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Sogou browser to the latest version of V8.5.8.29885

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-16
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Sogou browser to the latest version of V8.5.8.29885
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Sogou browser with a powerful dual core power engine (built-in IE8 kernel), full network speed, speed protection, anti suspended animation, Download acceleration, 5 acceleration system to create the most smooth web experience. The original web page update reminder function allows you to control the network instant message. Compatible application of dual core platform, thousands of colorful for your skin to create personalized, powerful browser. Advanced security components can be timely identification of network fraud.!

The following specific version features:

Download the PTT - to help you find the best resources, software download address, then ignore a variety of camouflage advertising
I make complaints about support of mainstream video sites, video, speak freely
Autoreduction. Name: intelligent short collection, streamline your collection column
Fixed tab - fixed page label, namely permanent label column on the left, convenient switching off anti misoperation
Improve safety keyboard input safety, prevent Trojan interception
The news page in my favorite pages can be directly read the trend information
In addition, Sogou high-speed browser version 4.1 of the interface, function details have been optimized, such as
Update the default skin style, more in line with everyone's habits
The browser kernel update speed
Optimize the browser download speed and interface
To solve some compatibility problems of video extraction function
Update the browser shortcut key setting function

We also fix the problems we experience feedback, such as
Save the total save window
Right click to copy the picture but cannot paste
Part of the system environment can not open network protection
Left-handed mouse gestures failure
Unable to import QQ browser 7 collection

The label and closing method:

The new tab page method: click the tab "+" button, or double-click the tab bar blank can be the new tab page, as shown below.
Close tab method: click the need to close the tab on the right side of the "X" button, or double-click the tab can be closed to the need to close the tab, as shown below.

Update log

Function improvement:
01. new favorites invalid link test function, a key to clean up invalid link, collection management more intelligent;
2 Optimization of the underlying data collection time machine backup and recover more quickly;
3 continue to optimize the security service, faster and less system resources, more stability, more comprehensive protection;
The problem of restoration:
1 repair intelligent filling, modify password, focus at the top of the problem;
2 repair intelligent filling, general form can not be empty problem;
3 repair intelligent filling, while preserving the form is empty, there is no corresponding UI problem;
4 repair intelligent filling, when the computer is not set Windows account password, password check button problem in the detailed form;
5 repair intelligent filling, are not preserved when deleting a website in the form, does not appear to confirm the deletion of the pop problem;
6 repair intelligent filling, when modifying the password, the password edit box after the cut out of focus, no corresponding UI problem;
7 repair equipment management page switching kernel mode, garbled question nickname;
The 8 part fixes the problem Account Assistant plug-in functionality not available;
9 more details of the optimization and bug repair, improve the stability.

1. repair line collapse;
2. issues related to the intelligent filling repair;
3. repair function;
Optimization of 4. repair browser start function;
Repair 5. other bug.

This version features:
The official official version of the production based on the original, excluding all kinds of bundled plug-ins, streamline some unnecessary files, reduce the volume;
The built-in Flash plug-in version upgrade stable version;
The optimization settings option, the default will set the default search engine for Baidu;
Add "IOS8" style imitation skin;
Remove the help menu extra options;
Whether to add "advertising terminator" filter plug-in;
Optional is set to the default browser (default);
Whether the previous cleaning browser favorites and configuration files;
The uninstall process adding "whether to retain the bookmarks and configuration files to delete bookmarks are important.";
Support a silent installation, convenient package system call. Parameters: /SILENT with the progress of /VERYSILENT completely silent silent mode;
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