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e 3.47.2 Chinese version _ open source password manager

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-09-17
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 e 3.47.2 Chinese version _ open source password manager
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KeePass e is dedicated to solve the human remember many passwords produced, it contains a strong password generation engine and encryption storage function, can provide a secure password storage space. When you start using KeePass e, to determine a start codon. This code is used to identify you, decide whether you can use the KeePass e software, so don't forget. Start after you can start to store the password in the KeePass e software, there have been some default passwords, you can according to their need to establish their own love password storage classification.

Powerful functions and features of Password with Safe:

1, free and open source. As a password manager, in addition to the database encryption, itself also need adequate safety, without any back door, characteristics of the e open source so that everyone can see its source code, so as to avoid the back door, so rest assured that the use of.

2, the green version. When installed, you can choose to turn it into a green software, if not installed on the C drive, reinstall the system can immediately use. Of course, the database should be avoided or stored in the C drive, reinstall the system and system will disappear together.


3, to create a variety of different classification: website, online banking passwords, password key software you can classified storage, avoid confusion.

4, each project can save a lot of important information. For example, the user name and password, address, email, and other important matters, can be written on the note. The note is automatically hidden in the loss of focus content, which can effectively avoid others to peep.

5, record the password. In general, similar software can only record the new password, and e can automatically keep the old password before those changes (to be set in the options, convenient for you) used alternately in the old and new password, or to prepare for possible period of want or need.

6, exit e after the shear plate will be emptied to avoid password leakage.

7, can use a variety of ways to quickly copy the username and password. For example, the default double-click to copy the password, double-click the shift+ is copied using the right-click menu user name; replication; using ctrl+c ctrl+u shortcuts; click on the icon in the toolbar can also quickly copy the information; the unique column is to let the drag and drop copy and fill one, you have to do is to drag the icons the other window can be.

8, can start automatically.

Do not use 9 minutes, then, the software will automatically lock.

10, with the soft keyboard.

11, to merge the database, comparison and synchronization.

12, with import and export functions.


KeePass e 3.46 update log
[1458] Fixed compatability issue between Unix and Windows versions
When master password had non-ASCII characters.
[1457] Protect Entry Group now works when language / isn t English.
[1456] Shortcut entries no longer use default username if base entry s "
Username is empty.
[1455] Ctrl+Enter shortcut now works correctly in read-only mode.
[1454, G411] No longer thinks security preference has changed when it hasn T. "
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