"Gabest" 的程序员建立,现在他仍然有维护这个程序。 Gabest 原先是以不公开源代码的方式开发 Media P" />
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V1.5.3.4349 stable beautification version beta version

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update Date: 2019-01-25
  • Official website: Download lightning.
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  • Running environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
  V1.5.3.4349 stable beautification version beta version
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Media Player Classic Home Cinema, referred to as MPC-HC, is a simple media player, Media Player Classic follow-up version, there are 32 bit and 64 bit version. Media Player Classic is built by a programmer named Gabest, and now he still maintains the program. Gabest originally developed Media Player Classic in a way that does not expose source code, but later he opened the source code of Media Player Classic. Please keep an eye on this page for the first time to download the latest version.

Introduction to official website

At present, MPC-HC is an open source software, and many programmers from all over the world are maintaining this project.
Free classic video player latest version has been updated to v1.5.1.2710! Video enthusiasts may wish to update it! When it comes to multimedia player, compares with PotPlayer. this classic player, update is also very diligent, pure ad free, fast start up, stable playback process, low computer use it to play large video very smooth, not carton. built-in powerful decoder, audio and video filter, caption renderer, filter, separator function, also can play all the current mainstream media format, can automatically load plug-in subtitles.
1/1 update Fixed the last version setting up the interface "playback" to display the blank problem (a low-level error...). Perfect sinicization and supplement some missing strings in Chinese characters.
I love this player (small, small footprint, with 10bit decoding...) However, due to incomplete Chinese version of the official version, the Chinese version was evacuated.
Sinicization refers to the MPC-HC of Monica's Sinicization (actually mpcbe is developed on the basis of mpchc), Google translation and my own three legged cat's English.
Beautifies the logo and button (control bar), and adjusts the button position of the interface part.

Version features:

1. complete Sinicization
2. beautify the logo and button.
3. integration of language files, perfect single file
4. remove the language options in the menu.
5. single file version upx shell reduce volume (only 4M)
6. remove the useless items in the help menu.
Project Home
Help and support
Stable Description:
Updated in 2014-3-25 version: 4692 )
- based on official Sinicization
- beautification associated icon & background
- remove 2 useless items from the help menu.
1.5 do not support XP, please XP users to use 1.4.6!
LAV 0.59 official version Version 0.59: Installer (both x86/x64) -- Zips: 32-bit & 64-bit 


1. New interface beautification function.
2. Support DVD audio and video playback function under Windows system.
3. Support for most media formats.
4, support the theme brightness, color and volume, size and color adjustment function.
V1.5.2.3165 update log (2017-12-7)
1. fix the problem of software startup triggered by Win8/Win8.1 platform crash.
2. upgrading various LAV filters, supporting HEVC and VP9 Full HD video decoding technology.
3. repair software crashes on AMD graphics card with DXVA technology.
4. fix the problem of setting up general LAV filter options.
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