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UTorrent PRO 3.5.5 Build 45081 seed client Final version

  • Software size: 1.10 MB
  • Update: 2019-02-17
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 UTorrent PRO 3.5.5 Build 45081 seed client Final version
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Very small BT client program, have common features, but does not support the UDP connection agreement. Download intranet also has a good performance, not to mention the external network. Support multiple tasks at the same time to download, support setting file download priority, according to the plan to adjust the bandwidth of the global / speed limit of a single task, fast HTTP mechanism, support UPnP, a popular BT protocol, support the user source exchange, support DHT minimum memory occupied by only 6MB

The manual removal of in advertising steps:

1, open Utorrent, click Options - > > advanced settings.

2, in the "advanced" interface, you will see the "filter", input "off in the" filter "on the right side of the box".

At this time, 3 will see the "offers.left_rail_offer_enabled" and "offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled" in the box below, their values are changed into false and click ok.

4, in the "options" menu uncheck "show features" and "Plus information", close and re run Utorrent will find ads disappeared.

Installation tutorial

1, in the download and unzip, double-click the Portable.exe operation, as shown in the figure, no need to install software green, can be extracted using the interface shown in Figure

Using the tutorial

When you first open the Torrent, you will see the Torrent installation guide. As mentioned in the wizard, follow the simple instructions will help you choose the best settings for the Internet connection.

In the first part, you will be asked to choose your upload speed from the drop-down menu. If you do not know this information, you can choose from the location of your most recent position to test the speed of the Internet connection, and then click the dialog box at the bottom of the "test" button. When you are running the test, please make sure that in addition to the testing you do not use Internet connection. If there are other computers on your network, please run the test before disconnecting them or shut them. Repeatedly running the test, the average upload speed and get the test given in. The speed test, Torrent will automatically try to configure settings according to the test results. If you like, you can manually select the connection upload rate from the drop-down menu, but please pay attention to the difference between bits and bytes, the speed usually Kbps (kilobits per second) should not be given. With KiB / S (kilobits per second) confusion. In addition, due to factors beyond your control, the 100% test may not be accurate, so if the closest option than you receive in the test to the high point (may reduce 10%), then it is usually safe. If the difference is greater than this value, the best choice for low option and manually set the correct upload speed. Don't try to choose higher than speed tests indicating choices, I hope it can help you faster download, because it does not, and may ultimately damage your speed.

In part II, the first display installation guide when you randomly select a port, but you can change the use of the free port. Or, the port is set to 0 to Torrent to provide you want to choose a random port in the confirmation after the change. Select the port, left click the "test run" to check if the port is open. Torrent is an open port for incoming connection is very important. If you encounter a problem to open the port, please continue reading port forwarding guide.

Complete all configuration, click the "save and close to complete! If no need to return to this wizard to change for any reason, you can select "options" in Torrent, and then select the installation wizard... "(or press Ctrl + G) to access it. Or, you can in the status bar state left click the network icon.

Correct some settings
If you manually select the connection upload speed, and found in the Setup Guide in the type of connection must be rounded, it should adjust the upload speed limit to additional upload speed to take advantage of your own. Divided by the average upload speed you get in to accept the test of 10, then the five homes to the nearest integer. Now use this number to calculate your upload rate as the world's largest.

Test your configuration
The seed does not necessarily guarantee speed, so you can't pick out any random seed, and expect to be able to correct the test speed. Fortunately, there are many kinds of seeds, they are made by sitting in a fast broadband connection on the computer forever planted. Try a torrent of test to test your configuration!

If the configuration is correct, Torrent should be able to do not have too big difficulties, through these tests, the maximum speed of the most commonly used Internet connection. Because of these seeds only used to test the connection speed, so whenever you finish the test, can be deleted. Please remember, the speed does not mean you are experiencing every torrent download speed.

