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Cool dog music box 2018 official 8 ad to the local VIP pure version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-09-18
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Cool dog music box 2018 official 8 local VIP pure version of to advertising
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Cool dog music 2018 new interface settings, set the classification more clear; intelligent sound enhancement technology, shock your ears; the download management interface more convenient interface for remote control, mode change. Music conversion, as in the ring making more tags make the interface more beautiful. NICAM function, temporary broadcasting, remote control, people in the vicinity, the colorful skin, enhance the user experience. The user may wish to try new love chase!

On this version
Cool dog music (KuGou) and P2P music file transfer software Chinese platform based on professional, users can easily and quickly and safely achieve the largest music search, download music file sharing support quality high. Cool dog music pure version modified by small pretty streamlined production
The official update:

The new 3D rotary sound, let the music turn up
Double line and multi line switching mode to increase click switch lyrics
Some bug repair

Cool dog music characteristic optimization:

Crack lossless music preview and download (free access) [first] the whole network
Break the local VIP Diamond Membership free login automatically download acceleration
High quality products on radio free audition song
Free login MV lossless music download
Remove the pop-up window advertising recommended today
Cracking the cloud single song song collection limit
Disable background downloading junk data
Prohibit the application files automatically download
Remove the top part of the main interface for the button
Remove the stars live TAB label button
The main menu in the menu options to remove useless
Remove the basic settings for software upgrade label
Remove the MV share button. Player feedback
Remove the MV playback buffer. Suspended advertising
Remove the other useless options settings
Modify the download window interface size
Remove the radio shortcut menu
Disable background automatically download the skin package file
Remove the download to mobile phone button
Remove a barrage of transmission time interval limits
Disable background automatically download the product promotion package
Remove the lower right corner promotion today recommended pop pop
Disable background download the upgrade file and instructions
Remove the stars lyrics interface "live" promotion advertising
The removal of the bottom mobile phone version of the game text ads connection
Go to the top of the search box layout optimization purse game button
Remove the search page reminder and advertising tips
Remove the two barrage send interval limit
The ban on debug.log ADU.exe SADU.exe
You can remove the free login mobile radio advertising, promotion banner left
No USB mobile device display device is inserted into the prompt pop connection
Lift the need to log in to make the lyrics, not making lyrics buffer limit

 Cool dog music 2012 version of the 7.2.90 to the first pure version of _ advertising (9.13 update) - star - star is not lonely lonely

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