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Photoshop CS6 (PS Chinese green version download Chinese version of 2015) Win10 64

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-06-12
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Photoshop CS6 (PS Chinese green version download Chinese version 2015) Win10 64
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Photoshopcs6 crack version download free version of Adobe Chinese is the company's most famous one of the image processing software, a set of image scanning, editing, image making, creative advertising, graphic image processing software image input and output in one of the graphic design by the majority of people and computer art lovers.
Simplified example, sample files, Adobe Bridge CS6
PDF font, etc.
The plugin not streamlined
Before running PS to green @PS green.Exe
There is a @ language interface switching.Exe

How to use the Photoshop CS6 patch?

1, download decompress patch
2, you want to activate the backup software "amtlib" files, such as PS CS6 64bit the Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS6 directory in the "C:\Program (64 Bit)"
3, find the corresponding 32bit or 64bit folder, "amtlib" will overwrite the corresponding software of the source file, OK!
4, in the application of patch before you run a software! Remember!!!


Update Camera Raw
To solve the problem on a modified version of AAM
Using the new version of the patch is completely out of AAM, start faster, more stable operation
Can send data to the Adobe server and generate log files etc.

By roustar31

1: the official version of the installation file +APM update 13.1.2 extraction production
2: the patch integration preserves the Extende D function, support 3D function
3: streamlined multilingual, help files, multiple PDF files, Bridge CS6 CS6 Service to streamline, streamline Manager
4: the complete retention of official document filters and effects of input and output file support
5: add ICO file format support, 64 added together
6: add Nikon full range of special effects filters file (no longer integrated in the installation package)
7: direct association official support for a variety of special PS file format
8: the installation is complete automatic activation, no registration code and shielding activation server, not to write host
9: uninstall does not delete the Adobe public folder, ensure the uninstall does not affect other Adobe software
10: Camera Raw update to the latest version 9.1, more digital camera support


Need to pay attention to the problem:

In the absence of installed flush The VC runtime library The machine can not be started,
And others not to modify the PS software application, especially portable abroad ""
Does not support the XP system, please use PhotoshopCS6 or XP users to upgrade the system

If you open the pop-up display and English, please try to solve this:
Uninstall (uninstall and select Delete settings) after re installation, the installation is complete before you start,
Open the installation directory of the painter.ini file, delete the following statement after the 2 save:
You can then start the software

AdobeFront.7z, the font used Adobe software, after decompression can be installed fonts.
Adobe Camera Raw official download Plugin (camera configuration file, you can edit the RAW file format to use)
Nik Collection (Google official plugin download free filter plug-in package, install PS installation directory)

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