ISP interference
Some Internet service providers (ISP) to prevent or limit the BitTorrent connection, because the number of people using BitTorrent number, it will produce high bandwidth. Protocol encryption via hidden connection is a BitTorrent connection in the attack against the media. Some ISP can not be connected to any other random encryption data to distinguish, so they cannot be labeled as BitTorrent connection, and therefore can not prevent or limit it as BitTorrent connection. In general, no harm in here
Port forwarding
A large part of the time, users complained that the Torrent speed is not fast. This sometimes becomes a problem of individual torrent (for example, the lack of high-quality seeds, but the user does not allow incoming) is also possible connection to his computer, and therefore can not maximize the capacity of Torrent Connected to peers with this torrent. Because Torrent can freely connect to other nodes, so the Torrent had the best effect, thus to reduce or prevent access to other nodes will adversely affect the user is expected to achieve download speed.

Cannot accept incoming connections means that your computer is in the state of the firewall. In Torrent, if you can not get a green network status icon on the long time transmission of different seeds, then you may be in a state of firewall.

Why is the firewall is bad
Many firewall users found myself thinking: "Hey, I got a firewall restrictions, but I still can transfer files, so that means I'm okay!" They don't realize is that the firewall does not necessarily mean that you cannot download, because the firewall users can still set up the outgoing connections, connect to the peers in this way data transmission. While this is true, but that only you. This means that if other people try to establish a connection with you, try will be blocked by the firewall.

Then you must be aware that you may not only the firewall user group. Because firewall users can only outgoing connections, and cannot accept incoming connections, so they cannot connect to each other (firewall users) is very natural. In the fire state, can not only reduce the potential speed is not the firewall could reach, but also means that you use to other peer groups in very limited. Because the number of firewall users can connect the less, so they to the source of the data is less. In addition, because they can not accept incoming connections, so others will not connect to them, so they will lose more attention. In essence, not in the firewall state counterparts have more data sources may be connected.

You will get rid of the firewall state does not mean that you must get rid of the firewall. The only requirement is that you allow your hope is not application blocks to listen to what they want through the firewall port, also known as port forwarding. For Torrent, you need to set the firewall to allow Torrent listener port connection settings in the preferences.

Although this may sound like a security risk in your firewall poke a hole, but that is not the case. If no application listens to open ports in the firewall, then any incoming connections on the port will be ignored. If the application is listening, the security depends on the application. Unless completely remote attack Torrent the current version has a known, it will destroy the security settings of your computer, or on the firewall for Torrent to open the port without risk.

Personal firewall in port forwarding software
Now, people in their personal firewall software installed on the computer is not uncommon. Although applications many people simply allow them to identify the access to the Internet, but usually this is not enough, because the firewall may continue to stop the application allows try listening to the port. Therefore, you may need to create specific firewall rules, in order to make Torrent work in the installation of a personal firewall on the computer software. You should follow the general rule of thumb is that you must allow the connection set in preferences of the incoming TCP listening port and UDP connection. Because you are forwarding specific ports in the firewall, so don't let each startup Torrent listening port randomization.

Because of the personal firewall software available variety, thus unable to provide specific instructions for each product. Nevertheless, Torrent still has a dedicated firewall can automatically create firewall rules, that is the Windows firewall. The options that you are running at least installed Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Windows XP update, and enable a firewall.
Forwarding router in port
With the widespread broadband become people access to the Internet, and computers in every family has become a common sight, routers are usually used in home computers on the network sharing broadband connection. Even if computer is not in a broadband connection, ISP router also provides for its use often for its customers. Many people don't realize is that the router itself like firewall, even if your firewall software is properly configured, in no configuration, usually will make your computer by firewall restrictions.

UPnP and NAT port mapping protocol
As with personal firewall software, there are a variety of available routers, and because of the huge number, so in this user manual is not possible for each router contains the port forwarding instructions. Fortunately, many routers support UPnP (UPnP) or NAT port mapping protocol (NAT-PMP), allowing Torrent to open the port automatically without user intervention on the router, and then close the port in the port after use. These used to automatically inform the router port Zero Configuration Protocol problem is that they may not be all routers, and may contain different / incompatible protocols in many routers. By default, UPnP and Torrent in NAT-PMP enabled. If you find that you are still in the firewall state, then this may mean that your router does not support the two protocols, including the implementation of Torrent or use and is not compatible with the implementation. If this is the case, it is recommended that you disable these functions in Torrent, set a static IP and manually forwarding your port.

