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Kmspico 10.3.2 (Office2013 activation tool) contains key

  • Software size: 0 MB
  • Update Date: 2018-12-24
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Kmspico 10.3.2 (Office2013 activation tool) contains key
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The well-known KMS activation tool KMSpico released the final stable official version of 10.3.3 yesterday, which mainly revised offline drive and corrected the error of Office activation under Win7/Vista. The installation version, portable version, service version and OEM version were released respectively. KMSpico is an offline activation tool for Win8/8.1 and Office2013, which is produced by foreign netizens heldigard. It is small and simple. It only needs to run without any automatic activation. It also activates your Server, Win7/win10 and Office 2010/Office 2016.
The latest version has supported local offline activation. It can be permanently activated without networking. However, when installing Win8.1, a tap virtual network card will be installed. But it is more convenient than the latter. After installation, it can be activated directly by clicking the red button.
Everyone is looking for me, I'll help you find hope. This can help you.
The Office2013 activation tool is KMS activation mode, valid for 180 days. The premise of using the KMS activation mode is that Office2013 must be a bulk authorization Version (or a large client version /VOL). The Office2013 bulk authorization version can be downloaded here: Office2013 (choose the corresponding version download).


1, when using, select the corresponding Office2013 Version (32/64 bit), edit the bat file to modify the installation path of Office2013 (default installation does not need to be modified).

2, some users may not activate successfully. Please wait for the new activation server.

Activation tutorial:

1. install the win system and office2016 version you need.
2. open the KMSELDI.exe file and activate the red button.


Update log

10/08/2015 KMSpico v10.1.0 RC

- Add support for errors: 0xC004E015, 0xC004E017.
- Add support for O16 Preview.

- Add all the gvlks keys missing for W10.

- there is a crash during repair and installation.
9.2.3 Final:
- repair bug.
There are 4 ways to do this: first use the SECOH-QAD method, if the first fails and then use the WinDivert method, if the second fails, it uses the TunTap method, and finally if the third fails, the network server will be used.
9.2.1 Beta:
- corrected the problem of causing CPU too high.
- add the test simulator to start.
- add more online servers to PlanB.
Kmspico 10 official version edition Download: Http:// (360 false report, please exit first and download again - activation requires high system privileges, so it will be misreported).

Delete connections, please support genuine.

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