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Android simulator Chinese Version (reliable assistant V6) the latest version of v6.3.2932

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2018-12-18
  • The official website: Lightning download it
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  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Android simulator Chinese Version (reliable assistant V6) the latest version of v6.3.2932
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Andrews simulator Version (Chinese reliable assistant) we define a reliable detection tool from the new installation, "she" should not only help detect whether you can install bluestacks. "She" should be to help you more convenient and fast to install and use bluestacks, and can find more suitable for use in the BS APP application.

Reliable assistant official:

Reliable assistant is reliable studios launched the three party Zhian Android simulator management software, it supports Android's APP resource search, download, APP application management, APP upgrade, Android simulator installation, performance optimization, auxiliary detection and other functions.

Reliable assistant function:

1, you can start using Android APP, without the need to open the Android simulator (the premise is Android simulator must be installed), can drag the application sort and delete applications.
2, Download APP directly on the reliable assistant, and automatic online installation and import with gravity button script, after installation can be managed in my application ".
3, can personalize the Android simulator.
First, increase Android simulator (BS) custom resolution settings.
Second, increase the Android simulator (BS) custom memory allocation settings.
Third, increase Android simulator (BS) custom shared folder settings.
Fourth, increase Android simulator (BS) a perfect root function.
Fifth, increase Android simulator (BS) IEMI random function.
The Android simulator (BS), increase import manual script function key gravity.
4, detection of Android simulator (BS) installation environment, and gives the solution.
5, direct restart Android simulator (BS), fast release memory, let the application play more smoothly.
6, you can start and exit the Android simulator (BS).

Set simulator:

Click the "reliable assistant" in the "simulator settings", you can achieve some of the functions of the simulator itself can not do, but must be from "reliable assistant operation simulator can be set to take effect.

Resolution and memory

Resolution: is the simulator interface size, cross screen for playing games, suitable for vertical screen operation software (WeChat).
Memory: simulator using physical memory size, maximum support 896M. Can be adjusted according to the actual running effect.

Add shared folder

If you want the "Android Simulator" access to the files on the computer (such as photographs, want to use WeChat to share with friends, or vice versa) let the computer access to the "Android Simulator" in the file, then you can use this feature.
Write the folder name, and then choose your path to a folder synchronization, as shown below:

Display successfully created, click restart simulator".

Enter the simulator, click on the R.E. manager. (if not, please go to the "reliable assistant application center to download this application)

The folder found in accordance with the "sdcard/bstfolder/ you write the name of the folder path.

Then you open the specified folder directory is not found on both sides of it has been synchronized!

Gravity key scripts

If your application requires a gravity key support of script, here can import.

Note: the application of "reliable assistant" setup, has all the Built-in gravity button script! No need to import!

Modify IMEI

When you need to modify the IMEI, can be modified by this function.
Click on the "generation" to generate a new encoding, and then click "write" can be written into the encoding simulator

Perfect root

This operation is equivalent to the simulator "jailbreak" access to all system.

Insufficient memory to install 1/2G

If your computer memory is lower than the minimum requirements of Android simulator configuration (2G), through this feature to install the Android simulator.
Click "select the Android simulator (BS) package" button, and then select the BS installation package to install. So even if the memory can also be installed successfully.

Update log:

Answer 2018-8-28 Zhuanban [V6.3.2932]
1, increase daily Simulator 3, the Android 6.0 system;
2, repair the part of application compatibility issues;
3, repair the known simulator and application state of abnormal problems;
4, the update button editor.
Installation tutorial:
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