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MKV / mkvtoolnix GUI v28.2.0 segmentation software package Final Green Edition (MKV lossless editing) 64

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  • Update: 2018-11-06
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 MKV / mkvtoolnix GUI v28.2.0 segmentation software package Final Green Edition (MKV lossless editing) 64
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Chinese version - MKV lossless editing, segmentation, packaging, merge tool
MKV is an excellent multimedia container format, it can take many different video encoding package subtitles and 16 or more different formats and different audio language into a MKV file, and is a free open-source MKV editor and toolset to synthesis, editing Matroska MKV file.
Contains the following MKV special processing tools:
* mkvmerge: multimedia file package, MKV file merge, francis;
* mkvinfo: MKV output file module and encoding information;
* mkvextract: extraction of video, audio and subtitle track from the MKV file;
* mkvpropedit: attributes directly modify the existing MKV file without heavy francis;
* mmg:mkvmerge GUI, and contains a section editor and head editor.
2013/1/26 update version of 6.0.0, has made the green portable version, can be directly run MKVToolnixPortable.exe, the default Chinese simplified interface.
Matroska MKV - production and consolidation
Mkvmerge GUI allows you to import multiple video, audio and subtitle track, mixed with a new MKV file, aspect ratio, and can set the display proportions, export video frame etc..
Matroska MKV: separation and extraction
MKVExtractGUI can be one or more video, which extracted from the existing MKV files in the audio or subtitle information, MKV separation professional tools.
Matroska MKV editing and segmentation
is a dedicated MKV editing tool, provides 4 MKV cutting mode, including by size, long time, according to the specific time and according to the segments are lossless editing, MKV segmentation process to synchronize video and audio and subtitle track cutting. All support MKV than before the introduction of segmentation tools are better used, including Boilsoft Video Splitter, SolveigMM AVI Trimmer.

set Chinese simplified methods: File - Options - Interface - language simplified Chinese


MKVToolnix 28.2.0 update log
## Bug fixes
 * mkvmerge, mkvinfo, mkvextract, mkvpropedit, , GUI 's Info Tool editor: fixed a case & chapter of memory being accessed after it had been freed earlier. This can be triggered by specially crafted Matroska files and lead to arbitrary code execution. The vulnerability was reported as Cisco TALOS 2018-0694 on 2018-10-25. Version 28.1.0 "Morning Child 2018-10-23

" Qili Bug repair 

* mkvmerge:AV1 parser: fixed sequence parser error in the head 
 neither `reduced_still_picture_header` nor 
 set `frame_id_numbers_present_flag`. No. 2410 repair part. 
* mkvmerge:AV1 parser: private elements create a `av1C` structure for Codec 
 Series Title OBU not completely copied: common 
 data without it (the type field and the OBU size). Part 
 repair 2410. 
* mkvmerge:Matroska reader, AV1:mkvmerge will attempt to re create the `av1C`
 AV1 read from the Matroska or WebM file stored in the Codec data in Private 
 created by mkvmerge v28.0.0. No. 2410 repair part.  GUI: 
* information tools: the tool will no longer stop scanning elements 
 when find the EBML element in the Void after the first Cluster elements. Repair 
 No. 2413.

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