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360 Butler official version of the 11.0.1477 version independent software

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-08
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 360 official version of the 11.0.1477 version of independent software manager
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360 Butler official download software, 360 software manager, the independent version from the 360 security guards, but the use of this tool, and do not need to install 360 security guards, fine simple file, very easy to use, users need to download it!

The default setting instructions

Download settings
Download directory by default software manager automatically select the largest remaining drive space, create a 360Downloads directory
Download the default prompt before opening
Close the window to ask whether the default download into the quiet mode
Software installation
Install the green version cannot be used off by default
Install the default download to automatically start the installation program
Automatically delete the green version of a week after automatically delete function is invalid (no guards resident process), manually delete the default
Software upgrade
Green version invalid settings. (no guards resident process not open) have no effect. The default is off
The boot helper enabled by default. But the premise is the installation add start boot helper. If no added is equivalent to close.
The control panel icon is turned off by default
Start menu item is turned off by default
Right click to uninstall a default off
Uninstall default delete
Off by default (optional, but first use display software upgrade function green version is invalid, can not be real-time update)
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Update log
1. improve the software uninstall feature, and support a variety of software uninstall.
2. now you can press "frequency" and "date of installation" to select uninstall software.
3. now supports from the uninstall software desktop shortcut menu.
4. uninstall a software, intelligent Butler will recommend it to you similar software.
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1. is used for the first time please double-click "@ install uninstall (run as administrator" (.Exe) confirmed with administrator privileges).
2. delete unwanted files, try to reduce the volume.
The 3. extracted from the independent version of the latest 360 software housekeeper, not updated regularly, if not timely updated replies please remind, I will reply this post.
4. welcome to reprint, or you can specify.
All 5. support software housekeeper (removal of the unknown file open, feel very chicken ribs if using 6.) there is a problem, please delete the folder after unloading the installation again. If there is still a problem, please post this feedback.
7. in the system has been installed on 360 or 360 of the remaining software cannot use this independent version. Please make sure to uninstall 360 security guards before use.
8. green version of a key installation due to limited function of normal use, can turn off this feature in the settings. 9. the configuration files are optimized, the tips of the screen when you first open 360 desktop tips and above the yellow, keep shortcuts to add and update the content of the tips.
The 10. is turned off by default installation.

Independent version features

* extraction production based on the 360 guards;
* the default software download location: C:\360Downloads\Software;
* the default download is complete not immediately after running setup;
* install / upgrade function is turned off by default;
* default off smart upgrade reminder function;
* the default installation is completed automatically clean up installation files;
* closed software manager default download after continue to download and minimize to tray;
* "uninstall set" button to uninstall recovery after unloading function and strong cleaning function check;
* "quick settings" under all uncheck;
* remove other settings tab more options;
* ban first started "add" pop 360 software stewards' icon dialog box on the desktop;
* banned software download after the completion of pop "purification installation dialog box;
* ban "treasure" the lower left corner of the two button and click on the subsequent events;
* no right of the main interface "software assistant" click and subsequent events;
The main interface of the upper left ban * log 360 account and subsequent events;
* the default install version run as administrator, to prevent double click in the WIN10 system cannot be started.
Download address
High speed download download download address: the need for priority
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