Set static IP
In most routers, connected to the computer network IP address is available from the router through the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) selected in the selection of the IP address pool. The key word here is "dynamic", because it shows that the IP address of each computer is available according to the router IP address pool is still available in real-time IP address allocation. While maintaining its LAN IP address some people are lucky and long time, but this is not guaranteed under DHCP. Therefore, port forwarding rules may one day in the rulemaking will flow through a particular port forwarding to the LAN IP address on a particular computer, but it may be another day to stop working because of the particular computer LAN IP The address may have changed. Some routers (especially Linksys router) even do not want to be forwarded to the LAN port IP address in the DHCP IP range of computers. For these reasons, before moving to the port forwarding manual on the router, it is necessary to set a static IP address for your computer (the best in DHCP range).

Please note that the static IP refers to a static LAN IP, with WAN IP different and not related. LAN IP address of your computer is your location in the network, but in addition to other computers in the network, no one can see. Your WAN IP address is outside of a network can see your IP address of the network, but does not display the internal IP address allocation on the LAN, the LAN may contain multiple computers, each computer (NATURAL) has its own LAN IP. For port forwarding set static IP, your WAN IP will not be used for any and of no great importance, usually one step.

You can find the set of static instructions for IP in

Manual port forwarding
If you have a correct set of static IP, the last step is on your router for the actual port forwarding. To enter the router configuration, you can usually access the default gateway IP address in the Web browser (you may need before in some Web browser IP address additional http:// to make it work). From there, you need to find a way forward port or allow / managed "apps" through the firewall, which will be introduced by TCP and UDP in Torrent in the listening port connection on the computer is forwarded to the IP address, IP address is IP Your choice in the set static IP. The list can be found in many routers and forwarding instructions on port. Make sure the exact brand and model your router you know. If your router is not listed there, you should consult the router documentation, or search for a more detailed description of the Internet.

Test your configuration
Port forwarding, please check the port program using the installation manual "in step second to test whether the port has the right to open. If it is confirmed that port is open, then it's done! If not, then please read the descriptions above, and make sure you do not have any mistakes or skip a step. If you're sure
More port forwarding
Even after careful and laborious to follow before written all port forwarding instructions, you find out you still refuse to open the port. So what is the problem? The possibility of including (but not limited to):

ISP interference: some ISP deliberately known simply and prevent unauthorized port connection, in this case, in the state of your entire network firewall basically.
The Internet connection type: This is a striking example of the root of the problem is received by the wireless Internet connection (via satellite or similar way). The wireless connection client does not usually get WAN IP address, so permanently at the firewall status. In fact, you can't control any connection NAT will usually let you in an unblocked state. This connection is provided by the University, network administrators often prevent unauthorized connection with port.
Proxy service: after some ISP the user in a transparent proxy, so port checker may not correctly detect forwarding state. In this case, try a test torrent, let it run for a period of time. If the network status indicator light turns green, then everything can be properly configured. Nevertheless, the proxy server support people actually put on the back of the firewall firewall, therefore, if you are behind a firewall, you may still encounter problems.
Network hardware blocking: known certain modems will leave the computer in the firewall, even if they are technically not a router. A notorious example is the Motorola brand SurfBoard modem, you can read in the forum.
When it comes to port forwarding problem, user error is a very common problem, but the basic assumption of port forwarding all content in the guidelines have been carefully handled, and all of the above possibilities are not applicable, then the problem is likely to be another problem, namely double NAT. Any other problems listed above, if the user to operate according to the necessary steps described below, it can usually handle double NAT problem.

Double NAT
When your computer sits behind two or more routers, will double NAT. It is proved in the majority of double NAT case, the user has a special router, but they are not familiar with the circumstances provided by ISP with the function of modem router or firewall. In this case, the user simply forwarding router port to the computer, without a separate modem, this is the problem. The modem also plays the role of the router, so if the configuration is not correct, it means that the user is still in the state of the firewall, because special router user configuration did not actually in forwarding port to receive incoming connection, the reason is Everything is the outermost router modem blocking. Please note that this is a specific case of the problem at hand. In more serious cases, the user can have more than two routing equipment, according to the solution, correct the problem may become more difficult.

