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  • Software size: 3.53 MB
  • Update: 2018-11-05
  • The official website: Http://
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10 V 4.1.4 Final installed version (powerful and easy to use image and photo processing)
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  • Complaint and suggestion: is an image and photo processing software, which consists of Washington State University students in the development and maintenance by Microsoft Corp to provide project guidance, early positioning in MS Paint's free replacement, now has gradually developed into the image and photo processing software, a powerful and easy-to-use support layers, unlimited history, special effects and, many practical tools and open source and completely free, the interface looks a bit like photoshop.


1, open the application, enter the interface, in the upper left corner of the "file" and select "new" or "recently opened files for editing

2, you can then select the "pencil", "brush" painting drawing tools

3, if the wrong Ctrl+Z can be revoked, unlimited Undo can also make you afraid to make mistakes

4, after the completion of the compilation can click on the "file" select "save file save" or "save as"


Paint NET 4.1.4 update log
Improved: Massive startup performance improvement when lots of effect plugins are installed
Fixed a crash that would happen when closing an image, exiting the app, or sometimes just at random. This was happening due to a bug in Direct2D where ID2D1EffectContext does not honor the multithreaded initialization flag from its ID2D1Factory, and was thus corrupting its own internal data structures when released on the finalizer thread.
Fixed: DirectX 9 GPUs can now utilize hardware acceleration again (in 4.1.3 they were forced to use software rendering)
Fixed: The Black & White and Invert Colors adjustments no longer display an OK/Cancel dialog
Install the crack tutorial: Http://
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