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Voice downloaded official download 2018 v8.49.0.0 to advertise green version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2019-03-18
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Voice downloaded official download 2018 v8.49.0.0 to advertise green version
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Slanting voice is the best voice tool for team members. No card, no drop, no delay! YY voice is a communication software under the era of reunion era (also known as Guangzhou Hua Du Network Technology Co., Ltd.), which is based on the voice communication platform of Internet team. It has powerful functions, clear sound quality, security and stability, no resources, good response, and free voice software adapted to gamers. YY is usually used on the Internet. It provides clear and smooth high pitch voice service for you. It is the best choice for voice chat, game speech, guild voice, network karaoke, multitasking and team chat.


1, increase the power Fox and PC-YY channel interworking function.
2, discussion group to increase collection function
3, chat box website detection function optimization
4. The function optimization of the host broadcasting process.

How to use advertising patches

1. unzip the patch
2. copy the patch content to the YY installation directory, such as "X:\duowan\yy\".
3. choose to overwrite the same file.
About this ad to clean Edition
- crack the same machine can only open 5 restrictions, more open unlimited!
Go to the YY game hall shortcut after the first startup.
Shielding and preventing backstage downloading of YY browsers and various recommended applications for silent installation of hooliganism.
- go to the main panel channel label below the wonderful picture world (the recommended channel), prohibit the login panel display to promote Banner;
Go to the main panel and recommend all the garbage icons: the game hall, the game privileges, the entertainment hall, the wonderful live broadcast and the speed dating.
- delete the core components of the game hall and error reports, log collection, automatic upgrade, version update, unpack and other junk files;
Shielding and preventing backstage downloading all kinds of recommended applications: computer play games, smashing paradise, full name referendum, multi play simulator, and all game related applications: Game privileges, game halls, games, games, baby games, fast games, all relevant buttons are clicked invalid, so that you do not disturb!
Installation and cracking usage tutorial:
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