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Youdao dictionary download the official version of green to ad 2018 V8.5.1.0

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-14
  • The official website: Lightning download it
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Youdao Dictionary official download 2018 V8.5.1.0 green version of ads to
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Youdao Dictionary, the best use of the free Almighty translation software! With the Youdao Dictionary PC version of the perfect Internet online dictionary and the advantages of the desktop dictionary, "authoritative dictionary + network" combination of all kinds of new words and translation included, to provide accurate online dictionary, online translation, information etc.. Have a strong local offline dictionary, translation, and added the word encyclopedia network that English officially entered the Internet era.
According to the "roustar31" is defined as "flying time has not been updated, and their needs, so do the 6 official version, but due to the limited level, also left a small window text word translation promotion has been removed. If God knows, can communication."

 Youdao Dictionary 6 to advertising green version


V8.3.1 official version (August 11, 2018)
Some users encountered the problem Caton repair
The problems encountered by users to repair some of the mouse drift
Collection of the world's best-selling American Dictionary, Webster's dictionary, word search results more authoritative
The new offline translation can support offline translation between English and Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Portuguese and Spanish
The results support the original versions in the translation
Support Edge browser, WPS and uwp application in Jinshan word
Word window support modified query again
Mini window to view history
Floating window support key duplication
The word derived free choice sort
Words can be classified according to the review
And other bug repair and performance optimization
2018.07.10 version: 6.3 (

[*] version of the software update for the 8.2 official version (
Micro-blog and Sina support QQ account login

The classification of bug repair words

The new user interface, more fresh;

- New World Forum, to provide new information rich, including text, video form;

- new oral practice, each words and examples are added by oral practice button, a user at the PC microphone to say a word or a sentence corresponding, the system will automatically recognize speech, given percentile score, and inform the specific wrong pronunciation, to help users improve their pronunciation;

- new dictionary, using the picture associative memory new method, through a specially designed picture, help users to type words associative memory;

The word - repair repeat synchronization bug;

Repair bug.

This version features:
1: the official version of the production based on
2: additional software bundled with an official
3: remove the main interface below the banner ads, home daily to see the world module
4: keep home daily English, and screen daily English share button
5: go to the main interface of extra school / translation / artificial Youdao dictionary forum button
6: the main menu to help check for updates / Feedback Help menu item
7: check / update / update screen background manually update the return data
8: a selection of the daily recommended shielding / pop pop (check whether or not influence)
9: official download page file verification module shielding

Download address
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