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(dynamic mathematical software) 6.0.518 Special Edition Chinese

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  • Update: 2018-12-24
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  (dynamic mathematical software) 6.0.518 Special Edition Chinese
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simplified Chinese Free Edition is a combination of "geometry", "algebra" and "calculus" dynamic mathematical software, it was designed by Atlanta University of the United States Florida mathematics professor Markus Hohenwarter. On the one hand, is a dynamic geometry software, you can draw points, lines, polygons, vector, linear, conic, even after the function, you can also change their properties; on the other hand, you can directly enter the coordinate equation and point. So, also has processing variables (these variables can be coordinate a number, angle, vector or point), it also can be used for differential and integral function, find the root or the minimax value of the calculation equation. So also has the function of algebra and geometry.

The advantages of :

(1) completely free, it is rare;
(2) the program is very clear ideas, the site said wiki program is a professor of mathematics at Atlanta University in Florida
Markus Hohenwarter design. And see the writing staff, this program is a graduate of the
The graduation thesis, now in his doctoral study period also is constantly updated. Little can be done to help
The most simple operation. It is easy to use;
(3) based on JAVA program, the dynamic web page output effect is very good;
(4) the geometry attributes more, from color to style to have a lot of line;
(5) built a conic curve (and gives equation) and polar (inversion), tangent (can be round, conic curve,
Function), function derivation;
(6) the input box, you can directly enter the various commands and functions etc.;
(7) dynamic text, text with graphic changes;
(8) from the 3 can customize the tool, you can specify the input and output of drawing objects,
On the toolbar to create your own drawing tools, in the site of Wiki, you can see a lot of beautiful patterns
And many people with the tools, such as Bezier curve;
(9) the wiki of the website, on behalf of an open mind, also can have more people involved;


6.0.513.0 update log
Repair filling curve
For example, repair sequence (k degrees, K, 0360,30 (COS) sequence (elements (L1, K)), K, 1,5)
Be sure to set the label for such as a = RigidPolygon (poly1)
Test mode: not allowed to repair / cancel the repair function, conic curve
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