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File management tool er Portable v18.00.9200 registered version of Green Portable

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  • Update: 2018-11-09
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 File management tool er Portable v18.00.9200 registered version of Green Portable
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er Portable registered version of Green Portable (32 and 64) is a very easy to use file management tool, built-in two operating window, can be very easy to sort, delete, copy, move and other operations on files. Built on Zip, CAB and other 10 kinds of full support compression format, support the compressed file direct search, built-in display tools to support more than 80 kinds of images, text format, display, up and down the four direction also supports arbitrary rotation when the display picture, and can zoom in and out. Support for MP3, MPG and other multimedia files playback. Built-in powerful text editing tool that supports syntax highlighting, built-in FTP client, support the upload and download data. The integration of web browsing tools can directly surf the internet.

Install the crack tutorial

In 1, the station download and unzip, sc17.exe and sc17_x64.exe and btrs-scv17.exe registered machine setup

2, according to the system of choice and installation of this small series in 64 as an example, according to the provided complete installation, after running the software, as shown in the picture, click to enter the serial number

3, run the register file, as shown in the figure, the software registration copy ID to register automatically generated sequence number, the sequence number is copied to the software, click on the registration options

4, as shown in figure, The success of er activation. Reinstall Windows or change your motherboard before Windows / CPU / hard disk, please make sure to use the menu to disable the er command help / product activation / activation state".

5, hurry to use it!


Through the keyboard or mouse to select drive. Use the mouse to select the drive, only in the required drive click the left mouse button can be. The contents of the drive will be displayed in the corresponding folder window.

er always change the last directory corresponding driver. For example, if On the left side of the window to display the folder folder, C:\ Windows, and then to the right folder window, select the drive C, it will change to C:\ Windows. Click with the left mouse button while holding the SHIFT key switch to the main drive of the directory.

Use the keyboard to select the drive:
Press Alt + F1 to the left pane, select the drive, or press Alt + F2 to select the drive right pane.
Drive using one of the following methods: select the desired on the keyboard, press the letter or number needed to drive, or use the cursor to select the letter, and then press Enter.
The folder window now displays the selected drive file.

er will automatically update the driver window in the background. He is registered in the Windows monitor or cancellation of the new driver, or the drive icon or whether the name has been changed.

However, if the information is correct, you can manually update the driver window. Free area just right click the drive window, and then select the update from the context menu.
er: Windows
Display the list of files and folders view displays all files and sub folders of the current folder. er provides different views for you, you can make changes from the view menu.

The thumbnail preview image of each file, compiled by the operating system or application. The folder icon preview image folder in the document by. The contents of the folder can quickly identify. If you If you save the picture in a different folder, you can clearly see the thumbnail view, which contains the folder you want to search for pictures. The size of the thumbnails can be adjusted in Look - Details page settings dialog box.

The Tiles view will display the files and folders for 48 pixel icon. The sort order information is displayed in the file or folder name. For example, if you want to sort the file by file type, Microsoft Word documents will display "Microsoft Word document in the file name below".

File and folder icon view will display 32 point size icons. The file name is displayed in the icon below; Ordering information is not listed. In this view, you can view the files and folders in groups.

The "list" view will display a list of the contents of the folder for the file or folder name, is 16 points behind small icon. If the folder contains many files and you want to search for a specific file name in the list, this view is very useful. You can sort the files and folders in this view, but unable to view the file group.

The Details view is probably the most common view. In this view, er display to open the folder in the list, and provide detailed information and relevant documents including the name, type, size and date modified. You can also see in this view in the form of file group.

Packet display
By grouping, you can according to the details of each document (such as name, size, type or modification date) for grouping documents. For example, if the sort by file type, the image file is displayed in a group, while the Microsoft Word file is located in another group, and the Excel file will be placed in the third groups. In the thumbnail, tiles, icons and details view can view group. To display the file packet, pointing to the View menu icon, and then click the group display.

To sort items
In the list view, you can specify how to sort files. You can U.A. By name, extension time, sort size or attributes. The default value is sorted by name.

Sorting through the entries in the View menu ordering menu. The sorting options depend on the display with a column in a view. If you want to sort according to the menu does not provide the condition, you must first be the corresponding column is added to the detail view.

If you choose the two same sorting options, order reversed. So, if you are, for example, Select the maximum file size, first appeared in the top of the list; To choose the size after sorting in reverse order.
In the detail view, er display additional information about each file. You can decide to display information. The information provided depends on the corresponding operating system, er Windows system integrates all resources management for the installation of column expansion. These are for example The MP3 file (title, artist, album, duration) and image files (size, date and camera) extensive information.

