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Decoding: Codec v14.6.5 Extreme Edition Final download the latest version of 2018

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  • Update: 2019-01-16
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Decoding:  Codec v14.6.5 Extreme Edition 2018 download the latest version of Final
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Big kill Mega Codec Pack is a video player! Reputation in the global video enthusiasts is excellent, it is completely free, the latest version has support for Windows8 and a 64 bit system, it can make the system with Windows Media Player (WMP) become a universal format player, Windows Media Center (WMC media center) will also benefit. Compared with the other third players, it is very pure, without any advertising or annoying window. And all formats, you no longer need to worry about any video format.

Function introduction

Mega Codec Pack official website: ">"> Codec Pack is the earliest decoder package, one of the best codec package, it can extend the player function, which can decode more formats. It also comes with the classic media player classic player, can let the decoder package with him. Mega codec pack Codec Pack is the enhanced version of the , according to the special requirements on the people to support the individual encoding, encoding and decoding. It converts the video encoding program of common network are collected in a body, you only need to install it, you can use the Windows Media Player, BSplayer, KMPlayer or other common video playback program to watch these movie format.
The characteristics of Mega Codec Pack is of good compatibility, small footprint, not in the start, do not slow down the speed of the system, install and uninstall without restarting the computer.

Codec Pack is a set of video encoding decoder is well-known, it can provide audio and video files of different formats for decoder other players such as Windows, built-in WMP player, once decoded packets, it is almost and many third party player match, Codec Pack has four versions: Basic (basic version) Standard (standard Edition), Full (full version) and Mega (Extreme Edition). Whether it is functional or video format support, to the number of Mega (Extreme Edition) best codec pack.


Codec Pack 14.6.5 update log
Updated MPC-HC to version
Updated GraphStudioNext to version
Codec Pack 14.5.2 update log
Updated MPC-HC to version
Updated LAV Filters to version 0.73-0-g9bf47
Updated MadVR to version 0.92.17
Updated Icaros to version 3.1.0

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