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Portable (enhanced resource management) v19.30.0000 registered version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-10-30
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  Portable (enhanced resource management) v19.30.0000 registered version
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Portable registered version is similar to a "Explorer" multi label file system management tools. A powerful file search, preview and highly customizable interface features, and a series of unique features for automatic periodic tasks. File management is the most frequently used daily computer operation, resource management functions with Windows Co., the lack of many auxiliary functions, even if Windows 7 introduces the concept of library can better organize in the whole computer files, but still not enough. So many third party explorer, is one of a fine explorer. by double sided, multi label mode to efficiently browse files, each panel can open multiple folders label, more convenient to complete browse, copy, delete and other operations.

In addition, the label / color filter, the height can be shortcut / custom toolbar, built-in file association system, high-speed file search engine, powerful preview function and so on also makes as a file management tool, the complete list of features visible here.

Install the crack tutorial

1, the site download .zip package after decompression, double-click ".exe", do not need to install software

2, as shown in the figure, choose to continue the trial

3, the software in the menu bar click the help button in the drop-down menu, select Unlock the trial version option

4, enter the user name, secret key Xy01-ST00-ffc0-b1f0-7036-0a72-sh11-0923 and click OK

5, as shown in the picture, click OK, and then restart the software.

Installation instructions

If the software has access to the network request, please use the firewall will not let it intercept, access network authentication software registration code, plus close software automatic update function.

V19.30 update: October 29, 2018
- folder preview. Now, you can get the contents of a folder in hover box preview. Just hover in a folder, you can see the first 20 items of it in a small pop-up box. Suitable for folder tree and file list. This will change the way you work.
The mouse - up display. It can also be used in the folder tree. Just like in the list, it can be carried out on the folder icon in the mouse operation. Allows you to quickly view the folder without leaving the current position. So you can directly list and open the file in the tree.
- canvas color switching. Now, fast switching image hover box background color you can. For the photographer's cool features.
Invalid file name - warning. Now, when the selection in the list of files or folder name is invalid (invalid, in the Windows case and not in NTFS), will receive a warning in the status bar. By a substitution character display leading or trailing spaces.
- Horizontal scrolling. Now use "Shift + mouse wheel to scroll horizontally folder tree and file list.
V19.00.0300 update: July 4, 2018
- small bug fixes and enhancements.
V19.00.0100 update: June 11, 2018
- a small bug fixes and enhancements.
Registered information:
The professional version of life enterprise license:
Serial number: xy01-STAC-1cda-c50a-eaf9-eb03-eb0e-1cda

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