To change the display details:
Right click the folder window at the top of the column, and then select the field selection command to open the select details dialog box in the context menu.
Select the desired columns, and then click add a column to display the folder window. Click on the hidden drop column.
According to the sequence of the up and down buttons to change. The two button is only in the choice of a column will fade in activation.
To change the width of a column, please needed in the selected column width field input width.
Click OK to close the dialog box or use enter to apply the changes.
To change the width of a column, please perform the following operations:
Move the mouse pointer to the two column between the column separator area. The mouse pointer changes to a mobile symbol.
Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to the left or right to increase or decrease the width of the column.
Release the left mouse button.
To change the order of columns:
Click the left mouse button on the column, and the mobile while holding down the mouse button column to a new position required. Insert position by two small red arrows.
Release the left mouse button to insert a new column position.
You can also change from the outside of each column known as the alignment of text. This is useful to you That file attributes are not left aligned, but right aligned.

To change the alignment of text columns:
Right click to change text aligned columns.
In the context menu, pointing to the direction and select the desired direction.
Reactivation of the missing columns
Sometimes this happens, a column size had decreased, it is no longer visible.

Right click the folder window at the top of the column, and then select the field selection command to open the select details dialog box in the context menu.
No longer visible columns.
100 input values in the selected columns in the input field width.
Click OK to close the dialog box or use enter to apply the changes.

Use the tree view tree view displays a hierarchical computer folder, and desktop as the top entry. To display the tree view, please open the View menu, point to the window and select the folder tree view command. In view of the tree view, the selected folder of documents and the existing sub folder will be displayed in the file list. Double click allows you to display in the tree view or hide folders. In the tree view highlighted in the folder into the current folder.

Check the settings are always "desktop" in the tree view on the side and top entry decision documents and settings dialog should always start with the desktop or tree, or show the root directory of the drive for a drive on the screen into the folder Should。

The folder folder contains the main window, you can also specify the main folder in the folder window attribute should be displayed as the top entries in the tree view.

Please note that no FTP can be used for connecting the tree view.

Update the view changes in the file system, update folder window is largely automatic. Create a er in the background to monitor whether in the window around the folder, delete or rename files, and automatically update the corresponding view when necessary.

Could happen to er not notified the file system or change the situation changes. In this case, you must manually refresh the contents of the window.

To manually refresh the window:
Select the refresh command from the view menu. You can also use the "Refresh" icon in the toolbar.

Synchronizing folder window by default, all folder window behaviors are independent of each other. If you If you select a new drive in the folder window, it remains activated in another window folder. However, the window will always synchronize folders and display in a different folder in the folder window. This allows you to have the same view of the data in the file system in different. This kind of behavior is If a folder of documents must be reordered or filtered according to different standards, so it is very helpful.

To enable synchronous folder windows:
On the View menu, point to the folder window and select the folder synchronization window command or press Ctrl + Shift + T, I.
Select the same command synchronizing folder window.
Please note that the behavior of folders and drives the page setup dialog, must also disable the selected filter is applied to all folders window options for different folder window setting different filters.

Use the main folder usually, er will display the folder is active when the exit of each folder window on startup. However, if you want to always display a specific folder on startup, you can define a main folder.

The definition of a main folder:
On the View menu, point to the folder window, then select the folder properties command window.
Select the limit of navigation and / or use the main folder check box.
Every time you start, please enter er should show this folder in the folder window.
Limit navigation
er also enables you to restrict navigation in the folder window. If you want to change the same driver in this folder in the window, please activate lock the drive change check box. Lock folder check box to specify this folder you cannot change folder window. Settings for higher-level folder will disable the switch to a higher level folder.

If you want to activate the folder window in each switch to the basic folder, please activate the switch to activate the base folder check box. If you want to in the tree view displays the current folder as the foundation top entry, set the display for the top entry is activated in the tree view.

Other functions
If you want to activate each folder window when the contents are activated always activate update check box. Use the name to automatically adapt to the current folder settings, you can specify when change the folder, er should not change the tab name for the new folder. If you want to use a fixed Name tab, please clear this check box.

Using the branching view under normal circumstances, only the folder of the files and folders displayed in the folder window. Using the branching view, er can display all the files in the current folder and all sub folders. If you want to get an overview of all the files in the folder or the folder, which is very useful.

Read all files may require more time, especially for larger folders, so you should not use this function in the main directory of the larger hard disk. You can press the Escape button to stop reading files.

To enable the subject view:
Open the folder menu and select branch view command or press Ctrl + Shift + O, Z.
Select the same command to disable the branching view.

Use the folder view when switching to another folder of the same type, er retains the list view, and with a view of the model group. In the file system folder is always displayed in the same way, without the correct view on change folder.

