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The latest official version of win10/8.1|_Activator_v11.2.1 KMS offline activation

  • Software size: 2.20 MB
  • Update: 2017-06-22
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The latest official version of win10/8.1|_Activator_v11.2.1 KMS offline activation
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HEU KMS Activator is a network without can activate Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 (Enterprise Edition / Professional Edition), Office 2013 (VL version), Office 2010 (VL version) tool. The green single tool executable, after using the system without any residue, can be directly deleted. This tool is itself a real friend original tool, according to users' requirements and feedback to update the latest version fixes the known bug, and is compatible with Windows XP to Windows 10 technical preview, can be used directly without additional installation of NET 4.

The latest version is "Chinese simplified and traditional Chinese, English" three language versions, according to their own judgment system language. In addition, the HEU KMS Activator is an indispensable tool for Windows 10/8.1/8 package, be silent automatic activation of Windows and Office in the system after deployment using the parameter "/s" call of silence. The tools for KMS activation, Microsoft KMS customized 180 days to re activate a trouble, if the tool can be used for the automatic renewal function.

1, to repair the part of the user key change, after the failure of the renewal of the username
2, the recent increase of Win10 support Microsoft releases
3, optimize the activation code memory is lower, faster activation
4, repair part BUG

Tips: the tool for the original site, an absolute guarantee that does not contain any viruses, Trojans, malicious plug-ins, some false positives (soft kill 39 antivirus software testing, including 4 false positives for the virus: if not assured, click View ) please bypass! But before use to detect EXE file of the SHA1 value, in order to avoid mistakes.

Supports the following 87 versions:
Windows Vista Business Windows Server 2008 Standard
Windows Vista Business N Windows Server 2008 Enterprise
Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Server 2008 Datacenter
Windows Vista Enterprise N Windows Server 2008 Compute Cluster (HPC)
Windows 7 Professional Windows Server 2008 Standard (No Hyper-V)
Windows 7 Professional N Windows Server 2008 Enterprise (No Hyper-V)
Windows 7 Professional E Windows Server 2008 Datacenter (No Hyper-V)
Windows 7 Enterprise Windows Server 2008 Itanium
Windows 7 Enterprise N Windows Server 2008 Web
Windows 7 Enterprise E Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard
Windows 8 Professional Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise
Windows 8 Professional N Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter
Windows 8 Enterprise Windows Server 2008 R2 Compute Cluster (HPC)
Windows 8 Enterprise N Windows Server 2008 R2 Itanium
Windows 8 Professional WMC Windows Server 2008 R2 Multipoint
Windows 8 Core Windows Server 2008 R2 Web
Windows 8 Core N Windows Server 2012 Standard
Windows 8 Core ARM Windows Server 2012 Datacenter
Windows 8 Core Country Specific Windows Server 2012 MultiPoint Premium
Windows 8 Core Single Language Windows Server 2012 MultiPoint Standard
Windows 8.1 Professional Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard
Windows 8.1 Professional N Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
Windows 8.1 Enterprise Windows Server 2012 R2 Solution
Windows 8.1 Enterprise N Windows Server 2012 R2 CloudStorage
Windows 8.1 Professional WMC
Windows 8.1 Core
Windows 8.1 Core N
Windows 8.1 Core ARM
Windows 8.1 Core Country Specific
Windows 8.1 Core Single Language
Windows 8.1 EmbeddedIndustryE
Windows 8.1 EmbeddedEval
Office 2010 Professional Plus Office 2013 Professional Plus
Office 2010 Project Professional Office 2013 Project Professional
Office 2010 Visio Professional Office 2013 Visio Professional
Office 2010 Visio Premium Office 2013 Standard
Office 2010 Standard Office 2013 Project Standard
Office 2010 Project Standard Office 2013 Visio Standard
Office 2010 Visio Standard Office 2013 Access
Office 2010 Access Office 2013 Excel
Office 2010 Excel Office 2013 InfoPath
Office 2010 SharePoint Office 2013 Lync
Office 2010 InfoPath Office 2013 OneNote
Office 2010 OneNote Office 2013 Outlook
Office 2010 Outlook Office 2013 PowerPoint
Office 2010 PowerPoint Office 2013 Publisher
Office 2010 Publisher Office 2013 Word
Office 2010 Word

Update log:

Update log:

[2016.6.14] v11.2.0 (mini version) update:
Error 1. repair retail version of Office2016 installed identification certificate.

File: _Activator_v11.2.0.exe
SHA1: 47BDE7AB37BADEBD731C3F8579BB3BB15B773163

If there are still some problems please according to the following format feedback:

Format: feedback system version + To activate Office or Windows specific version, name + Activation failed * * *.

For example: Windows 10 Professional 64 installed SW_DVD5_Office_Professional_Plus_2016_64Bit_ChnSimp_MLF_X20-42426, cn_visio_professional_2016_x86_x64_dvd_6970929.iso, activated... Failure. .
[2016.6.6] v11.1.0 (mini version)
1. repair Office 2016 VOL version recognition errors.
2. repair activation information backup empty folder problem.
[2016.6.5] v11.0.0 (mini version) update:
1. increase on the activation of Office RTM version 2016.
2. repair v10.0 version automatic renewal problem.
The abolition of the "3. key activation (ALL) and the automatic renewal" button.

File: _Activator_v11.0.0.exe

SHA1: B7E2D90212D7BCAC50FBCD967E2108EFBF20E09A
[2015.7.11] v10.0.0 (mini version) update:

1. failure repair automatic renewal.

File: _Activator_v10.0.0.exe

SHA1: 6334D3438186A114299F68EDBD819BF9DF1F2766
[2015.5.14] v8.0.0 (mini version) update: :
1. repair install Office 2013 GVLK key BUG.
2. repair Visio 2010 version of recognition errors BUG.
3. repair firewall BUG.
4. repair button error messages.
5. will be added to the task of Automatic Renewal Service plan.
6. modify the main program icon.

7. to accelerate the activation of silent speed.
[2014.10.23] v7.8.8 (mini version) update:

1. failure repair automatic renewal.

File: _Activator_v7.8.8.exe

SHA1: C029A8C3564BB37DB28662EA2D825428FD37CD05

1. make good use of ISO process, in addition to select "install partition" steps, all the rest of automation.
2. free activation refers to the activation of KMS + automatic renewal service.
3. according to the computer to install the OEM brand information, non brand computer automatically skip.
Built in 4. Administrator accounts can not use the app store, suggested the use of non Administrator account.
5. if the installation is completed after entering the system is not activated, please try later or restart the computer can be changed into active state.


This tool is HEU original tools, ensure absolutely free of any virus, Trojan, malware, some false positives (soft kill 39 antivirus software testing, including 8 false positives for the virus: Click to view If you do not rest assured, please bypass)! In view of an online version, before use to detect EXE file SHA1 value ( SHA1: 6334D3438186A114299F68EDBD819BF9DF1F2766 In order to avoid mistakes).

Yesterday leaked online version of Windows 1010176, although this version is not the final version, but is already very close to the Windows10 version of RTM, such as the activation method predicted it still retains the KMS, Microsoft will be in this month 29, began to push, hurry to experience a friend, Build 10176 can be used in the real machine!

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