To remove or disable router
In the simplest case, the elimination of double NAT situation due to simply delete the extra router, or disable the routing function. The use of this method assumes that don't need external router running on the network. If that is not the case, so the only solution is to link port forward. By the method in this section, only one end router connected to the network, the router is connected to your computer actual router. Some examples are as follows:

You have a modem, it can act as a router, connected to the router modem, and then is connected to the router computer. In this case, you should disable the routing function in the modem, so you only special router as the only network router (which is connected to your comptuers router).
Do you have a modem, can act as a router, and two routers connected to all computers on the same router. In this case, you should disable the routing function of the modem, and delete is not connected to other computers routers.
As you can see, the general rule of thumb is you delete all the irrelevant router. However, you will notice that with the function of routing modem will never be removed - this is because the actual function for your modem is connected to the Internet is very important. In any case, to disable the modem router must be directly connected to the modem physical computer, and then access the modem configuration page. Before the actual disable routing function, you must ensure that your modem contains ISP login information. If so, then you have to go

Common problem

Torrent is the end?
Yes, when the rest are all actively download, Torrent will automatically enter the end mode. At the end of the game mode, Torrent will request the remainder of each from multiple peers, rather than from a single peer requests for each part. This model has helped make the last part gets torrent content to spend less time than usual.
-------------------------------------------------- The
Torrent support Unicode?
Yes, Torrent supports Unicode.
-------------------------------------------------- The
Torrent support HTTPS or UDP tracker?
Yes, Torrent supports the tracker and RSS source HTTPS (SSL). The UDP tracker is also supported.
-------------------------------------------------- The
Torrent supports the magnetic URI?
Yes, Torrent can use and create a Azureus magnet with magnetic URI URI compatible. Torrent can work for any seed generation magnetic URI, and by adding Torrent URL to open the dialog box from the magnetic force of URI. The content of the metadata about stream obtained from other peer support this functionality.
-------------------------------------------------- The
Torrent supports multi format?
Yes, Torrent supports multiple scratch, and use it when bt.multiscrape is enabled. It will automatically detect the tracker does not support multiple scratches, and for these trackers back to the single blade model.
-------------------------------------------------- The
Torrent supports multi trackers.Torrent file?
Yes, Torrent supports multiple file tracker.Torrent. Torrent announced to all the tracker layer at the same time, but each layer can only track a tracker. To view all tracker in the.Torrent file, the torrent attribute can be just check homework. For more information about multi tracker specification, please see the specification for track on wiki.
-------------------------------------------------- The
Torrent support trackerless.Torrent file?
Yes, Torrent supports the trackerless.Torrent file. The built-in.Torrent file creator can also create no tracker.Torrent file.
-------------------------------------------------- The
The path or network drive Torrent support UNC style?
Yes, Torrent supports UNC style path (such as \ \ \ C \ $). Please note that may increase the disk fragmentation is saved to a network drive, because the entire network can not be pre allocated file.
How will the other columns are added to the list view?
You can choose to see it in the list view by right clicking the column heading column. If you want to change all the columns are reset, you can select the "reset in the context menu".
-------------------------------------------------- The
How can I prevent specific peer connection to me?
You can create a ipfilter.dat file and load it into the Torrent, the peer and the specified will be blocked.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to change the "equivalence" tab in the country / region sign?
You can use the flags.conf and flags.bmp from the definition of country / region sign.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to change the icon in the Torrent?
You can pass the corresponding interface customization files in the Torrent directory settings to change the icon, to customize the interface. A reboot is required to load new icons.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to change the interface language?
You can install utorrent.lng (Torrent download through translation of documents, or obtain a copy from the download page). Then, from the general preferences to choose the language you want to use.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to configure the disk cache?
The most important step is to understand how the disk cache options affect Torrent. Increase the amount of memory used options will reduce disk access and reduce memory usage will increase disk access options.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How do I create my own.Torrent file?
You can use Torrent in the Create New Torrent function to create your own.Torrent file to share with others.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How can I enable DHT?
You can enable it from BitTorrent. Although the DHT is enabled, but not all torrent work can use it, because with'private'labeled.Torrent file will not be announced to the DHT network. In addition, any DHT enabled torrent operation will not be released on DHT.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How can I enable early sowing (super seeding)?
You can enable it from the Torrent job attributes. If you are not the only planter group, should not enable the initial seeding.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How can I enable local peer discovery?
Based on the local peer found enabled each seed on the job. You can enable it from a torrent job attribute, the premise is the.Torrent file is not set the'private'flag. For any new torrent operation is automatically enabled local peer discovery, select Preferences to enable local peer discovery options.
, The
How can I enable Peer Exchange?
On the basis of each peer exchange enabled the seed operation. You can enable it from a torrent job attribute, the premise is the.Torrent file is not set the'private'flag. To automatically enable Peer Exchange for any new torrent operation, select Preferences in the Enable Peer Exchange option.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to enable encryption protocol?
Enable protocol encryption in preferences. If you stop or prevent known ISP BitTorrent flow, and you find that the encryption enabled protocols will not help solve the problem, you may need to consider encryption is set to "mandatory" old and disable incoming connections.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to enable the NAT port mapping protocol (NAT-PMP)?
You can start it from the connection preferences. Please note that not all routers support NAT-PMP, in this case, you will have to manually forwarding your port.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to enable universal plug and play (UPnP)?
You can start it from the connection preferences. Please note that not all routers support UPnP, in this case, you must manually forward your port.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to load the.Torrent file from the command line?
Using the / DIRECTORY command line options for running Torrent executable file.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to make the Torrent distribution of all the files in the Torrent start work?
Enable pre allocated all files in the conventional preferences.
How to run multiple Torrent instances at the same time?
To run multiple instances of Torrent, can use the / RECOVER command line options for running each new instance. Due to the possibility of conflict, you should perform the following operations before running multiple instances:

