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  • Update: 2018-03-20
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10 enhanced version of WiFi wireless password cracking system (WPA2 can crack)
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Use help

This system can solve WPA2, using the pin exhaustive method, use Baidu Search tutorial, a lot of
This is a system, please use the virtual machine running or Bios disk or U disk boot disk boot settings etc.
WEP I do not say break below me how to crack wpa2. I say first, this is the use of WPS (WIFI Protect Setup) pin codes, pin codes are connected by guessing routing, pin code for pure digital, so to break the success rate as high as 90%, just a question of time. If you can only say that poor character code missing... After the break up of infinite configuration tools generally have the function of wps.
1 methods: the use of minidwep-gtk, after opening the selected encryption wap/wap2 scan, see the route name, channel is not behind WPS, yes, Reaver, ok. That was followed by a long break.
Method two: inflator1.0, yes, after the card, then the next, after Scan for~~~, routing, next, and the first hook. Run

This update

2014.8.19 update, version 20140125 of the serious problem of repair, increase the screen lit script, handshake packet file management. Because it is the last version of the bug repair, so the version number is 20140125_Fixed. From this edition, the first thing is the implementation of the "boot boot must first execute (double-click) - the screen lit script! ". You can double-click or right-click - execution, execution will not have any pop-up window. This script is designed to automatically remove black cdlinux (Ping Bao), to prevent cracking in the process of loss.
The new aircrack-ng 1.2, 2014.8.21 update, reaver1.5, a large number of network card driver. In fact, this update is not what part of me, because the module is got the -EX, I just according to my preferences to adjust some desktop starter and a dictionary file, in order to show respect and gratitude to the original author, this version is named EX

The 2014.9.14 update to spring package, adding "30s start screen" script.
The 2015.5.24 update, adding pixiewps (WPS new vulnerabilities tools can be broken but only for seconds, Ralink, part of Broadcom chip routing, common Atheros chips can not crack, so is the chicken ribs (start pixiewps) just add "-K" to 1 in Reaver after Reaver 1.5.2 (parameters) to update the non official version) [this update in the evening rush, not tested, interested friends can test next week, I find time to test]
Please pay attention to the difference with the ordinary version of the classic edition! Do not download the wrong! (recommended for novice to use Classic Edition) Use the 30513 version of the classic version, more stable, use the ordinary version of the latest version of the minidwep-gtk, more functions (support out of order pin, offbeat sort, automatic pin function), but does not support auto save, the rest of the ordinary version of the classic version and is exactly the same!
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