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Microsoft 3IN1 Lite integrated office2007 compatibility pack and patch

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  • Update: 2018-12-01
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Microsoft  3IN1 Lite integrated office2007 compatibility pack and patch
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Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 three in one version

1) streamlined version using OFFICE 2003 official version of the integration of SP3 and all the key before the January 14, 2010 update, including WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint and other three major components.

2) Lite only removal of help, Chinese input method and part of the font file is not commonly used components, each component function is complete, to support the VBA function.

3) after Office Windows 2000 Lite, Vista English Lite, XP English lite and Windows 2003 Lite (streamlined version of the strict test system for more picky, Office version can be installed, complete version of the system of nature be nothing difficult).

4) although the streamlined version of the installation file only less than 70M volume, but reduced is absolutely not excessive, the installation file can use decompression software decompression, unlock after 230 more than M, which shows this version contains many components.

5) deleted from the official version of the streamlined version of the modified problem, can be assured use.

6) Lite is not green version, using Microsoft official Office customization tool customized installation interface with the official version of the same, with the official version installation effect is the same, the maximum guarantee of software compatibility and stability.

7) for the original is optimized, the use of more convenient.

Microsoft Office 2003 SP3 simplified version of the production based on Chinese enterprise.
Free serial number, no activation, by Microsoft online genuine validation; streamline Office Template Wizard and some commonly used components, VBA, Acer, English keep proofreading, formula editor, virtual printer, convenient office; integrated 2011.05 month patch, support WIN7 installation, integration of the 2007 file compatibility pack and patch. Remove installed SFX files, not LJ!
Including WORD, EXCEL, PowerPoint three components; support update patches in the official website;
The official Microsoft Office customization tool customization, ensure Office compatibility and stability, you can choose to install components;
---------------------------------------------------- gorgeous ----------------------------------------------------------------- segmentation
On the desktop shortcut, remove the two icon Oh save desktop, because after the installation of OFFICE2003, the new words to the right mouse button menu "new" corresponding options to open documents and double-click to open, not what is necessary to get a desktop shortcut. There are few starting point on the desktop icon.
On the Word paper add this plugin in WIN7 there is a problem, can be installed and used, but cannot be uninstalled without this problem under XP. This plugin has been removed (in fact use this plugin is not great)


Http:// mod=viewthread&tid=371147?
Http:// mod=viewthread&tid=350356?

Twenty million one hundred and eighty thousand one hundred and twenty-two
Repair loading problem
Twenty million one hundred and eighty thousand one hundred and four

Repair the cut map, reducing installation file size.
Twenty million one hundred and seventy thousand nine hundred and four
Repair windows10 system can not use word - English to the English, use the most secure way to solve the registry:
Repair of a long-standing problem: multiple versions of Office Excel (coexistence error: XLLEX.DLL lost or damaged). Finally solve the >*_*<

Twenty million one hundred and sixty thousand one hundred and two
Increase Jinshan formula editor - ksee Directory - right click "install administrator - formula editor - right administrator.Cmd",
Installed after using the formula editor may prompt "font, this is not the normal use of" registered font reasons, restart the computer on OK.

CRC32: 3F85D9BB
2015.11.23 Office 2007 compatible package updates to v4.0

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