Create a new folder containing the installation package Torrent (you should copy the executable file).
Create a shortcut to the executable file.
By adding RECOVER to the / "target" at the end of the path, and in any quotes through space and executable file path separation, edit the shortcut target.
A new instance of open Torrent operation shortcut.
Configure the Torrent instance to use different listening ports (if applicable, also can be used to replace different listening ports).
If applicable, please transfer this instance in your router and firewall ports.
Because it is necessary for each instance segmentation bandwidth for each instance, and therefore should be re run the installation guide, but the proper connection of the maximum upload rate for each instance of the operation part.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How do I set a boss key?
According to the privacy preferences boss key. Set up and confirm the change after the visibility can be combined key switch Torrent selected by the press.
, The
How to set the default torrent delete operation?
By right clicking the toolbar in the "delete" button, press the Shift key on the keyboard, and then click one of four possible options for setting the default delete operation. Or, by properly setting the gui.default_del_action to configure the default behavior.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to set the download location by the addition of the magnet URI torrent work?
The use of magnet URI info Torrent, no copy of the dictionary on hand, so it does not know the name or content. Therefore, it must wait to find the source of the dictionary, which may take a long time. Therefore, Torrent uses the default download location as the destination document (just in case users can manually set the download location found information dictionary). If you do not set the default download location, Torrent will use%UserProfile%\ My Documents and Downloads as the destination.
-------------------------------------------------- The
Some of the files how to skip the Torrent job?
You can skip the file in Add New Torrent Files dialog list. Or, you can "file" tab context menu skip files.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to sort multiple columns in the list view?
You can click on the title to any sort column. To another column as the auxiliary sort order to sort, hold down the Shift key on the keyboard, and left click to column title for auxiliary ordering standard.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How can I use the embedded tracker?
Enable bt.enable_tracker in advanced preferences. Please ensure that you carefully read the description of the options.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How to use the scheduler to control the transmission rate?
The most important step is to understand how to influence the scheduling program options Torrent. The rest of the operation is very simple, just click to set the color corresponding to the time you want the color can be.
-------------------------------------------------- The
How can I use Web UI?
Web enabled UI, Torrent should be installed automatically for you. After that, you want to use to fill in the login interface Web username and password. If you want to use a different port for the Web interface from the ordinary monitor port, please specify it in the "alternative listening port" field. In addition, if you want to allow only specific IP address access network interface you, please fill in the corresponding field limit.
-------------------------------------------------- The
What is the label? They can be used for what?
The label is used as a powerful tool in Torrent Torrent operation organization. They can make your work easier to identify and sort.

To set the label for Torrent work, please use the context menu to Torrent operation label in the sub menu. The use of the advantage, they can also be used for the Move completed downloads to option to torrent content (not only torrent operation).


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