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Professional V18.5.0 Final cracked version (Editor) registration code 64

  • Software size: 31.27 MB
  • Update: 2019-01-09
  • The official website: Http://
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Professional V18.5.0 Final cracked version (editing tool) 64 registration code
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Professional is known for its lightweight, agile operation, rich and powerful, easy to use as a text editor, supports a variety of configurations, customizable colors, fonts, toolbars, shortcut keys, spacing, text block selection, support unlimited undo / redo, is the best alternative to Notepad editor.


Find the powerful Pro
The Windows system comes with Notepad replacement search function is very weak, but makes up for this, it supports the search and replace rules more detailed and practical, to find out the results can be highlighted, and can not open the batch search and replace TXT, HTML and DOC file format in the content: the search menu under the "find in files or replace in files command, check the corresponding open dialog box (Figure 1), you want to replace the contents can be input.
Tip: batch replace operation will not be able to undo or redo, so eventually replaced before please carefully, or prior to the source file backup.

Pro programming more easily
Pro offers many intimate functions to learn web programming and friends, it can provide some basic framework for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, PerlScript, C#, C/C++, Java, JavaScript and other languages, and can be a special statement highlighted, people at a glance, this eliminates the a lot of work for programmers, but also can provide some help for beginners.
Custom and macro function
Pro also provides powerful powerful custom, in the tools menu settings file association, custom menus and toolbars, management tools and plug-ins (Figure 2), click "tools / customize" can open the custom window (Figure 2), it provides many options, we can by setting to make more in line with their own habits.
In addition, the macro function is also one of the highlights, such as the need to write the signature information when the same input process can be recorded a signature information in macros, click on the menu bar "macro / start stop recording" can start recording, after a record braking for, click on the same button to complete the recording. When the call sign, run macro button click on the toolbar can be easily completed.
The details of humanity
in many of the details is very user-friendly, such as Word in the convenient drag operation is preserved, so that when the text editor will no longer have to repeatedly cut and paste, one can fix gently. The edited text can also print preview, which can facilitate us to typeset and print text. At the same time, it has a rich practical toolbar, and can be customized according to their own needs, as long as we put the common tools on the toolbar, the operation will be more simple. The popular browser, also supports tabbed browsing, you can open multiple tabs in the same , it is very convenient to switch.

Pro plugin is more wonderful
With TC and Firefox, the plug-in is very rich, plug-in can be "Tools/Plug-ins" quickly call after installation. Here, I recommend to my friends a few more practical plug-in: MnzkOpenFolder: after installation can directly open a folder in Explorer call, but the premise is must be registered on the register is to open the folder, "Tools/Plug-ins/ Customize Plug-ins" dialog box, the properties of the MnzkOpenFolder plug-in can be set up.
ToSimplifiedChinese: you can quickly convert simplified traditional characters Chinese Chinese, so in the electronic reading novels some special characters or traditional format of the document, will be very convenient.
Display: display plug-in plug-in is very rich, they can achieve segmentation window each one has his good points, (including horizontal and vertical segmentation), display scale, display line numbers, change the reference line spacing, automatic scrolling and other functions.

Add content:

32bit and 64bit join Chinese simplified and traditional conversion of two other plug-ins, plug-in content with the official version of the same.

The establishment of a direct eeUseIni.ini file in the .exe directory, will use the INI file to save all the configuration, to achieve the green portable operation.
If you need to save the settings, so that next time you reinstall the system, set up in the "tools - Import and export".

Known issues:
12.0.0 X64 version of my machine on the 2003 64 system, the main program prompts the invalid program, so is the official installation version, I do not know whether it is 2003 or 64 system, the author compiled a program, everyone in the other 64 system to try to see if you can run, it can not run, the 64 system can be installed 32 64 11.0.5 compatible operation, or installed version of the old version

Activation method

Permanent authorization genuine activation key: DMAZM-WHY52-AX222-ZQJXN-79JXH

C5EZB-C473K-2ZL2X-UMLGD-C7KPB (although this version is not required)


Xiao Bian is bringing Professional portable version, after decompression, 32 bits and 64 bits, with no need to install, click .exe to open the software version is activated

Activate the original installation tutorial

1. the download package, after decompression, we select 64 bit version of emed64_17.4.0 installed, you can choose 32, or portable, portable is not required to be registered

2. the next step to continue to follow the prompts, the installation is complete

3. after running the software, enter the registration code of DKAZQ-R9TYP-5SM2A-9Z8KD-3E2RK, determined to complete the activation

4. complete activation


8 2018 18 on June v18.0.3 Final
The general characteristics of the new
Greatly improve the speed of opening large files.
Repair Bug
Fix the problems reported (1, 2).
The general features of the new
Increase only open filter lines matching with the specified function. This makes you can open only contains a specific string from very large files (such as ID or the name of the line), thus minimizing memory usage. This function allows you to quickly edit the specified line or arrangement.
The character code value dialog box with the updated layout, Unicode code on the characters below, and then encoding information. In addition, also added a UTF-8 character encoding information.
If you choose to load large or large files, display in the status bar line number, the number of characters, words and linefeeds will display "(click)". Click on this text will update the displayed value.
can now periodically save the working area and in the work area recovery, for example, due to power outages caused operating system crashes or hardware failure. As with the previous version, the can also save the work area at the time of the crash.
The restoration work area, a progress bar with a dialog box appears. If in the event of accident recovery work area, a warning message may appear in the output column.
Save the workspace add a button to save the changes? The dialog box in the revised document will be closed when the display. Click this button to save the document for all modified with undo information workspace, the next is opened, all the modified document will be recovered and ready to withdraw.
New options
Add filter drop-down list box, > and X buttons, the use of temporary files, sensitive, use regular expressions, use an escape sequence check box, the default text box to the file controller custom column.
Add a tip checkbox to custom dialog box in the default page file open filter exists.
The folder list box to exclude "," add "and" delete "button to add the Customize dialog box" history "page.
"Beyond the Internet cache folder check box from the" file "page to Customize dialog box" history "page.
The monitor will move to copy the external application on the clipboard, and other information will be added to the undo / redo record check box from the history page to customize the dialog editor page.
Will "open filter items are added to the configuration properties" display "page in the specified component list box.
"The add workspace" page to Customize dialog box.
The "automatic workspace drop-down list box and do not ask the exit before the check box from the" window "page to Customize dialog box" workspace "page.
In the Customize dialog box "window" page "always kept in the top state" option.
The new command
The use of DirectWrite
Custom work area
The new plug-in function
Word attribute "matching standard" page ", sensitive drop-down list box to add the" never complete and retain the original text "option.
The new API plug-in function
Add the EE_GET_MEMORY_SIZE and EI_SET_MEMORY_SIZE commands to the EE_INFO message.
The new macro function
Add the MemorySize attribute to the Document object.
The addition of eeUseTempFile and eeDontUseTempFile to OpenFile method.
Bug repair
Fixed the CSV command with under specific conditions may lead to non response issues.
Repair delete on startup of standard plug-in DLL file may cause the to display a warning message box problem.
Fixed the issue reported by the customer (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19).
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