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Cool dog music box 2018 official 8 to advertise the local VIP clean version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2018-09-18
  • Official website: Download lightning.
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Cool dog music box 2018 official 8 to advertise the local VIP clean version
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Cool dog music 2018 new setup interface, more clear classification settings, intelligent sound enhancement technology, shaking your ears; download management interface more convenient, the interface mode changes to remote control. Music conversion and ringing production are made under more labels to make the interface more beautiful. Li Yin function, temporary broadcast, remote control, nearby people, new version of colorful skin, user experience improvement. Like to catch up with new users, try it!

About this edition
Cool dog music (KuGou) is based on Chinese platform professional P2P music and file transfer software. Users can conveniently, quickly and safely achieve the largest music search in China, and support the downloading of high quality music files. Cool dog music clean version is simplified by Xiao Jun.
Official update:

Add 3D rotate sound effect, let music turn.
Double line and multi line lyrics switch mode to increase Click to toggle.
Repair some bug

Cool dog music features:

Crack lossless music listening and downloading (free login)
Crack local VIP diamond drill members free login automatically download acceleration
Free listening to radio high quality music
Free logon lossless music MV Download
Remove the recommended pop-up window advertisement today
Cracking cloud song song collection restrictions
No background download garbage data
Automatic downloading of application files is prohibited.
Remove the top part of the main interface to enjoy the button.
Remove live star TAB label button
Remove useless menu options in main menu
Remove basic setup software upgrade label
Remove the MV playback share button.
Remove the MV playback buffer. Suspend the ad.
Remove useless options from other settings.
Modify download window interface size
Remove the shortcut menu from the radio station.
No background to download the skin package files automatically.
Remove the download window and download it to the phone button.
Remove two barrage time limits
No background download, promotion of product package.
Remove the recommended pop-up window at the lower right corner to promote pop-up windows.
No background downloading upgrade files and upgrade hints.
The "Star Live" promotion advertisement with the lyrics interface removed
Remove the bottom mobile version of the game text ad link
Go to the top game, purse button to optimize search box layout.
Remove search tips and prompts.
Remove two barrage time limits
Prohibit the generation of debug.log ADU.exe SADU.exe
Free login, you can remove the library mobile promotion banner, radio left advertising.
Prohibit USB devices from inserting prompt windows when connecting mobile devices
No need to log in to create lyrics or buffer.

 Cool dog music 2012 new edition 7.2.90 to advertising pure version of the first creation (9.13 update) - starry sky is not lonely - stars are not lonely.

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