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Nora QVOD V5.21.547 green version of optimization (QvodPlayer player enhanced version)

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-07
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Nora QVOD V5.21.547 green version of optimization (QvodPlayer player enhanced version)
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Nora is a quasi video on demand based on QVOD core, multi-functional, personalized player. Our QVOD 5.17.156 to advertising green version, the version modified by zd423 streamlined, permanent free upgrade, without advertising popups interference, not to tamper with the browser hijacking, free play, fast information, message center and other components, optional display entertainment weathervane. Especially cancelled sensitive website legal policy restrictions, and a private cloud floating window prompt pop, these you know!

Our mobile phone version: Mobile phone player 2018| download the official version of the official v3.5.20 version of Android mobile phone customers
Nora Never upgrade: Http://
Watermelon film (NORA alternatives): Http://

Gigi Video (NORA alternatives): Http://


Our major update version of the 5.20.234 (2014-05-08):
To solve the problem of the collapse of the OGV video 1.
The 2. amendment CD-ROM with frequent double click DVD player crashes or stuck bug.

3. a modified MP3 file cannot be played on demand network problems.
4. amendment individual machine win8 system DVD not playing.
5. close the thread is waiting for optimization, adding the message loop to prevent deadlock.
6. new fast play browser pre loading mechanism.
7. Amendment 6 breakdown point.

The enhanced version features

< - to tamper check, optional display the first screen entertainment vane with search
< - lift sensitive type of website of relevant laws and regulations policy restrictions
< - to suspension windows, information to pop, message center, game promotion pop
< - to move to a private cloud list of tips, remind floating window join private cloud window
< - to the default browser for tamper holding fast broadcast site navigation promotion page behavior
< - to menu items: extra transcoding, multi language, report, information feedback, etc.
< - to option: upgrade, and the excess to other pages related to excess content etc.
< - go fast playing game, fast transcoding, saotu, news information center, pop and other components
< - increase the menu on the other player, private cloud, Cloud Radar super connected entrance
< - ban advertising and downloaded to generate redundant data, and secretly upgrade package mandatory automatic upgrade
< - optimization options default configuration: No, not a buffer optimization plan associated files reside background etc. 
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