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4 Pro 4.0.4724 Chinese version - Movie Video Editing

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  • Update: 2018-02-24
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  4 Pro 4.0.4724 Chinese version - Movie Video Editing
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The lightning it brings Ultimate is a new movie editing software solutions that allow you to achieve the professional quality of the film, a very modest price. The effect of the powerful CG engine technology and multi color control effect and the synthesis of professional grade.

Ultimate has expensive professional software solutions. Whether professionals or beginners can use it very easily. It has the most advanced software solutions and technology.

Simple and easy to use user interface will allow you to use two images and clips. Many functions of Ultimate such as animation, particle effect manipulation, color composition, three-dimensional work, it also allows multi track editing, so you can at the same time and two items of work.

Technology flare effect of is very powerful. A variety of guns to create a completely 3D flash, to accommodate any weapons. This effect will completely change your shooting action. The includes a large number of customization options can play and choose. You can even use lens flares to points in 3D space, open up unique animation. The fire response to create computer generated, and interact with other layers.

4 Pro features

Take off the veil of the new FXHome and 4 Pro product release, now provides a new 3D animation system, with some very big improvement, including the ability to import Alembic file.

has been doing some great progress, their unity and the real 3D environment, with hitFilm 4 Pro, you can now generate 3D file almost all applications of Alembic from Alembic import and use. If you are not familiar with Alembic, this is the Lucasfilm Ltd and the ImageWork exchange framework open source file. Alembic, 3D model it brings another possibility, and to support any other applications. Alembic more strength than the static 3D model, and support grid geometry animation.

With 4 Pro and Alembic, to bring your animation powerful, whether it is animation grid, simulation, or camera moves from your favorite 3D app, and use it in the s 3D environment.

4 adds some new features and updates 3D function. FXHome has fully adjusted lighting system Pro 4. The new model is the lighting system of Cook Torrance based and provide a wider range of materials to your mirror effect much better. This will make it 4 Pro have better looking for metal surface.

Also adding to the 3D rendering is a new global environment can be applied between all layers of the 3D environment shadow occlusion function. This will provide a more realistic shadow type conversion between objects close to each other, welcome to consult the add shadow.

Functional characteristics

More than 200 visual effects plug-ins

Edit and transition infinite traces

140 other software plug-in for your service

Including plane tracking plug-in Mocha

Including the Boris FX 3D Objects (worth $299)

Support Mac & PC

At the same time you can use the computer 3

Free video tutorials and training

Also known as the best film community on earth

The new features in 4 Por

Better animation control

4 Pro also added value curve of the schedule, with a view to key frame animation time interpolation. This is how to control the key will be integrated into each other very necessary. The Bessel curve interpolation new now will allow you to adjust the animation in the audience and friendly Bessel.

Additional particle engine

4 now offers soft particles. This makes it easier for interaction with hard surface model and volume type particle effects. You can take the granular soft edges, when they come into contact with 3D contact model.

Also increase the particle engine 4 lattice transmitter. This new option will spawn to particle emitter grid system. The transmitter based on the grid will have a variety of possibilities, motion graphics project as well as handy in 3D environment tools.

Activation crack method

1. double click the "_4_Pro_Activation.exe" installation

2. password: countryboy

The 3. program will automatically search the installation directory 4 Pro (if you change the directory to see what is not you installed the next directory)

4. after installation will generate a " 4 Pro" shortcut on the desktop, cracked!

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