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(6 latest version CE modifier 6.8.2 Chinese version)

  • Software size: 6.89 MB
  • Update Date: 2019-01-05
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 (6 latest version CE modifier 6.8.2 Chinese version)
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Cheat Engine Chinese name is CE modifier, Cheat Engine is a memory editing tool, CE modifier by game memory, cache data to modify the game data, to achieve the purpose of modifying the game. At the technical level, the CE modifier includes 16 binary editing, disassembler, and memory lookup tool. Compared with similar tools, the CE modifier has more powerful disassembly function.

A memory modification editing tool, CE modifier allows you to modify your game, so you will always win. It includes 16 binary editing, disassembler, memory lookup tool.Ce modifier compared with similar tools, it has a powerful disassembly function, and with its own production tools, you can use it to create directly linked.

Functional characteristics

1. open CE
2. open hidden. Hide CE
3. game
4. open the top left computer of CE after entering the game.
5. open the MAIN process (M starts with numbers).
6. then enter your current agility such as 555 (enter in HEX column).
The 7. point is the first search. After that, there will be a lot of left side (RP good only one, jump to the 9 step).
8. add a few agility, then input your current agility, such as: 558, search again.
9. this time, there is only one data. Double click it. It will appear below. Double click the data value and change it to the agility you want: 32761
10., OK.

Update introduction

December 24, 2018:
This is a new version of the holiday which is mainly minor improvements and minor modifications. It is also a new ultimap feature called code filtering, you don't need any special hardware (just a wide list of addresses):
Cheat Engine 6.8.2 below is the official update content: December 24, 2018: Cheat Engine 6.8.2 release: This is a new version of Holl IDA. These are mainly minor improvements and minor bug corrections, but there is also a new'ultimap like'function called code filter, you don't need any special hardware. (just a wide range of address list) downloading: cheating engine 6.8.2 repair: disassembler: Several disassembly instructions have too many or too few acomma to repair those disassemblers: repair RET description #Disassembler / Debug: fixed the address at that time. Edit command break point hit
The memory scan is connected to the front key scan: a fixed percentage scan storage scan: a rare percentage of the scan can be corrected: a simple value is now being scanned with the anerror memory. Now, the scan is completely cleaned up with the groupscan memory. Now allow 64 bit addresses: fill in the memory structure Analysis: the fixed pop-up menu "one changeType" and so on, it is affecting all selected items, instead of just the first PointerOrPointee window: using the access instead of writing to fix the debug pointer or the button button text: repair and restore the set of options in the box: here are some repair / adjust the graphics memory view: fix the problem: assembler: fixed assembly REG * 2/4/8 + unquotedsymbol plug-in: corrected SDK's use of thedisassembler callback plugin hotkey: repair
Add and change:
Lua engine: new auto completion DLL injection: DLL injection failure CE attempts to retreat back to mandatory injection method compilation: new multi byte NOP plug-in: plug-in can now have arestatically in its own folder (Windows 7 link DLL update and higher version) debug: improved FPU window editing during single step execution, allowing you to change FPU register debugging: Threadview is now updated when single step execution and FPU will affect the current debug thread (before it) debug: add code filter. An option, if you want to break the unexpected breakpoint, and to break the script at an unexpected break point or to break a script in a specified area (such as AA), now show multiple parameters Pointerscan: add the option to allow negative offset scan Pointerscan: add additional type advanced options / CodeList to the display: now use the symbol name tutorial game: add a levelskip option; when you solve the one-step tutorial game: add the auxiliary test to compare the memory: add the restrictions on the number of address values displayed on each row (to change) address list: when setting the option to cancel the activation sub item, you will first cancel the activation sub item memory scan: add Lua script in the automatic operation, in order to specify which module scan to add in the CE operation. This allows you to debug on the basis of whether outcode has been filtered (using software breakpoints): add
ExecuteCodeEx (allows you to execute code in target and pass parameters) adds 2 new parameters (ModuleNamesand Symbols) to getNameFromAddress, adding addModule and deleteModule to symbollist class to add ModuleLoader class, which can force the DLL's fixed row table view to be loaded.
Thank you go has released SER [G] ANT update therussion translation file has been released in June 23, 2018: Cheat Engine 6.8.1 release: obviously 6.8 contains some annoying errors, so here is an update which should hopefully solve most problems.
Other new functions that can come in handy.
Download: 6.8.1
Repair: repaired several problems of structural comparison, fixed the general scanner from the pickup unrelated registers, compared the fixed speedhack hotkey fixed ultimap 1 to repair a bunch of random access violation fixed Lua dissectCode.getStringReferences now alsoreturns string Fixed Lua breakpoint, specifying a specific function. When second parameters are an address, fixed Lua toAddress fixed assembly XMM, M32 repaired the problem of dismantling the XMM instruction, repaired the right-click key in the register window, repaired the plug-in system, the fixed memory allocation was less than the time.
Add and change:
The conversion string of all type settings is added, and now the file can be put into the sixteen hexadecimal view of the automatic assembler program allocnx (allocate not executing) andallocxo (allocate only execution) memoryview window. It also shows the allocation library, and can be added with double click to add the support for mono DLL without exporting g_free. The "make page writable" is changed to multiple options, and the DBVM speed is improved slightly.
Download address
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