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Easy language 5.8 official version of the perfect cracked version of the latest 5.81_2018 patch test available

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-21
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Easy language 5.8 official version of the perfect cracked version of the latest 5.81_2018 patch test available
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Easy language version 5.7 crack is the easy language the latest version, the new version adds "unified text" and "unified text length" precompiled command, the overall search function increases the search options, add "external file record" program, in the configuration dialog box procedure is added in the easy module option clips and so on, Chinese can help programmers to better write better programs. Xiao Bian here
1. easy language to download any official version installed
2. will replace 159544386.key to Lib folder, easy language installation directory
Three To configure: Tool support library configuration - check E sword end, Look look look!!! The picture at the bottom of the post!!
4. restart easy language program
The character code positioning algorithm, are not official harmonious situation, theoretical support for any subsequent version


The 5.8 edition of the relative version 5.71 update:
1. to solve the static compile time relocation number more than exe program start-up failure problems compiled after 65535;
2. to compile the EXE program provides a runtime error location to the corresponding position of the support easy language source program;
Between the 3. windows and their window assembly can now jump each other.
The 5.71 edition of the relative version 5.7 update:
The 1. is solved under windows10 click the main window toolbar will sometimes lead to crash problems;
2. amendments to the "playing MP3" command continuous playback of multiple files and the first file does not exist when the program exits lead to problems.
The 5.7 edition of the relative version 5.6 update:
1. words of text editor support highlighting the specified (Ctrl+Q/Alt+ mouse click);
2. jump to define the position function (Ctrl+B/Ctrl+ mouse click) has been greatly enhanced, it can jump to arbitrary symbols / data type definition / window assembly;
3. in the editor "back" command will now jump back to the jump program rather than jump subroutine header;
4. add menu program - > Save as confusion ", to all the symbols of the source program name as possible for another upset after a mix output source program, this function does not affect the normal compiler implementation;
5. of the overall search dialog box to increase the search automatically expands all the contracted subroutine "option, add Ctrl+Alt+F shortcut keys for the overall search;
6. when the implementation of the "Edit > copy" function, if not to any area of the current selection, will automatically copy the current cursor line;
The 7. core library in the "other" category is added in the core library version "and" operation console command;
8. debugging "view / edit dialog box will support all the contents of the text type or byte set type variables (not because of too long to be amputated) write to an external file;
9. SDK plugins support library add NL_ADD_NEW_ELEMENT notification, see the "sdk\cpp\elib\lib2.h" file;
10. recovery of garbled compile results support.

For easy language update:
After the easy language update will become the norm, Wu total monthly will take a few days to update the easy language, you can also continue to submit that bug. The 5.2 version is not some function or BUG repair plus, will be gradually completed.

About Android easy language version:
Mr. Wu has been determined to develop the Android version, but it will be released only after the start of game engine.

Easy language 5.6 perfect break method

1. download site for the original easy language version 5.6, and the correct installation;
2. open crack tools in the software package;
3. copy the exe.e file into the installation directory to replace 5.6 easy language;
4. 159544386.key copied to the installation directory 5.6 easy language;
5. the VC linker is copied to the easy language installation directory, then open the static compiler switches.E select a switch, test can be successfully compiled, pro test available.

Easy language 5.71 perfect break method
Easy language to cancel the authorization document. Only with the dog.
Support the previous Rockey dongle the old and new ARM dongle.

Use easy language (2018.5.3 update the latest version of the built-in EXUI support library + static compilation) is a personal special easy language version, with the latest EXUI drawn from the support library, assembly module source routine procedure according to the structure of assembly instructions, assembly instructions of the operation summary.

Use the version for use

1, extract the resources and support library configuration, will download the compressed package on the root directory of D

2, double-click e.exe

3, select the above menu tool

4, choose to support the library configuration, you can select, also can choose according to need

5, then recommended to close the program again for running about e.exe

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