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Pro Portable (free text search 8.5 Build 2880 index) Chinese green crack version

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  • Update: 2018-12-10
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Pro Portable (free text search 8.5 Build 2880 index) Chinese green crack version
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Pro is a very powerful information search tools that can help you quickly and efficiently in a large number of files in the local hard disk quickly search the document contains all the specified text or data, support directly to the ZIP package, the DOC file format and PDF format electronic document search, support script technology, search results can be directly exported to Text, CSV, or XML document format, built a simple file browser, support mouse drag and drop function and print preview function, very easy to use!

Installation tutorial

1, in the download and unzip, double-click the Pro.exe operation, as shown in the picture, click the folder button to modify the installation path F:\ lightning download \ Pro and click on the install now

2, as shown in the figure, the installation, and wait for a moment

3, click Install and run the software

4, as shown in the figure, the language we choose simplified Chinese and click the OK button

Usage method

1, as shown in the figure, a detailed explanation of click the blue mark open the drop-down list in front of the corresponding parameters. [Aa] is case sensitive sign, red check mark indicates the current effective. [file name], search for the file name. [text], for full text search.

2, a drop-down list to display the local disk, the proposed check sub folder options. Find the location of the rear has a small funnel button to filter out some we do not intend to search the position, you can take you to filter out the folder to the list. Double folder marker can set a specific search position, support cross disc search.

3, as shown in the figure, the time range and approximate size can be generated file selection, selection can reduce the search scope

4, in [option] label, is the main frame in this part, ordinary users may be used. A search is a Outlook file, a Office/PDF file search. Click on the back of the [settings] will pop up a document type setting. To see this, are you tread on air?

5, the [date] [main] label, and the date is the same. That is, need to check the box to use. In force, behind the text box will turn blue.

6, [properties] here is for you to search the file attribute filter. This is purely a special search needs, I never thought of it.
in the full-text search to do more powerful, the main feature is without indexing can quickly support full-text search, Office, PDF etc. most of the document formats and compression format.
Through the installation of Microsoft Screening Package Pro, which can support additional.Docx,.Docm,.Pptx search,.Pptm,.Xlsx,.Xlsm,.Xlsb,.Zip,.One,.Vdx,.Vsd,.Vss,.Vst,.Vdx,.Vsx and.Vtx format.

Chinese set

This software integrates the official Chinese simplified language pack, start the program, will let you choose language, direct selection can be simplified Chinese. Or click the menu The tools option Then, select the Configuration In the following, the pop-up configuration interface Localization Select options Simplified Chinese Then, restart the program is Chinese language interface! ^_^
The default installation directory: C:\Program Files\Mythicsoft\ Pro\
Small tips: This software on full-text search applications, is currently the best full-text search tool, if you are on file search, you can click here to download the fast file search tool Everything Portable Chinese green version!
Pro 8.2 update log
Faster loading of index list
New custom interpreter macro $to reference long (InputLongPathFile) path format
Command line apps now return error codes if critical errors reported
Bug fix: Bulk copy to folder failing on some paths
Bug fix: Index drop down list resizing issue
Other minor updates/fixes

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