the automatic connection availability Tracker server best, obtain additional image resources for download acceleration [thanks to the open source project TrackersList]
- "JS-SDK download" to provide the following support:] [relevant introduction
- support through the web page script, create a single download task
- support through the web page script, define a single download task file name
- support through the web page script, create batch download task
- support through the web page script, the batch download task is saved to the specified folder
- support through the web page script, the definition of the current task download directory
- Fixed coverage to install the U version to enjoy after the login account abnormal problem

Cracked version features

# hard change module crack VIP local members can use the free membership members can use expired skin, accelerate download;
# first to complete the Home tab on the right side of the browser, remove Google browser kernel, can normal open set center!
# hidden by default right area (into the center to maximize the window settings in order to enter the set after the reform will automatically save);
Go to XLServicePlatform.exe XLLiveUD.exe # efficacy, efficacy;
# go to the main menu options, remove the excess skin interface opened membership buttons and link text;
# to download the left text ads, to open membership, enhance the highest download speed 500% tips;
# to floating window advertising, to recommend to all kinds of interface all kinds of advertising, the lower right corner of the window (except download pop);
# ban background download mandatory upgrade file, no cloud push download, streamline redundant files and plug-ins,;
# to set the establishment of thunder download, thunder and start to set the browser cache cleanup boot in Windows;
# ban BrowserSupport, generate Profiles directory XLBrowserApp, CloudPlayer, XLGameBox;

Unable to save the login information about Win10 solutions:
Desktop shortcut thunderbolt 9-> attribute compatibility _> select "run as administrator" can be solved
This is no more than Win10 system administrator privileges can not write the login information in the configuration file.

On the offline address space, you can use the browser to open!

Http:// referfrom=v_pc_xl9_hytq_lx_lxkj?
Cracked version tutorial
The installation script []
The main function of the installation script:
1. automatic access to the installation directory, you can customize the settings Spare.cmd installation directory
2. rapid replacement project file, remove ads, execution can be resumed after
3. hosts version of thunder shield home, no small video, can ignore this
4. to get updates (the disk)
Usage method:
Digital input selection, enter the number 1 to the browser to save settings
If you need a local member, enter the number 4
[BT] gadget to lift the thunder copyright restrictions
Enter the number 1 to lift the thunder BT copyright restrictions
Enter the number 2 in restitution
Suggested use: remove BT copyright restrictions will only download from the original, For all types of BT link acceleration (mirror acceleration, P2P acceleration, acceleration, acceleration of LAN members will not be able to use) Except BT, the type of download is not affected, it is recommended to download the BT file after the copyright restrictions after recovery, avoid the influence of other BT file download speed

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