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The latest version of V6.3.1.4000 _ with IE and Firefox rendering engine dual core browser

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-11-14
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 The latest version of  V6.3.1.4000 _ with IE and Firefox rendering engine dual core browser
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is a beautiful multi tab browser windows version, with two kinds of rendering engine, including ie Trident and Firefox Gecko. In 2004 years, it has been launched. Chinese name is "what", present in many of the platform can be installed and used, including windows, MAC, Android, IOS and windows phone. In addition to the characteristics of cross platform, it also comes with mouse gestures, bookmark synchronization function.

The volume of the browser is about 16.5M, with Chinese interface, running after you will find it is very few, because the menu bar is hidden, you can enable the menu bar in the panel menu.


See the menu in the content, you will find that this should be a browser can call the Firefox rendering engine ie browser. In the conventional view, its interface and IE7 is also very similar.


But at the beginning of the article is not to say it is a nice browser? This interface is all too common.


In fact, has two modes, the conventional mode of IE and the same interface, when enabled fullscreen mode (after clicking on the button), will see its concise and beautiful interface, just like software No1 this article screenshot that.




Full screen mode, the color and style is similar to Windows 8, and the content is also very simple interface, all the icons, address input box will only be displayed in the column, thus saving space.


But this column was incorporated into the label column, the multiple tabs to switch? The author is very clever, tab browser fullscreen mode to imitate opera, will display a web page thumbnails are each tab, and displayed on the bottom of the interface, which is like a DOCK, not only beautiful, but also very handy.


The built-in function:


1, sync bookmarks. As long as you register, you can bookmark synchronization function using the comes, if you are in a plurality of devices are using what browser, then browse frequently visited sites will be a lot easier.


2, mouse gestures. This software comes with mouse gestures and we often contact with different, though also hold the right mouse button to trigger the action by moving the mouse around, but this trigger is not "forward" and "backward" function, but the switch between multiple open tabs, the process of switching with animation the effect of oh.


3, the label set of functions. This function can have multiple tabs packaged into a group, through the establishment of a tag group, the browser can accommodate the tab can be multiplied, and the switch is also very convenient, because the number of tabs and not because of too much and become very small.


4, each tab can use different rendering core, will remember your habits, open the same page again, or will use the last rendering core loading. So you can keep a balance between compatibility and loading speed: ie only "use Trident rendering, and other web pages using Firefox core, can also enjoy the web page using HTML5 technology to make the game.

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