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Winrar 5.61 official cracked version to advertise Version (32/64 bit version)

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2019-02-22
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Winrar 5.61 official cracked version to advertise Version (32/64 bit version)
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Popular popular compression tools, support mouse drag and drop and shell expansion, perfect support for ZIP files, built-in programs can untie CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO and other types of compressed files; with estimated compression function, you can get compression ratios before and after compression by using three compression methods of two kinds of compression tools. They have historical and favorites functions; compression rate is quite high, while resource occupation is relatively small, fixed compression, multimedia compression and multi volume self release compression are not available for most compression tools.

Unique high compression ratio algorithm for multimedia files
WinRAR can greatly improve the compression ratio of WAV, BMP voice and image files with unique multimedia compression algorithm. Although we can save WAV and BMP files to MP3.JPG format, we should not forget WinRAR compression but standard lossless compression.
Can fully support the ZIP format and can decompress various formats of compressed packets.
Although other software can support ARJ, LHA and other formats, it requires the DOS version of the corresponding software. But WinRAR is different. It can not only decompress most compressed formats, but also directly build ZIP format compressed files without plug-in support, so we don't have to worry about how to deal with ZIP format when leaving other software.
The project is perfect, and the user interface can be customized.
The program group starts the menu and starts WinRAR. In the main interface, choose the settings under the option menu to open the settings window, which is divided into six categories: routine, compression, path, file list, viewer, and synthesis. It is very rich. By modifying them, you can make better use of WinRAR. Actual combat: if you install a compression software and WinRAR at the same time, the association of ZIP files is often messed up. Generally, we just need to enter the setup window, select the "integrated" label, and tick the ZIP in the column of "WinRAR associated file". After confirming, the ZIP file can be associated with WinRAR. Conversely, if it is deleted, WinRAR automatically revise the registry to make ZIP reconnect with the compressed software.
The ability to repair damaged files is very strong.
ZIP and RAR files downloaded on the Internet are often unable to be opened due to the problem of head damage. After WinRAR is transferred, the "repair" button in the interface can be easily repaired and the success rate is very high.
You can view compressed package information without decompression.
Select the file and click the information to view the compressed information.
Auxiliary function settings carefully
You can set up the "backup" label in the compressed window before setting the target disk file before compression; before compression, click the "estimate" button to evaluate the compression first; you can add notes for the compression package; you can set up the anti damage function of the compressed package, and so on. You can also see that WinRAR is considerate and considerate.
The compression pack can be locked.
After double clicking into the compressed package, clicking the compressed package under the menu menu can prevent manual addition and deletion and keep the original state of the compressed package.
Compressed package can view hidden files
Are you still worried about the Autorun virus? Winrar provides the "perspective" function. The files with hidden properties can be seen at a glance.

Function introduction

1. WinRAR and command line RAR use RAR 5 to compress file format as default. You can compress the pair.
In the dialog box, select the "RAR4" option or the -ma4 command line switch to use the RAR 4.x compatibility mode.

If you still want to use the RAR 4.x format as the default value, please set the "compression" in the WinRAR page.
The paging is set according to the create default value button.

This change will only affect the new installation. Your previous version has stored the specified RAR format in default compression.
Set the file. WinRAR follows the saved settings.

2. use the setting key button in the collation passwords dialog box to encrypt the stored password library.
The exemption is not authorized.

If you use the key to protect the stored password, you must first enter the key in the password prompt and press "confirm".
To access. If the password entered is different from the key, it will be used as a compressed password.

After input, the key is valid before WinRAR closes. After you specify the key, you can turn off WinRAR again.
Enable to observe the protection mode. First enter a valid key and then enter the blank key, which can be removed.
Encryption of the cipher library before.

This WinRAR version uses a new data format for sorting passwords, so the old version could not read "collate passwords".
The password in the dialog box. This does not affect the compressed file encryption format, and the encrypted compressed files are compatible.
WinRAR version. Password data will only be converted at storage settings, not WinRAR after installation.
Immediately after the entry into force.

3. the key will be prompted when the password is stored in the compression settings file. You can enter the key and register the machine code.
The encrypted cipher library is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access. After that, you must enter the key in the prompt.
You can use this compression settings file in.

After entering, the key is valid until WinRAR closes. If you want to know the way of operation, you can specify.
After the key closes, the WinRAR is enabled.

4. WinRAR in CTR mode default use AES-256 encryption ZIP compression file, obviously AES-256
It is better than the traditional ZIP 2 encryption algorithm, but it may be used for some old ZIP decompression procedures.
Order is not compatible. If you need to be compatible with old tools, you can enable "ZIP" in the password dialog box.
The traditional encryption method or the command line use the -mezl switch.

5. add.LZ compression files created by Lzip compression program.

6. the modern TAR tool can compress the special PAX extension file header in TAR to store high precision file time.
Super long file name, large files, etc. Now WinRAR supports this PAX header and decompress TAR.
When compressed files are applied.

7. compressed the dialog box's "time" page. The "save update time" option can be in the RAR 5.x compression format.
No file modification time is saved. Before "high precision modification time" has been replaced by "high precision time format".

8. add the "title column display full path" option for the settings dialog box. Opening session
Displays the full path of the currently enabled folder or compressed file in the WinRAR header column.

9. "Settings" > "compression" page provides "compressed file priority enable file type" group option. Here you can
In the WinRAR file management mode, define the files in the non compressed file or the compressed file by Enter
Key or point two how to deal with further. For example,.Docx or self - extracting files.
You can tell WinRAR to enable such files by compressing files or to associate them with files.
Enable file.

