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Storm 5 3D version 2018 v5.76.613.1111 ad optimization to VIP permission version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-06-07
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Storm 5 3D version 2018 v5.76.613.1111 version VIP permissions to ad optimization
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The box: online video, watch free movies the most complete video service integration of high-definition television, small video, video search, a mainstream network video service to solve the massive video resources of film and television drama, variety, animation free, daily updates the first video guide service 6 categories, 120 edition, professional edition for every day you select the most valuable content. Storm to advertising the latest series version, contains the local version and the network version, no ads, no popups, no promotion software, without modifying homepage, boot from the start, hooliganism, clean and refreshing! The storm left to provide technology, clear and smooth, the ultimate universal playback, with cinematic "extreme" experience! The "left" technology, to enhance local and online video quality; true high-definition online video; the skin, good to hear or see.

To the characteristics of advertising

- removal of suspended advertising, the lower right corner of advertising, advertising, advertising and other floating tips to optimize the default settings (not open the box, not automatic LianBo etc.) to the main interface of the feedback button response, redundant menu items - to toolbox redundant tools and red dot, the way to prevent dislocation cut down many useless files from the vast. The volume of thin - local version of channel, the DLAN icon (excluding the reserved right), ignoring the set does not display box - excluding mobile phone assistant, removal of online resources in the title play (source: XXX) "- the local version of the skin to remove all excess online networking function, perfect error - add Real decoding function, without additional download, support more multimedia format - retention function, DLAN function on the fly screen, are installed in the installation process, optional automatic completion of the VC2010 runtime and so on.. Wait。。
Matters needing attention:

NoNet is a local, enhanced version of NoAD_Net as the network Lite, including transcoding silent installation package
Silence parameters: BaoFeng_NoAD (file name).Exe /S /D=C:Program Files (the installation directory)


Storm v5.76.613.1111 the latest version of this update and upgrade the decoder performance! Recently, DLNA, a barrage of fly screen function, combined with the mirror viewing more shocking! There are our window, show the storm. The 5 local video subtitle support 3D 3D supports dual projection mode function!
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