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Microsoft Office2010 four a Chinese streamlined enhanced version key

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-01-29
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Microsoft Office2010 four a Chinese streamlined enhanced version key
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This version of the official Microsoft office Professional with the advantages of version 2010 as a blueprint.

No need to use cumbersome and manual break or replace old setup (dangerous), but directly bypassing the serial number of steps (cracked)
Then, the activation procedure with Office 2010 crack, three step activation crack.


Install and activate method:

Installation instructions:
1. into the root directory, windows vista/7 user right click "run as administrator to install".
This is the 2. version of the complete professional official version, contains all the components of the program, the installation is slightly slow, the middle stop phenomenon is normal, do not think that stuck.
This 3. is currently the most easily activated Office 2010, setup has direct crack, no need to enter the serial number can be directly installed, no serial number version.
4. activation is very easy, in accordance with the root directory "activation crack" folder in step three, the mouse fix.
Congratulations you have permanent activation of 5.
Advantages: is the real free serial number, installation, even if you use the tools can not find the serial number, so afraid of Microsoft's anti piracy shield serial number, even if you are blocked ID, just need to
Run a tool to activate the activation of ID, and the replacement of the. This approach does not appear a large number of the same ID phenomenon, the theory can not be found in Microsoft.

Step 3 steps to crack:

Run "Office 2010 genuine validation activation tool" to activate the software

First, turn off the firewall (to ensure that the activation process of "computer network");

Next, click the "Install/Uninstall KMService" "KMS" server installation;
(in the pop-up window, enter the Y to continue to remember)

Again, click on the "Rearm Office 2010" reset;

Finally, click on the "Activate Office 2010 VL", can be successfully activated

Microsoft Chinese provisions: no official authorized by Microsoft publishing, dissemination and downloading key, key, activation code, serial number, COA, OEM, MSDN, activation behavior tools, ghost version of the operating system belong to tort.

Office2010 four a streamlined version of that green:

Word, Excel, Ppt, Access four components (including VBA), is only suitable for the common use of document editing!


[2018.01.28] Office2010 four a green moderate LITE / 84MB

Including Word, Excel, Ppt, Access components (including VBA)

This # only simplifies the translation, proofreading, other functions of all the reservations;
# need only need to fill the corresponding folder back to the original directory.
1, install the default 30 day trial, please use the KMS tool to activate;
2, vc2010 library, VC runtime and avoid missing system cannot run;
3, add right the new formula, no need to restart or cancellation can be used directly;
4, fix some small problems, the official Microsoft formula available;
5, update the security updates as of 2018 January;

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