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4 Pro 4.0.4724 Sinicization version of movie video editing

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  • Update Date: 2018-02-24
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  4 Pro 4.0.4724 Sinicization version of movie video editing
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This lightning bar brings Ultimate is a brand new movie editing software solution, let you achieve professional quality movie effect, a very humble price. Powerful CG effect engine technology and multi bit color control provide professional level effect and later synthesis.

Ultimate has expensive professional software solutions. It is very easy for professionals and beginners to use it. It has the most advanced software solutions and technologies.

The simple and easy-to-use user interface will allow you to use two images and clips. Ultimate has many functions such as animation, particle effect manipulation, 3D work, color composition, and it also allows multi track editing, allowing you to compare and work on two projects at the same time.

The flare effect technology of is very powerful. Create a full 3D muzzle flashing to suit any weapon effect. This effect will completely change your action movie. In , a large number of customization options can be developed and selected. You can even create a unique animation with the lens flare in the three-dimensional space. Create computer generated fire response and interact with other layers.

4 Pro features

FXHome's new veil lifts product launches and 4 Pro, and now provides a new animation system with some great 3D improvements, including the ability to import Alembic files.

has been making some great progress, their unified and real 3D environment. With the release of hitFilm 4 Pro, you can now import and use the Alembic files generated from almost all 3D applications supporting Alembic. If you are not familiar with Alembic, this is a Lucasfilm Ltd and ImageWork exchange framework open source file. Alembic, it brings another possibility of 3D model, and supports any other application. Alembic is more powerful than static 3D model, and supports geometric animation grid.

With 4 Pro and Alembic, it brings great possibilities to your animation, whether it is animation grid, particle simulation, or camera movement, from your favorite 3D application, and use it in the s 3D environment.

4 adds some new features and updates the 3D function. FXHome has completely adjusted the 4 Pro lighting system. The new lighting mode is based on the Cook - link system, and provides a wider range of materials to give you a much better mirror effect. This will make it 4 Pro better looking for metal surfaces.

It also adds a new global environment blocking function to 3D rendering, which can be applied to all 3D layers. This will provide more realistic shadows, and type conversions are closer to each other between objects, adding a welcome consultation shadow.

Functional characteristics

More than 200 visual effects plugins

Infinite traces of editing and transition

140 plug-ins for your other software services

Including plane tracking plug-in Mocha

Including Boris FX 3D Objects (worth $299)

Support Mac & PC

You can use 3 computers at the same time.

Free video tutorials and training

Also known as the best movie community on earth.

New function of 4 Por

Better animation control

4 Pro also adds a timetable for the graph to provide a time interpolation for the view into animated key frames. This is how to control the key will be integrated into the other party is necessary. The new Bessel curve space interpolation will now allow you to adjust the animation on the viewer with friendly visual Bessel processing.

Additional particle engine

4 now provides soft particles. This makes it easier to interact with particle effects with hard surface models and volumetric particles. You can have particles to take soft edges when they touch the 3D model of contact.

The 4 grid launcher of particle engine has also been added. This new launcher option applies granular bacteria to the grid system. Grid based launchers will have various possibilities, motion graphics projects and tools that are handy in the 3D environment.

Activate crack method

1. double click "_4_Pro_Activation.exe" to install.

2. input password: countryboy

3. the program will automatically search the installation directory of 4 Pro (if you change the directory to see if it is the directory you installed) the next step.

4. when the installation is completed, a " 4 Pro" shortcut will be generated on the desktop.

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