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version 2015.5 17.0.1 official Chinese official original download patch serial number 32/64

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  • Update: 2018-03-13
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  2015.5 17.0.1 Chinese official official version of the original download patch serial number 32/64
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The CC series began to mean the end of the development of the series CS, Photoshop (CC Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop ) that a new version of Photoshop CS6, which opened a new era of cloud PS services. It is especially for the photographer to add intelligent sharpening, condition action, extended smart object support, intelligent sampling, amplifying camera shake function weakened, experience Chinese CC simplified version of PS more intelligent!

Function introduction

The new Photoshop will bring 6 new functions for the photographer, including:
Smart Sharpen
Intelligent upsample (zoom photos better)
CameraRaw8 and support layer
Camera shake reduced (to fuzzy technology)
Condition action
Smart object extension support

About activation and crack

In the Adobe CC just released soon, Adobe CC used to crack the amtlib file has been out of work; Russia is said to be the master! The inconvenience please search for download.


Intelligent new sharp

Rich texture, clear edge and clear details. Intelligent new sharpening is currently the most advanced technology of sharp. The technique analysis of image clarity, will maximize and minimize noise and halo, in addition you can also by fine-tuning to achieve high quality results look natural.

Intelligent sampling increased

Low resolution image magnification, which has the high quality printing effect, or the operation from the beginning of the larger size of the image, it will expand into posters or billboards of the size. The new increase sampling function can retain detail and clarity, and does not produce noise.

With the function of Extended

Because Photoshop is a part of the Creative Cloud, so you can provide to all powerful images and video editing, but also contains advanced 3D editing and image analysis tools previously provided by Extended Photoshop.

Camera Raw and 8 layers

You can support any layer or Camera Raw file edits to filter method applied to Photoshop, and then want to beautify. With the new Adobe Camera Raw 8, you can modify the image more accurately, correct perspective distortion phenomenon, and the establishment of the vignetting effect.

The rounded rectangle can be edited

Most users want to have the function of finally appeared. Now you can edit the size, adjust the shape, and then re editing, and these operations in or after the shape can be established before. You can even edit the individual in the radius of rounded rectangle. If the shape will be used from the network, file transfer and CSS data to save time.

Multiple shapes and path selection

At the same time through selecting multiple paths, the shape and the vector mask, do not need to complete more work in multiple mouse. Even with the many routes for multi layer files, can also use the new filter mode, locked path directly on the canvas (and any layer).

Camera anti-shake

Save your thought because of camera shake and the failure of the photo. Whether it is due to the fuzzy slow shutter or telephoto camera caused by anti-shake (Camera Shake Reduction) can analyze the curve in response to resolution.

The expansion of the intelligent object

Support a new intelligent object support, you can apply the non destructive effect of fuzzy database (Apply Blur Gallery) and the effect of liquefaction. Even if the image or video to blur or pushes and pulls, purse or expansion, can still maintain the integrity of the source file. Even in the storage file, you can edit or remove the effect at any time.

Modified 3D drawing

Now when you are drawing in the 3D object and the corresponding texture when real-time preview of the max speed 100 times faster, the interactive effect is better. A powerful Photoshop graphics engine, 3D model all seem true to life.

To improve the text style

In the past you need a few hours to obtain the desired text appearance. The text style, you can format settings as presets, and then click the mouse can be used. You can even define can be applied to all Photoshop file text style.

Copy the CSS attribute

Write web design code manually, not necessarily made consistent with the original elements of elements (such as fillet and color). Now, you can through the Photoshop to specific design elements to generate CSS code, and then copy and paste the code easy to web page editor, you can get the result you want.

Condition action

You can condition action, work often to "automatic navigation" of cases. These commands will use the if/then statement, automatically select different actions according to your set rules.

3D scene panel improved

3D (3D Scene) scene panel can make the transition from 2D to 3D to edit more smoothly; the layers panel has many options on this panel you have known, for example, copy, delete and other examples of groups.

Work flow time function

Now you can perform common saving a lot of time, because many users like you asked us to provide a small practical function, the use of auxiliary key new and more easily build path, use the space bar movement path, in the PNG format into ICC description file, and more function.

Improved 3D effect

The shadow and reflection can achieve your 3D artwork, can make it a step on it, and the real-time preview of higher quality is helpful to accelerate the production of excellent works of speed. In addition, you can also easily create more high-quality halo effect, scene lighting, and the light source and convex texture.
From the web page file read directly from the HTML or CSS color, SVG file read color or color to inspire the existing web content configuration easy collocation.

The system for anti aliased text

Offline activation sequence number: 1045-1001-8097-5415-4545-1125

Pscc2015.5 crack version activation tutorial

1, the download package, unzip to install Photoshop cc2015.5 The original file.

2, after the installation is complete Photoshop cc2015.5 does not generate the shortcut icon, we need in the C /Protoshop files/adobe/Photoshop cc2015.5 folder inside the Photoshop file manually open.

3, first click on trial.

4, the system can view the information in the menu bar help, license or trial version, the official start to crack.

5, decompression operation patch.

6, the program found in the Adobe CC 2015.5 Photoshop drop.

7, click the "Install", find the root directory of the amtlib.dll in the pop-up window, you need to Photoshop the cc2015.5 software closed before opening.

8, after opening will prompt OK, namely the complete break.

9, this time we view system information, is the use of permanent license.

Has been updated to the latest version 2015.5. Crack Description: install the official original in trial mode, then the crack is copied to the installation directory and run, in the product list so you find the installation of software, pay attention to the distinction between 32 and 64 system, the application can.
at present
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