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Kmspico 10.3.2 (Office2013 activation tool) containing the key

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  • Update: 2018-12-24
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Kmspico 10.3.2 (Office2013 activation tool) containing the key
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The well-known KMS KMSpico activation tool released 10.3.3 official version of the final stable yesterday, amended the offline drive, fixed Win7/Vista Office activation error. The released version installed, portable version, service version, OEM version. KMSpico Win8/8.1 and Office2013 a key offline activation tool, making the shared by foreign friends heldigard. It is small, simple, just run it automatically without permanent activation procedures, you can also activate Server, Win7/win10 and Office 2010/Office 2016 etc..
The latest version supports offline activation, without networking state can perfect permanent activation, but also the virtual network card will install a tap Win8.1 installed in the activation, but than the latter is convenient, after the completion of the installation directly click on the red button can be activated, very simple!
We are looking for me to help you find the hope can help you.
Office2013 activation tool is KMS activation, valid for 180 days. The use of KMS mode is activated condition of Office2013 must be authorized version (or batch client version of /VOL), Office2013 volume licensing version can be downloaded here: Office2013 (Note: select the corresponding version of the download).


1, when in use, select the corresponding version of Office2013 (32/64), the installation path to edit the bat file to modify the Office2013 (default installation does not need to modify).

2, some users may activate is not successful, please wait for the activation of the new server.

Activate the tutorial:

You need to install the win 1. system and office2016 version
2. open the KMSELDI.exe file, the red button to activate


Update log

10/08/2015 KMSpico v10.1.0 RC

Add support for errors: 0xC004E015, 0xC004E017.
Add support - for O16 Preview.

Add all the gvlks keys missing for W10.

Repair installation process crashes
9.2.3 Final:
Repair bug.
Now use 4 methods: first, using the SECOH-QAD method, if the first failure and then use the WinDivert method, if the second failure of it using the TunTap method, if the last third failed on the use of network server method.
9.2.1 Beta:
- fixed lead to high CPU problem
- start adding test simulator after startup
Add more online to the PlanB server
Kmspico The official version 10 edition Download: Http:// (please download the 360 false alarm exit - activation system needs high authority so they will be false positives)

Delete connection please support genuine

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