The default is to enable self extracting files, which do not include non compressed extended file names.

No matter what the above option is, you can press the top of the file in the WinRAR file list.
Ctrl+PgDn button is directly activated.

Compression and decompression files default folder from "Settings" > "compression" to "Settings" > "path".

10. add the copy complete path to clipboard command in the file menu, and select the full name of the file.
To the clipboard.

11. in the WinRAR file list, the right-click related menu display mode changes:

A) some commands that appear on the toolbar or main menu are removed from the associated menu, such as "view",
"Repair" and so on;

B) add "copy complete path to clipboard" command;

C) the executable file is joined by "execution", the associated file is added, "file associated execution", and the compressed file is added.
The contents of the compressed file are shown, so that the extended file names of the executable file or the non compressed file can also be processed in other ways.

These options will only appear in the file management mode, and will not appear inside the compressed file.

12. the Settings > synthesis dialog box joins LZ and ZIPX files.

13. the extended file names of LZ and ZIPX have been added to the -ms switch (the specified file type to store) the default format list.
No extra parameters specified.

14. you can specify the "F" character in the -sc switch to use UTF-8 encoding. For example:

Rar a -scfl compress file name @filelist.txt

Read filelist.txt in UTF-8 text format

15. RAR "lt" and "VT" display the file time in nanosecond precision. This precision is applied to RAR/Unix.
5.50 and the RAR5 compression format used in the updated version. WinRAR creates 100 compressed files.
Second time accuracy.

16. now -ts switches only support '+', '-' and '1' precision modifiers. Use + + to store maximum precision.
"File time," - "ignore file time," 1 "storage accuracy in one second accuracy. The median accuracy is 2.
Modified characters such as "3" are not used in RAR 5 compression format, and are ignored by -ts switches.

17. in the RAR5 compression format, if you extract the wrong password, WinRAR will ask you to enter the correct password.
Does not interrupt decompression.

18. in the view of the processing, moving the mouse index to the file name in the compressed file path information.

19. the compressed settings file name will be displayed on the compressed dialog box "settings file" button.

20. if the subfolder in the compressed file is called "lookup" command, the "search file name" will contain this subtext.
Clip path, so search will only start searching from sub folders.

21. question Amendment:

A) repair the breakdown and security damage caused by decompressing and destroying the RAR compressed file.

B) WinRAR can not decompress the ZIP file compressed by XZ algorithm and encrypted by AES.

C) if you close the "Windows progress bar" option in the WinRAR settings and use every file creation.
Build a compressed file "compression mode", the main part of the total progress bar can not correctly display the correct compression rate.

D) the self processing file progress bar is not correct when dealing with partitioned files that contain more than 4GB.

E) if the compressed folder name ends with a blank character, if the user specifies a few of the non root directory.
The folder is decompressed, and the "allow potential incompatible name" compression option is also closed.
WinRAR may lose some characters in the decompressed folder name.

F) if the RAR5 compression format is used for one second precision, it will only be used to create time or only to modify the time, for example.
The -ma5 -tsm--tsa1 switch ignores the storage time during decompression.


Note: 5.50 default is RAR5 compression format as the main compression format. RAR5 "is the latest version of the RAR format introduced. It contains many important modifications, such as AES-256 encryption, more effective recovery records, larger dictionary size, older software, including the old version of WinRAR, and can not extract RAR 5 compressed files. So if you want to send compressed files to others, select RAR5 to consider compatibility issues.

Official version activation tutorial

1. download, install and install the original Chinese version, complete the installation according to the prompts.

2. after the installation is completed, the registration machine will be copied to the installation directory and run. After save license,
Generated Rarreg crack file saved to 5.50 installation package to complete activation

3. open WinRAR, you can see that it has been activated.

Fire release features

Fully Sinicization of all documents, integration of registration keys, ignoring file locking, change the right key notes for song body No. 9, including 32 and 64 bit version.
* upgrading the official simplified Chinese version in the English version as the master + Zhou Ming wave version and making some modifications.
* integrated Real key, which is the registered version after installation.
* ignore file locking (editable lock RAR file, easy to modify notes, add or delete files!)
* Chinese command line version RAR.EXE and UnRAR.exe
* modify the Explorer right-click to view the RAR annotation font for Song 9.
* the 7-Zip plug-in is replaced by the latest version.
* beautification version uses 48*48 size Jr. theme icon.


WinRAR version 5.61 finals
1. even if the user starts extracting from a non first RAR volume, the delete archive extraction option will delete all volumes, but there is the first volume and all files have been decompressed successfully. In this case, even if WinRAR can find the first volume and start processing the volume set from scratch, the previous version will also ignore the "delete archive".
2. no compression rate bar is displayed on the archive page of the resource manager file property for archiving of encrypted file names. Without a password, WinRAR could not reliably compute such archiving before it showed only 0%.
3. error repair:
A) if you use Ctrl + P to set the wrong global password and try to use the encrypted file name to open RAR5 archive, WinRAR will display the "specified password incorrect" message indefinitely.
B) the memory management error in the password dialog box may cause access to the released memory and then crash. This problem may also be related to safety risk.
C) crumbling in corrupt RAR, ACE and LZH files. This problem may also be related to safety risk.
D) when WinRAR is started, there may be short flashes in the menu bar of other applications.
E) when searching in the CAB file, the WinRAR lookup command matches all the archived files with the "find string" and ignores the "file name" mask to be searched.
F) the SFX module "license" command does not set the title of the license window.
G) if the "boot folder" in the WinRAR settings contains the tail backslash, WinRAR first ignores the "up level" command.
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