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Sogou browser V8.6.0.30499 latest version optimization modified version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2019-05-07
  • Official website: Http://
  • Software level:
  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Sogou browser V8.6.0.30499 latest version optimization modified version
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Sogou browser is equipped with a powerful dual core power engine (built-in IE8 kernel), whole network acceleration, network speed protection, anti fake death, Download acceleration, and 5 level acceleration system to create the smoothest network experience. Original web update reminder enables you to control network messages instantly. Compatible with dual core application platform, thousands of colorful skin for you to create personalized, powerful browser. Advanced security components can identify network fraud in time.

The specific editions are as follows:

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I Tucao - support the mainstream video website, wonderful video, speak freely.
Smart short collection - automatically reduce the name of the website when you add your collection, and streamline your collection.
Fixed tabs - Fixed labels, pages that are on the left side of the permanent tab bar, and easy to switch off.
Security keyboard to enhance input security and prevent Trojan horse monitoring
News information page - I can read the trend information directly in my favorite page.
In addition, Sogou high-speed browser 4.1 official version of the interface, detailed functions have been optimized, such as
Updated the default skin. The style is more suitable for everyone's habits.
Updated browser high speed kernel
Optimized the download speed and interface of browser.
Some compatibility problems of video extraction function are solved.
Updated browser shortcut settings function

We have also restored the experience of feedback.
Always save the window when saving pictures.
Right click to copy pictures, but cannot paste.
Part of the system environment can not open network speed protection
Left hand habit mouse gesture failure
Unable to import QQ browser 7 collection.

New and closed Tags:

New tab method: click the "+" button on the label bar, or double-click the blank space of the label bar to create a new tab, as shown in the following figure.
Close the tabs method: click the "X" button on the right-hand side of the tag that needs to be closed, or double click the tab that needs to be closed to close the tab, as shown in the following figure.

Update log

Function improvement:
1 new favorites invalid link test function, a key to clean up invalid links, collection management more intelligent;
2 optimize the collection of time machine bottom data, backup and restore more quickly;
3, continue to optimize security services, faster, less occupied system resources, more stable and more comprehensive protection.
Problem repair:
1 fix the problem of smart fill in the form and change the password.
2, the intelligent fill in form is repaired, and the general form can not be empty.
3, the intelligent fill in form is restored. When the save form is empty, there is no corresponding UI prompts.
4 repaired the smart filling form. When the computer did not set the Windows account password, the password check button appeared when entering the detailed form.
5, the intelligent fill in form is repaired. When the form in the website that is not saved is deleted, there is no problem of confirming the deleted pop-up.
6 restores the smart filling form. After modifying the password, the key is cut out of the password edit box without the corresponding UI prompts.
7 repair the device management page after switching the kernel mode, the problem of garbled in nicknames;
8 fixed part of the account assistant plugin function is not available.
9 more detail optimization and bug repair to improve stability.

1. repair line crash;
2., repair the related problems of intelligent filling.
3. repair and collection function;
4. optimize and restore browser startup function;
5. other bug repair.

This edition features:
* hard change to web site hijacking
* GREEN installation free version
* modified by exclusive friend Lo to share exclusively (WeChat anti recall green version is also shared by Lo).

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High speed downloader address: priority download Downloader
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