The folder view allows certain folders are automatically displayed in different view mode. When change the folder, the folder will check whether it is connected to the special view. If so, er will automatically switch the list view in detail view, grouping and column view mode. From the folder, these properties will be reset to normal view.

You can for example The definition of a folder view as a picture, the best display in the thumbnail view. Then, you can through the mouse to click the view, distribution of the corresponding picture folder on the system, so as to automatically activate the thumbnail pictures folder when switching. All sub folders only for this folder or the folder itself is distributed.

To create the folder view:
You want to switch to create the folder view for the folder.
On the View menu, point to the folder view, and select Save view command.
Enter the name of the new view and click OK to close the dialog box.
According to your wishes to change the view of the list view mode, and a detailed view of the grouping column.
To save the view with the same name.
The folder and view associated:
Go to the folder and the folder view association.
On the View menu, point to the folder view, and then click the view from the menu.
If you want to view will be applied to all sub folders, please use the following request is confirmed.
In the choice of view, hold down the Ctrl key will be assigned to the folder view folder without asking. In addition, press the Ctrl and Shift keys can not prompt the folder view assigned to all sub folders.
To remove a link to view:
Go to the folder you want to delete the link.
On the View menu, point to the folder view, and then select the folder from the open view command.
To manage the folder view:
On the View menu, point to the folder view, then select the management view.
Combined with the existing view click the box next to the delete icon to clear view. At the same time, all the mapping the view are deleted.
The combination with the existing view name Click the box next to rename the icon to change view.
Click the Add button to view the current distribution of a new folder.
Select a map folder, and then click the delete button to delete the folder mapping.
Double click the associated folder entry sub folders to switch state. The folder on the right side of the asterisk indicates that the mapping is also applicable to the folder of the item. Otherwise, the distribution is only applicable to the folder itself.
Choose a folder, and then click again on the entry to activate pre sorting. Here you can manually adjust the folder. It is also possible to use environment variables.

Breadcrumb navigation breadcrumb navigation can easily switch to higher level folder. Displayed in the title bar of the window in the folder folder name will be displayed for each part. With the left mouse button click on an element switch to the corresponding folder. In addition to each element, will show a small arrow, click the left mouse button on the arrow to open a Yuan Suzi folder menu. Select the menu item, the corresponding sub folders will be changed.

Double click the blank area in the title bar will open a folder of the input window allows direct input. Or, can also use the folder menu to switch command on the input line...

You want to go to the parent folder:
In the folder window title bar, left click path components.
You want to go to the parent folder folder:
In the folder window title bar, a small arrow to the right left click on the path component.
Choose to switch to the folder from the menu.
To enable input for folder:
Open the folder menu, pointing to the Go menu and select the Go To command or press Ctrl + G....

The folder hierarchy menu folder hierarchy menu to display the current folder to the main folder of all levels. This greatly simplifies the conversion to a higher level folder.

To enable the folder hierarchy menu:
In the folder on the title bar of the window, click the folder hierarchy icon.
Activate the folder menu and point to the folder hierarchy.
Press Ctrl + Shift + G, H.
To quickly switch to folder:
Activate the folder hierarchy menu.
You want to switch to the folder.

Fast search and rapid screening using a combination of fast search / quick screening window, you can quickly jump to a specific file or select a specific file name view. Open the window by letters or characters. You can click on the corresponding button or press Alt + S (fast search) or Alt + F (fast filter) to switch between the two modes. The next time you call, the window will start with the last used mode.

In the display window of the fast search / quick screening process, the filter list (Alt + F) additional screening. Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + 1 and Alt + 2 in Windows can increase or reduce the 8 fast search / quick filter window transparency. The maximum transparency can be activated by the keyboard shortcut Alt + Shift + 1. Alt + Shift + 2 deactivated transparency.

Fast search
Input letters or characters, the list view will jump to the first matching file or folder name. By inputting additional letters or characters, can refine the search. If there is no matching file or folder name, does not accept input. With Ctrl + Enter can jump to the next hit, Ctrl + Shift + Enter to switch to a hit.

Press Escape to reset the input text. Another Escape stop fast search. In the window and click the mouse will automatically turn off fast search.

Fast filter
In the fast filter mode, according to the text filtering list view input. Displays all the files and folders to match text filtering. Always display the folder (Alt + D) determines whether to exclude the folder from the filter, and should always show them. If you want to use regular expressions, please check the option to use regular expressions (Alt + R).

Compared with the fast search, when you click in the window, fast filters will not automatically shut down. So you can, for example, Select a specific file name view, and then continue to edit them without resetting the screening. However, when the change directory, the text quickly in the filter will automatically reset.

The use of Shift + Tab can switch between fast filter and list view.

Update log
er 17.40
List view: to a higher level through the crumbs stick folder after switching, focus on subordinate folders

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