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Every day, the latest version of v3.2.3 simulator

  • Software size: unknown
  • Update: 2019-01-17
  • The official website: Http://
  • Software: * * * * * grade
  • Operating environment: Winxp/Win7/Win8/Win10
 Every day, the latest version of v3.2.3 simulator
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Every day is a reliable assistant simulator is the latest launch of a Android simulator. Let the computer become your strongest Android mobile phone, every day is a simulator can make Android applications running in the Windows system, magic software, independently developed by Chinese support, OpenGL hardware acceleration is the best performance of the Android simulator. Every day, the simulator allows you to experience the use of Android mobile phone carefree feeling on the computer, install drag function allows Android tens of thousands of easy application of a key installation. Key mouse, adaptive resolution, screen rotation and volume control especially for large screen Goods are available in all varieties., and let you experience the ordinary mobile phone can not achieve the visual effect. Small pro test, very easy to use, fully compatible with almost all Android game, keyboard handle, ultimate control.


Are you mobile phone keys by hand cramps and trouble?

Are you mobile phone running out of power and go to the charging treasure and trouble?

Are you still flow quickly with light, next month do not know which to choose the flow of packages and trouble?

Are you still hot and mobile phone battery, muttered pray don't worry about the explosion?

What are you waiting for, quickly download experience!

Quick to use every simulator, these troubles immediately swept away!!!

Installation and configuration instructions:

The operating system requirements:

WindowsXP SP3 (32 or 64 bits),

WindowsVista (32 or 64 bits),

Windows7 (32 or 64 bits)

System environmental requirements:

1. card support OpenGL 2;

2.CPU supports VT-x or AMD-V virtualization, set to open by BIOS;

At least 3. 512MB memory;

4. provide at least 1GB of hard disk space for every simulator installation, some may need more than 8G, depending on your application installed on a virtual machine inside. Network connection is available (for installing and updating);

5. system display resolution is not less than 1024X768

Daily simulator Characteristic:

Better performance to support more mobile games

Every day the current popular hot simulator support Mobile Games, both my name is MT, forget the fairy, millions of King Arthur and other large online games, or zombies, defend radish and other hot 2 single game, every simulator can make it run on the computer, bring a cool experience with larger screen.

Not from the old problem disturbing phone

With every simulator, you can:

1. / simple operation convenient, free to play games.

The 2. game, drag the application installation;

3. full screen operation, experience on mobile phone can not think of the big screen effect;

4. on the desktop (notebook) powerful hardware as the backing, no flow control, no battery, no memory bottleneck short board;

Every team: every team is the country's top simulator development team members ofpainstaking research, in-depth understanding of the needs of people, for the people development.

Every day to computer simulator VT to support the normal operation of the game.

So so so using open students need to set the BIOS pro, let us immediately into the topic.

Specific reasons:

Although no VT can enter the Android simulator interface, but in the operation of some large games would not open VT will appear "application has crashed.". Some computer support VT but did not open it will appear the situation can not play the game, but can be run through the normal opening into the BIOS VT, if the computer does not support the VT if it is really no way to play.

Set the tutorial:

1. into BIOS

First, restart the computer, boot the computer black screen (windows Icon before) will be similar to that flash across the screen, computer or notebook brands will generally show the brand identity:

Please friends in the black screen similar to the picture before the restart hit "Del" to enter the BIOS settings, brand computer or notebook the start button may be different, it may be F2, F12

BIOS in the operation of the key directions: up / down vs. enter / exit return Esc

PS: different brand computer motherboard or BIOS interface have some differences, following in the case of Award,

2. open virtualization

Enter the BIOS interface and select "AdvancedBIOS Features"


The simulator version: V3.2.1
The 1. increase in chicken 2K quality and 2K key;
BUG 2. Google repair assembly;
After the 3. match tomorrow, and set the smart key;
4. vertical screen repair mode, the resolution of the problem of abnormal;
5. repair virtual location related BUG;
6. improve some application compatibility.
Installation tutorial:
Download address
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